The workers of the Nappanee, Indiana, Carriage Factory about 1900. On the back of the photograph in the handwriting of Floyd’s second wife, Hazel Blosser (1889-1984) was written the names of most of the men. There are eleven men but only eight names are on the back of the photograph. The names were listed in two columns and no attempt was made to identify the men by where they were in the photograph. The list as it appeared on the photograph: John (...yes...), Herb Boyd, Ray Metz, Edd Bowers (boss painter), Bill..., Neil Miller, Frank Houser (last name not very legible), Gary Pippen or Pippenger and Floyd Grasz. If anyone who views this page knows who any of these men are please contact us.

We were contacted by Rob "Pip" Pippenger who identifies the man in the second row to the far right wearing a bow tie, as either Bernard George I Pippenger or Bernard George II Pippenger.