The Etna Green Cemetery is located on a hill to the east and south of the town of Etna Green, Etna Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Rosina Frederica Gross/Grass (1852-1933) is buried in this cemetery. She was the sister of Henry "Hank" Grass/Grasz (1842-1910) the father of Floyd M. Grasz (1886-1979) the father of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicated. Rosina married Harrison Jones Iden (1849-1899) 8 February 1873. They had five children and some of their descendants are buried in the Etna Green Cemetery. There are many Idens buried there that we do not know how they relate to Harrison Iden.

There are also members of the Hazen Family buried in the Etna Green Cemetery. These Hazens are related to Loma Hazen (1903-1991) who was from Whitley County just east of Kosciusko County. Loma married Raymond W. Barnes (1900-1942) from Packerton. Raymond was the son of Emma Isabelle Wilson Barnes Simison Hartman, the aunt of Miriam Grasz Field. There are other people buried at Etna Green with the names of Sparrow, Simison and Secrist that have connections with the Grasz family but we do not as yet know these connections.


Rosina Fredrica Gross/Grass was born 24 April 1852 in Ohio. Her parents were Lewis Gross/Grass (1814-1872) and Louisa Oberlander (1822-1905). Her brother was Henry "Hank" Grass/Grasz (1842-1910). Henry was the father of Floyd Grasz the father of Miriam Grasz Field. Rosina married Harrison Jones Iden (1849-1899) 8 February 1873 in Marshall County, Indiana. They had five children. Harrison died in 1899 in Howard, Elk County, Kansas and on 11 April 1902 Rosina married Harrison's brother William Harvey Iden. He had never been married and they had no children.

Louis J. Iden/Feb. 2. 1890/12 October 1906

Louis John Iden born 2 February 1890 and died 26 October 1906 was the youngest child of Rosina and Harrison Iden.

Washington Iden/May 30, 1815/July 18/1908

Samuel Iden (1730-1880) is the earliest member of this family for whom we have information. He was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and died in Louden County, Virginia. He married Cathron in Bucks County. The only child we know about for them is Sabilla with no dates or details. She married a man named Claypole. They had a son George Washington Claypole Iden (1785-1849). An interesting thing is that George Washington Iden Claypoole took his mother's name, Iden, unusual for that time. George Washington Claypole married Matilda A. Brown (1791-1884) in Virginia. Their son, George Washington Iden (1815-1903) who married Elizabeth Heston (1820-1906) is the first of the Iden family we know of in Kosciusko County, Indiana. All of their children were born in Ohio. The youngest son for whom we we have information is Seth Ball Iden born in 1860, in Ohio. The family must have moved some time after that to Indiana.

Eliza Iden/ Oct. 22, 1820/Aug, 15, 1906

Eliza was Elizabeth Heston (1820-1906) born in Ohio. She died in Etna Green. She and George Washington Iden had eleven children, Samuel, George, Albina, Mary Catherine, Thomas J., John Edwin, Jesse, William Addison, Loman Atwood, Anna Florence, and Seth Ball.

Samuel Iden/Co. F/126 Ohio Inf.

Samuel Iden/Dec. 14. 1838/Feb. 15, 1918

Samuel Iden was born 14 December 1838 in Ohio, and died 15 Feburary 1918 Etna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana. He married Elmira (Ella) Chain who was born 14 June 1844 and died in Etna Green 30 December 1924. They had two children, Lorenzo D. (1868-1870) and Elizabeth Iden (1872-1938).

Elmira Iden/June 14, 1844/Dec. 30, 1924

Elmira (Ella) Chain married Samuel Iden. They had two children, Lorenzo D. and Elizabeth Iden. Elizabeth married Rev. Daniel. B. Kessinger.

Lorenzo D./Aug. 5, 1868/Aug. 17, 1870

Lorenzo was the son of Samuel and Elmira Chain Iden.

KESSINGER/Rev. Daniel B./1863 - 1933/Elizabeth/1872 - 1938

Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel and Elmira Chain Iden. We have no more information about Daniel B. Kessenger.

John Iden/Sept. 19, 1846/Oct. 17, 1923

John Edwin Iden was the son of George Washington and Elizabeth Heston Iden. He was born in Ohio and died in Etna Green.

Wm. Addison/Iden/1851-1836

William Addison Iden was born 25 August 1851 in Ohio. He was the son of George Washington and Elizabeth Heston Iden.

Anna Florence/Iden/1856 - 1938

Anna Florence Iden was born 6 August 1856 in Ohio. She was the daughter of George Washington and Elezabeth Heston Iden.

Seth B. Iden/1860 - 1940

Seth Ball Iden was a son of of George Washington and Elezabeth Heston Iden. He was born 21 May 1860 in Ohio. He married Viola Yeiter 15 Feburary 1891 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. They had three children, Althea, Avis and Amy Iden.

Viola Iden/1836 - 1946

Viola Yeiter married Seth Ball Iden.

Althea Iden/Hamlin/1895 - 1985

Althea M. Iden was born in Indiana, in 1895. Her parents were Seth Ball and Viola Yeiter Iden. She married Paul J. Hamlin.

Paul J. Hamlin/1898 - 1971

Paul J. Hamlin was the husband of Althea M. Iden.

