Blue River Cemetery is located in Whitley, County, Indiana. Raymond Barnes and his wife Loma Hazen are buried here. Raymond Barnes was a first cousin of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicated. The other Hazens are all realted to Loma Hazen. There are Hazens buried in the Etna Green Cemetery.

This is some history of the Blue River Cemetery taker from Taken from Nellie Riley Raber's Thorncreek's Eternity Cities: "Nathaniel and Elizabeth Greadless granted ground for a public cemetery to the Commissioners of Whitley County, Indiana, on January 21, 1851. The consideration was one dollar. This was in Thorncreek township, Section 24 - Beginning at a point on the section line, 50 and 24/100 rods west of the southeast corner of Section 24, thence North 9 and 40/100 rods, thence West 10 rods, thence South 9 and 40/100 rods, thence East 10 rods to the place of beginning containing 94 square rods.

Signed, Nathaniel Greadless, Elizabeth Greadless

Recorded on Jan 28, 1856, Deed book H, Page 531

Equilla Gradeless Pence was possibly the first to be buried in the Gradeless Cemetery. Family tradition states that she was buried on the hill where she played as a child. Her only son George C. Pence was buried there two years later."

For a listing of burials in the Blue River Cemetery go to "Blue River Cemetery Thorncreek Township Whitley County Indiana" by Donald E. Gradeless, click here.

Hazen/Juda F./1869-1927/Josiah/1867-1935

Juda Fidelia Long Hazen was born in Noble County, Indiana 9 October 1869. Her parents were Uriah and Lucinda Zumbrun Long. She died in 1927.

Josiah "Cy" Hazen was born 30 Apil 1867 in Whitley Country, Indiana. His parents were Henry and Elizabeth Jones Hazen. He died in Larwill, Whitley County, Indiana 20 October 1935.

Father/William Albert/Hazen/1897-1965

William Albert Hazen was born 17 January 1897. His parents were Josiah and Juda Fidelia Long Hazen. He married Florence Rohrer. He died in 1965.

Mother/Florence Rohrer/Hazen/1900-1939

Florence Rohrer Hazen was born in 1900. She died in 1939.

Hiram I./Hazen/1899-1977

Hiram Isaac Hazen was born 29 October 1899. His parents were Josiah and Juda Fidelia Long Hazen. He married Christabelle Riley. He died in 1977.

Christobelle R./Hazen/1898-1961

Christabelle Riley Hazen was born in 1898. She died in 1961

Barnes/Loma Pratt/1903-1991/Raymond W./1900-1942

Raymond W. Barnes was born 21 August 1900 in Packerton, Kosciusko County, Indiana. His parents were William E. and Emma Isabelle Wilson Barnes. He married Loma Hazen 21 March 1923 in Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana. He died 10 September 1942 in Columbia City.

Loma Hazen was born in Whitley County, Indiana 3 February 1903. Her parents were Josiah and Juda Fidelia Long Hazen. After Raymond died she married John E. Pratt. She died in 1991.

Raymond Barnes was a first cousin to Miriam Grasz Field.

John E. Pratt/1905-1970

John E. Pratt was born 11 September 1905. He died 24 July 1970. He was Loma Hazen Barnes second husband.

Hazen/Roslie J./Jan. 6, 1933/James R./Jan. 25, 1930

James Riley Hazen was born 25 Jaunary 1930. His parents were Hiram Isaac and Christabelle Riley Hazen. He married Rosalie J. 29 December 1979. Roslie J. ws born 6 January 1933.

Hazen/Mildred I./1909-1988/Chalmer M. 1909-1993

Chalmer Hazen was born 3 July 1909. His parents were Josiah and Juda Fidelia Long Hazen. He married Mildred I. Linvill in June of 1931. He died in 1993. Mildred I. Linvill was born in 1909. She died in 1988.

Duaghter/Marcella June Hazen/1929-1966

Marella June Hazen was born 12 May 1929. Her parents were William Albert and Florence Rohrer Hazen. She died in 1966.

William A./Hazen/1867-1934

William Albert Hazen was born 27 October 1867 in Etna Green, Ksciusko County, Indiana. He married Mary Etta Vanner 6 June 1886 in Etna Green. He died in 1934.

Hazen/Geroge Hazen/1840-1915/Lucinda Pence/His Wife/1847-1924

We do not know the relationship of George Hazen to the other Hazens in this cemetery.

Frank P. Barnes/Born May 30/1832/Died/Mov. 22, 1899 (other side) Sarah J./Wife of F P. Barnes/Born/Sept 27, 1849/Died/July 30, 1906

The realtionship to the Barnes in our family is not known.

The Blue River Cemetery was visited by Gene and Lucie Field in July of 2009.