Columbia Cemetery, is also known as the White Church Cemetery. It is located on CR 250W, west of Princeton. It is a moderate sized cemetery and is very well maintained.

FIELD/Tobe A./Aug. 9, 1904/
Mildred/Mar. 23, /1905/May 2, 1987

Tobias A. "Tobe" Field was born in Patoka, Gibson County, on 9 August 1904, just two months after his father Tobias S. Field (1884-1904) died. He married Mildred Montgomery on 29 May 1924. Mildred was born in Princeton, Gibson County on 23 March 1905. His mother was Bessie Adams (1983-1930).

Tobe was a third great grandson of Keen and Anna Lewis Field.

Rainey/James Alva/Feb. 19, 1917/Uncle Al/Married Dec. 14, 1938/Bernice Lea/Feb. 16, 1920/[no death date]/Aunt Bea

James Alva Rainey was born 19 February 1917 in Gibson County, Indiana. His parents were Charles Rainey (1879) and Maggie E. Dent (1883-1941). Bernice Lea Cunningham was born 19 February 1920. Charles and Bernice were marreid 14 December 1938.

James was the 6th great-grandnephew of Grace Rainey (1797-1863) who married Abraham Field (1973-1870) a son of Keen and Anna Lewis Field.

Charles Erwin/Died/July 9 1889/Aged/74 Years/6 M's 4 D's

Charles Erwin was born 5 January 1815 in Kentucky and died 9 July 1889 in Gibson County, Indiana.

He married Susana McMullen, born 15 June 1811 in Kentucky, died 31 July 1851, Gibson County, Indiana

Charles Erwin was the son of John (1782-1851) and Mary Erwin (1779-) of Gibson County, Indiana

R. J. Erwin/Died/July 31, 1891/Aged/45 Y's 6 M's 25 D's/Jennie

Rebecca Jennie Erwin was the daughter of Charles Erwin and Susana McMullen.

Rebecca Jennie Erwin

Charles Victor/son of/John T. & Maria/Erwin/Born/Nov. 11, 1871/Died/Aug. 3 [1873]

Charles Victor Erwin was a son of John Thomas Erwin (1839-) and Maria Skelton (1840-1900).

Charles Victor Erwin

Photograph taken by Dan Elliot.

Obituary from the Princeton Clarion, Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana, 7 August 1873.

Infant/dau of/John T. & Maria/Erwin/Apr. 11, 1866

This infant was a daughter of John Thomas Erwin and Maria Skelton.

Infant Daughter Erwin

Hyneman/Nancy/Apr. 12, 1932/[no death date]/David F./July 19, 1929/May 4, 2003

David Ferris Hyneman was a son of Ferris Aaron Hyneman (1900-) and Ethel Ada Grubb (1901-) of Gibson County, Indiana. He first married Norma Jean Livermore (1928-1996), daughter of Thomas J. Livermore and Janie L. Young on 12 July 1848. She is buried in the Warnock Cemetery in Princeton Indiana He later married Nancy Lynn Bates on 4 July 1969.

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Lucie and Gene Field visited the White Church Cemetery, July 2011.