<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Edgar Farmer Wilson and other Wilsons</title> <STYLE> A { text-decoration: none } </STYLE> </head> <STYLE> <!-- A { text-decoration: none } --> </STYLE> <body bgcolor="#fff8e6" text="black" link="black" vlink="#003300" alink="#200200"> <Blockquote> <br> <center> <img src="images/edgarwilsonlogo.gif"> </center> <table width="700" align="center"> <tr> <td align="center" valign=:bottom"><img src="images/edgarfarmerwilson.jpg" hspace=2 border=2 bordercolor="black"> <blockquote> <font face="verdana" size="2" FONT COLOR="#660000"> <p align="justify">Left to right: <b>Edgar Farmer Wilson</b>, his brother William K. Seated on the wheelbarrow is Monroe Wilson a son of William K. Standing on the dirt pile are Merl [sic] and Herbert Wilson the two youngest sons of Edgar Farmer. This photograph was most likely taken in Nappanee, Indiana sometime about 1900. The photograph is identified on the back by Chloe A. Arch, a daughter of Edgar Farmer. </p> <p align="justify">This is a fantastic photograph. Edgar Farmer Wilson's parents were John Benjamin (1823-1903) and Mary E. Crockett (1831-1869) Wilson, early pioneers of Kosciusko County, Indiana. Mary Crockett's mother was Sarah Farmer (1800-1849) from whom Edgar received his middle name. An older brother of Edgar was James Robert Wilson (1852-1923) the father of Tressa Wilson Grasz (1886-1931). Tressa was the mother of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this website is dedicated. Edgar married Florence Isabel Keesey, on 27 March 1879. They had seven <a href="edgarwilsonfamily.html"> children.</a> Edgar died 3 May 1905 and is buried in the Mentone Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Florence then married Samuel Beber (1851-1938). Sam and Florence had no children. </p> <p align="justify">Grandma Beber, as she was known, did a wonderful job of keeping the family together. For years she would have both Wilson and Keesey family reunions and they were well attended.</p> <P align=justify><font face="verdana" size="2" FONT COLOR="#660000">This photograph was provided by Deborah, Donald and Paul Wilson who are children of Paul Wilson and great grandchildren of Edgar Farmer and Florence. Their grandfather was Herbert Elson Wilson (1893-1946) and their father was Paul Elson Wilson (1918-1910). This photograph was found among the family files and photographs that Deborah, Don, Paul and their mother Irene so generously gave to Lucie and Gene during the summer of 2011. This is the only photograph of Edgar Farmer Wilson that we have found. That is why it is so valuable. </tr> </table> <center> <img src="images/line2.gif"> <p> <table align=center width=450> <tr width=450> <td width=450 align=center> <font face="verdana" size="2" color="660000" link="660000"> <P> [<a href="index.html"><font color="black">home</font></a>|<a href="wilsonlinks.html"><font color="black">wilson</font></a>|<a href="albumlinks.html"><font color="black">album</font></a>] </td> </tr> </table> </p> </blockquote> </body> </html>