The Fairmount Cemetery is located on Highway 31 between Highway 6 and Plymouth, Indiana. It is on the east side of Highway 31. The cemetery dates from 1834 and is the oldest cemetery in Marshall County, Indiana.

The people buried here are realted to the Stafford/Irwin side of Miriam Grasz Field's family.

Gene and Lucie Field visited the Fairmount Cemetery in July of 2009 and photographed many tombstones with names that connect to the Staffords and the Irwins but many have not been identified yet.

Gate to the Fairmount Cemetery, Highway 31 near Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana.

Minnie M./Davenport/wife of/Riley Irwin/Died/ Feb. 4, 1897/aged/16 Y. 10M. 23 D.

Minnie M. Davenport was born 12 March 1880. Her parents were James M. and Nancy C. Bybee Davenport. She married Riley E. Irwin 3 November 1896 at only 16 years old. She died 4 February 1897,

Riley Irwin was a first cousin once removed of Miriam Grasz Field.

Lavina Cox/Irwin/Mar. 28. 1838/May 14. 1891

Lavina Cox Irwin was born in 1844 in Ohio. She married John Irwin 28 March 1870. she died 14 May 1891.

John Irwin was a great uncle of Miriam Grasz Field.

Mary Emaline/Cox/Mar. 11. 1859/Aug. 28.1877

We are not certain who Mary Emaline Cox was, however, based on the fact she is in the same cemetery as Lavina Cox and the tombstones are identical she may be a sister of Lavina.

There is a tombstone with Mary Emaline, died 1903, wife of Lincoln Davenport on it. There may be a connection between these two women.

David Vinnedge/died/Aug. 21, 1853/Aged 61 Y's/7 mo. 11 d's

David Vinnedge was born in Pennsylvania 13 January 1793. His parents were Adam and Margaret Simonton Vinnedge. He married Elisabeth McCain 21 May 1812. He married Catherine "Katie" Snapp in 1824. On 8 November 1749 he married Hannah Flood. David died 14 August 1853 in Marshall County, Indiana.

David Vinnedge/Died/Oct. 15, 1860/ 33 Y's 6 M's/& 10 d's

David Vinnedge Jr. was born 5 April 1827 in Butler County, Ohio. His parents were David and Catherine "Katie" Snapp Vinnedge. We have no marriage informatiln for David. He died 15 October 1860 probably in Indiana.

Newton J./Son of W. P. & E. J./Vinnedge/Died/April. 18 1846/ 5 Mo

Newton J. Vinnedge was the infant son of William Packard and Eliza Jane Gates Vinnedge. He was born in December of 1845 and died 18 April 1846.

Margaret/wife of/ A. J. Rector/Died/Geb 3, 1876/Aged 37 Ys 4 Mo 25 Ds

Margaret B. Vinnedge was born in Butler County, Ohio about 1838. Her parents her parents were James C. and Eliza Cross Vinnedge. She married Andrew J. Rector 7 September 1855 in Marshall County, Indiana She died 3 Feburary 1876 in Indiana.

Alfred Jr./Son of /Alfred & Sarah/Vinnedge/Died Feb. /[illeg.]/Aged 2 ys/1 mo.

Alfred Vinnedge Jr. was born 18 January 1845 in Indiand. His parents were Alfred and Sarah Sanders Vinnedge. He died 18 February 1847 in Indiana.

Eliza J./Wife or W. P. Vinnedge/Died/March 5, 1816/ 22 Yr's/9 Mo & 25 D

Eliza Jane Vinnedge wa born in 1848, in Union City, Indiana. Her parents were James C.and Eliza Cross Vinnedge. She married Richard Hendersnon 26 May 1864.

Alfred Vinedge/Died/Feb. 7, 1852/Aged 41 yrs. 2 mo. 23 ds.

