Our complete family tree has been posted to www.ancestry.com. It is Field Family Tree–LucieGenealogy. It contains our entire database of information, with one exception. The one exception is a bit disappointing. The notes we have attached to people's facts are not supported by Ancestry.com. These notes contain the most interesting information about many of the people in family tree. This is a serious flaw with Ancestry.com.

We also have a complete listing of our database in the section of our website we call Extended Family Tree. This is a wonderful program that uploads all information about every person including the notes. It can be accessed by clicking the last link in the right column of links. We update this often.

Either database labels as “private” any information about living people so no personal data is revealed. Both programs allow the owner of the site the option of allowing people to see the private information when provided with a username and password from the site owner. We only give this privilege to family members.

For anyone interested in using our databases we have only one request. If any information is used from either we would appreciate being credited as the source of the information. We have found many have used our information without citing us but there is little we can do about this infraction of publication etiquette. We have tried very hard to always list our source for any information we have found on other private websites.

Extended Family Tree.
No membership is needed to view all of our information on this database (this does not include info on living individuals).

A membership is needed to view our tree on Ancestry.

Lucie & Gene Field
7 September 2012
Patterson California

Image from our family pedigree found on Ancestry.com