On the back of this photo is written, "Children of Clark Henry." Left to right the family groups are identified as: Howard Wesley and Linnie Field with Raymond and Ronald., Ernest and Betha Mildren with Delmar and Orville, Ora Henry (lone man), Joe and Lizzie Bruch with Ethel, Kenneth and Gerald, Arthur and Pearl Glazier holding Chester and Leota.

Howard Wesley Field (1890-1972) is the son of Keen Wesley Howard Field (1864-1975) and Mary Alice Barr (1865-1928).

The children of Clark Henry (1850-1905) and Nancy Jane Long (1859-1924) are Ada Pearl, Ora Walter, Lizzi Zilpah, Betha O., and Linnie Dorcas.

The entire group lived in this one house. After just one year in Moose Jaw, the group moved to Kansas Valley, Montana where they were joined by Nancy Long Henry (mother to the siblings) and Rosa Henry, another sister. Some of the families eventually moved to Whitefish and Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana.

This photo was provided by Rod Field a great grandson of Howard and Linnie Field.