John C. Applegate Died November 20 1874
Elizabeth Applegate Died April 7, 1878
Charles L. Applegate Died Feb. 6, 1930
David Clayton Applegate died Dec. 4th 1930
Amelia Ruppert, died Feb. 8 1893
Thomas Hobbs died Jan. 5 1934
John C. Applegate was born July 23 1819
Elizabeth Applegate was born June 8 1825
Isiac Applegate son of John and Elizabeth was born January 22 1845
Amelaann Applegate Daut of John and Elizabeth was born November 20 1846
Isaac Applegate Died January 28 1845
Amelaann Applegate Died January 9 1847


Among the Papers of Nancy Jane Hinkle were notes on the births, deaths and marriages of the Applegate and the Ruppert Families. Nancy's mother was Mary Jane "Jennie" Shoemaker (1846-1923). In 1850 Mary Jane was listed with the Elizabeth and J. C. Applegate family as a four year old child named Mary J. Shumaker. Ten years later she was listed with the the same family as Mary J. Applegate. According to the Morrow-Thompson Tree on, she was adopted at two years old. Her death certificate lists her biological father as Shoemaker, from England. Jennie Shoemaker married John Hinkle (1842-1909), son of Samuel Hinkle (1818-1870) in 1864 and moved from Gibson County up to Porter County in 1880, where John's sister Lavica Hinkle (1857-1922) and husband George Field (1849-1915) were living.

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