Abraham W. Gillespie/Died/Mar 18 1897/Aged/58 Ys. 8 Ms. 25 Ds.

Relationship unknown.

Thomas H./Gillespie/June 26, 1823/Dec. 24, 1901/Margaret J. His Wife/June 9, 1828-Sept. 8, 1868/Mary A. His Second Wife/Oct. 22,1831-Feb. 5, 1901/Margaret B. Gillespie/Sept. 7, 1858-Sept. 19, 1859

Thomas H. is the brother of Margaret Anne and a son of Abraham Gillespie

Margaret A./Wife of/B R Field/Born/Nov. 5, 1832/Died/June 3, 1893

Margaret Anne Gillispie was the fourth wife of Benjamin R. Field. Her father was Abraham Gillespie. This stone will be illegible in another few years. Benjamin was a grandson of Keen and Anna Lewis Field. Benjamin and Ada Jane Field were first cousins. This stone was seen by Gene and Lucie Field in the summer of 1998. We did a rubbing of the inscription as it was becoming unreadable.

Wm. W. Gillespie/Dec. 7, 1852/Feb. 14, 1905/Ada Jane Fields/his wife/Nov. 24,1852/July 23, 1924

Ada Jane Field was the daughter of Reuben R. Field and Sarah Hitch. She was the grand daughter of Keen Field and Anna Lewis. William W. Gillespie was the son of Thomas H. Gillespie and the nephew of Margaret A. Gillespie. Margaret A. was the fourth wife of Benjamin R. Field who was a cousin of Ada Jane Field.

A. Harvey Gillespe/Jan. 2, 1884/Sept. 16, 1964

Relationship unknown

Dorothy F. Gillespie/Aug. 25-29-1928

Relationship unknown

J. P. Gillespie

Abraham Gillespie had two sons whose first name began with J, James (b. abt. 1835) and Jacob (b. abt. 1843) We have no information on these men.

Sydney G/Gillespie/Died/May 21, 1837/Aged 27yrs (illeg)

Relationship unknown, this stone is near Margaret Gillespie.

Lucy D./Dau of/G. W. & A. M.Shull/Died/Oct. 8, 1875/Aged (illeg.)

Relationship is unknown, possibly related to Martha Schull, fifth wife of Benjamin R. Field.

Elizabeth L./Kell/1849-1936/MOTHER

Relationship is unknown, possilbly related to the Kell family than married into our Field family.

J. W. Gillespie/52 IND.INF/Died/(illeg) 8, 1880/Aged/(illeg)

Relationship is unknown, this stone is near Margaret Gillespie.

William Gillaspie, died 1877

Relationship unknown

The photographs on this page were generously provide by Mr. Randy Fuhrman of Indiana. He and his daughter photographed these tombstones in the summer of 2004. We are very indebted to him for providing us with these excellent photographs.

Keen Field and Anna Lewis moved into Gibson County, Indiana, sometime in 1799. (then Knox County) They had three children, Abraham, Elizabeth and Benjamin R. Seven more were born in Gibson County, Cynthia, Joseph Riley, Stephen Lewis, Thomas Withers, Reuben R., Ezekiel and Keen Wither, Jr. The families of Keen and Anna were from Virginia. Detailed information about Keen and Anna can be found elsewhere on this website.

This cemetery was visited by Lucie and Gene Field in July of 1998.