Avis Iden Mason/1898 - 1991

Avis M. Iden was born in Indiana, in 1898. She married C. Ralph Mason. They had a son, Seth I. Mason.

C. Ralph Mason/1900 - 1960

C. Ralph Mason was the husband of Avis M. Iden and their son was Seth I. Mason.

Seth I. Mason/1926 - 1993

Seth I. Mason was born 16 October 1926 and died in Etna Green 27 November 1993. He married a woman named Kathleen and they had a son, Bradley Mason, who died as an infant.

Seth I. Mason/TEC 3 US Army/Oct 16, 1926 - Nov 27 1993

Kathleen Mason/1923

Kathleen was the wife of Seth I. Mason.

Bradley, inf. son of/S. & K. Mason/1950

Bradley was the son of Seth I. and Kathleen Mason.

Amy Iden/Knepper/1901 - 1995

Amy J. Iden was the youngest daughter of Seth Ball and Viola Yeiter Iden. She was born in Indiana, in 1901 and died in Etna Green, in 1995. She married Robert R. Knepper.

Robert R. Knepper/1899 - 1957

Robert R. Knepper was the husband of Amy J. Iden. He died in 1957 in Etna Green.

Albina Disher/Apr. 9. 1842/July 28, 1870

Albina Iden was born 9 April 1842 in Ohio. She was a daughter of George Washington and Elizabeth Heston Iden. She married John Disher. She died in Etna Green 28 July 1870.

Infant/July 1, 1867

This child was the son of John and Albina Iden Disher.

Ziba Hazen/ - 1868/Aged/72 yrs ? 16 d

We are not certain who this person was.

Lydia/dau of/B & V Iden

The B & V are difficult to read. We do not know this person was.

Tabitha/Iden/Died/Apr. 13, 1899/Aged/77 Y/2 M/12 D

Tabitha Edwards was born 1 February 1822 and died 13 April 1899 in Etna Green. She was the wife of Samuel H. Iden (1820-1983). Their daughter was Lucinda P. Iden.

Unreadable. Mary I./dau. of/ Hazen

We do not know who this person was.

FATHER/Michael Hazen/Jan. 12, 1837/Mar 20, 1918

Michale Hazen was a son of Ziba Hazen and Mary Harshner. He was born in Mt. Gilead, Morro County, Ohio. He married Mary Elizabeth Bell 14 February 1861 in Etna Green. Mary was born 26 November 1842 in Syracuse, Kosciusko County, Indiana, and died 26 August 1872. Michael and Mary had three children Martha Drucilla, William Albert and Ida Nora. Michael married Lydia Hazen in Columbia City, Columbiana County, Ohio 26 October 1883 and Lucinda P. Iden 28 May 1893 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. After Michael died Lucinda married Jacob Mong with whom she is buried. Michael and Lydia were first cousins. Michael Hazen was a first cousin twice removed of Loma Hazen. Loma Hazen married Raymond W. Barnes a son of William E. Barnes and Emma Isabelle Wilson. Emma was the aunt of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicated.

HAZEN/Richard Hazen/Mar. 2, 1846/Mar. 25, 1914
Nancy C. Harshner/His Wife/Dec. 4, 1851/Setp. 26, 1944
Rose J. Dau. 1876-1933

Richard Hazen and Nancy Catherine Harshner were both born in Mt. Gilead, Morro County, Ohio. Richard's parents were Ziba Hazen (1812-1872) and Mary Harshner (1816-1868) Nancy's parents were George Harshner and Sarah Devore. (Interesting that Nancy's father was a Harshner and Richard's mother was a Harsnher). Richard was also a first cousin twice removed of Loma Hazen.

MONG/Jacob I./1830-1875/his wife/Lucinda P. Hazen/1842-1924

We do not know where Jacob was born but he died in Etna Green. He married Lucinda P. Iden. Lucinda was born in Carroll County, Ohio 30 September 1842. She died in Etna Green in 1924. Prior to marrying Jacob Lucinda was married to Michael Hazen.

Ziba Hazen/Died/Mar 16 1872/aged 59 years 6 m/2 days

Ziba Hazen was born in Sussex County, New Jersey on 12 September 1812. He died in Etan Green 16 March 1872. His parents were Samuel Hazen (1777-1853) born in Connecticut and Elizabeth Dewitt (1775-1850) born in New Jersey. He married Mary Harshner who was born in Pennysalvinia 10 March 1816 and died in Etna Green 26 July 1868. They had nine children, John, Michael, Mary, Ziba S., Martha, Richard, Mahala Enoch and Miranda. Ziba married Mary Gromley 31 December 1868 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. Mary and Ziba had four childre. Jerusha Sarah, twins that died as infants and Eliza Kansas.

HAZEN/Lucille M./1900 Mother 1983/ Fred F./1902/ Father 1956

Fred Forest Hazen was born 23 December 1902. He was the son of William Albert Hazen (1864- ) and Mary Ettea Vanner (1867-1928) Fred married Lucille Maud Scott 1 January 1935. Maud was born in 1900 and died in Etna Green in 1983. Fred died in 1956 in Etna Green. Fred was a third cousin of Loma Hazen referred to above. Lucille's father was Edward Scott.

The Etna Green Cemetery was visited and photographed by Lucie and Gene Field in July of 2009. The cemetery is extremly well kept up.

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