The Burns Cemetery of Harney County, Oregon, is one of moderate size that is well cared for. It is on the main highway just south of downtown. The branch of our family buried here is the Withers family. Originally from Virginia, two Withers brothers moved into Kentucky. Then in 1851, John Evan Price Withers (1830-1912) emigrated to Oregon. He married Margaret Sloan Gillespie (1836-1907) in Lane County, Oregon in 1854, where they were early pioneers. The Withers family married into the Field family in Virginia when Elizabeth Withers (1706-1746) married Capt. Abraham Field (bef 1699-1774) in Spotsylvania County. Elizabeth was the great-aunt of John Evan Price Withers.

A grandson of John Evans Price Withers, Harry Allen Withers (1888-1958), moved to Burns in central eastern Oregon as a child. His son, Harry Allen Withers Jr. (1915-1981) is also buried in the Burns Cemetery. There were marriages between the Fields and the Withers in Virginia and also in Kentucky.

Harry A./1888-1959

Olivia W./1894-1989

Harry Allen Withers was born in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon, 12 April 1888. He died in Burns, Harney County, Oregon 7 March 1958. His parents were James Sterling Price (1862-1915) and Leona Edwards Withers (1866-1949). He was a grandson of John Evan Price (1830-1912) and Margaret Sloan Gillespie Withers (1836-1907). John and Margaret immigrated to Lane County, Oregon, in 1851 from Kentucky. John descends from James Withers (1681-1746) and Elizabeth Keene (abt 1862-1769) who were the parents of Elizabeth Withers (1706-1749) wife of Capt. Abraham Field (bef 1699-1774) of Virginia. Gene and Lucie Field descend from Capt. Abraham and Elizabeth Withers Field.

Harry's fist wife was Christine Gorrie (1885-1920) she is buried in the Laurel Grove Cemetery, Springfield, Lane County, Oregon. He then married Olivia Whitting (1894-1989). Olivia was born in Harney County, Oregon, 1 July 1894 and she died in Burns, Oregon, 21 April 1989.

Harry A Withers/LT COL US AIR FORCE/1915-1981

Harry Allen Withers Jr. was born in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon, 23 May 1915. He died in Tualatin, Washington County, Oregon. He married Nyria Ellis 27 April 1947 in Springfield. His parents were Harry and Christine Gorrie Withers.

Beloved Wife/Lillian Marie/Withers/Feb. 4, 1894/Aug. 19, 1858

Lillian Marie was the wife of John Evans Price Withers (1898-1969) a grandson of John Evan Price and Margaret Sloan Gillespie Withers. She was born 4 February 1894 and died 19 August 1958 in Burns.

Earl W./1889-1970

Walter Earl Withers was a son of James Sterling Price and Leona Edwards Withers. He was born 28 September 1889 and died in 1970.

Edna G./1894-1982

Edna Gertrude Vickers Withers was the wife of Walter Earl Withers. She was born in 1894 and died in 1982. They had one daughter, Ethel Leona Withers (1916-1976).

Jack M. McGee/1916-1982

Jack M. McGee was the husband of Ethel Leona Withers. He was born in 1916 and died in 1892

Leona E. McGee/1916-1976

Ethel Leona Withers McGee was the daughter of Walter Earl and Edna Gertrude Vickers.

Father/Thomas J./Vickers/1853-1936
Mother/Mary F./ Vickers/1865-1934

Thomas J. Vickers and his wife Mary F. were the parents of Edna Gertrude Vickers the wife of Walter Earl Withers.

The Burns Cemetery was visited by Gene and Lucie Field July 2012,