George and Lavica Field moved to Valparaiso from Gibson County, Indiana, in 1882. The photograph on the left was taken about 1903. The photograph on the right was taken in July of 2009.

Standing in front of the home in 1903 is left to right, Harvey Oliver Field, Lavica, Mary Estella Whitcomb, George Nelson Field holding Mary Irene Field and Arthur Clarence Field, three of the five sons of George and Lavica. Mary Whitcomb was Arthur's first wife. The baby was the first child of Mary and Arthur. In the 2009 photograph is Eugene Field and Lucie Field, great grand son and great great grand daughter of Lavica and grandson and great grand daughter of Harvey.

The present owner of the home, Mr. Glenn Hyatte, generously invited Gene and Lucie to visit the home in the summer of 2009. This house has a very interesting history. Both George and Lavica died in the home. George died of natural causes in 1915. Lavica, unfortunately met with a tragic death in 1922 when she fell down the stairs into the basement during a family Thanksgiving dinner. The kitchen pantry was located at the entry way to the basement. There was a door that was put down over the stairs and became the floor of the pantry. Not realizing the door was up Lavica went to the pantry during the dinner, stepped into the pantry and fell to her death into the basement.

The home has seen many changes over the years. However, the wall paper covering the walls of the secondary story landing may be the same wall paper George and Lavica had. There is a closet off one of the upstairs bedrooms papered with wall paper that is pink and has frolicking lambs on it. Lavica had seven babies and it is very likely she used this cozy little room as the nursery for her babies with the lamb wall paper. Oh, yes, it is rumored that George and Lavica make their presence known from time to time, of course, after all, it is their house!

The photograph on the left is courtesy of Linda Williams Leonard a great granddaughter of George and Lavica and a granddaughter of Harvey.

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