Alfred Vinnedge was born 15 November 1810 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. His parents were George William and Rebecca Packard Vinnedge. He married Sarah Sanders 5 February 1830 in Wayne County, Indiana. He died 7 February 1852 in Marshall County, Indiana

Sarah/Wife of/Alfred Vinedge/Died/Jan. 8, 1852/Aged 39 y's./3 mo./5 ds.

Sarah Sanders was born 3 October 1812. She married Alfred Vinnedge 2 February 1830. She died in January of 1852.

Thomas Vinnedge/Died/Feb. 5, 1858/ 18 Y's/6 mo. 2 d/s

Thomas Vinnedge was born 3 August 1839 in Indiana. His parents were Alfred and Sarah Sanders Vinnedge. He died 5 February 1858.

Charles/Son of/Alfred & Sarah/Vinedge/Died Jan. 12, 1852/Aged 17 y's/6 mo 7 d's

Charles Vinnedge was born 5 July 1834 in Indiana. His parents were Alfred and Sarah Sanders Vinnedge. He died 12 January 1852.


Sylvester Vinnedge was born in 1836 in Indiana. His parents were Alfred and Sarah Sanders Vinnedge. He married Mary Hunter 8 August 1863 in Marshall County, Indiana. He died in Marshall County in 1916.

Alex Vinnedge/Co. B/155th Ind. Inf.

Alexander Floyd Vinnedge was born in 1823, Wayne County, Indiana. His parents were George William and Rebecca Packard Vinnedge. He married Hannah Stilson 9 March 1843 and Sophia M. Knott 3 February 1866 both in Marshall County, Indiana. He died 22 November 1890.


Franklin Dvenport was born in Indiana, April 1850. His parents were Thomas and Anna Mackey Davenport. He married Mary Elizabeth. He died in 1938.

Vinnedge/James R./1854-1930/Husband/Matilda J./1858-1933/Wife

James R. M. Vinnedge was born in 1854, in Indiana. His parents were Alexander Floyd and Hannah Stilson Vinnedge. He married Sarah Matilda Jane Irwin 17 November 1878 in Marshall County, Indiana. He died in 1936.

Sarah Matilda Jane Irwin was born in 1858 and died in 1933. Her parents were John Irwin and Martha J. Kemp.

Sarah Matilda was a first cousin once removed of Miriam Grasz Field.

Davenport/James M. Davenport/Died Aug. 11, 1901/aged 66 Y. 7 M. 3D.

James M. Davenport was born 8 January 1835 in Ohio. His parents were Thomas Davenport and Anna Mackey Davenport. Their daughter was Minnie M. Davenport (1880-1897) who married Riley E. Irwin. James married Nancy C. Bybee 18 October 1866 in Fulton County, Indiana. James died in August 1901.

Mary Emaline/Wife of/Lincoln Davenport/Died Sept.7, 1903/Aged 40Y. 2M. 12D.

Mary Emaline Williams was born 26 June 1863. She married Lincoln Davenport 29 October 1884. She died 7 September 1903.

Anna/Wife of/T. Davenport/Died/Sept. 3, 1882/Aged 76 Yrs 4 Mos/29 days

Anna Mackey was born in Pennsylvnia 3 September 1812. She married Thomas Davenport 22 January 1833 in Holmes County, Ohio. She died 3 September 1882.

George B./Son of/J. and L. Davenport/Died/July 13, 1883/Aged 19 Yrs/11 Mos 25 ds

George B. Davenport was the son of Jacob Davenport. Other than what is on his tombstone we know nothing else about him.

Thomas Vinnedge/1869-1949/Father

Thomas A. Vinnedge was born in Marshall County, Indiana in 1869. His parents were Alexander Floyd Vinnedge and Shphia M. Knott. He died in 1949. We have no other information about him.

Infant dau./of W. F. and A. Davenport/ born and died Jan 5, 1893

W. F. Davenport was a son of Jacob Davenport.

Fairmount Cemetery visited by Lucie and Gene Field, July 2009.