Name: Nancy Field
Gender: Female
Date/Time of Death: Oct. 27 1882 2 a.m.
Duration of Illness: 2 days
Cause of death: General Congestion
Place of Birth: Gibson County, Indiana
Place of Death: White River Twp.
Father: BR Field
Mother: Lydia Field
Color: White
Age: 19 yrs 4 mos 0 dys
Death Record Book H-1, pg. 11, no. 141

Nancy was born 12 October 1863, in White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana. She is buried in the IOOF Cemetery, Hazleton, Gibson County, Indiana.

Name: Mary Fields
Gender: Female
Date of Death: Oct 25, 1883
Color: White
Age: 3 years old
Cause of death: Meningitis
Father: Reuben Fields
Physician: JM Ireland
Death Record Book H-1, pg, 27, no. 337

Possibly the daughter of Reuben Field and Mary Ellen McKedy, and the twin sister of James Field (below).

Name: James Field
Color/Gender: White Male
Age: 5 yrs
Date of Death: Feb 3 1885
Place of Birth: IN
Duration of Illness: 12 days
Place of Death: Center Twp.
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Postmortem: Feb 7 1885
Physician: D. P. Pearse
Father: Reuben Field
Father's Birthplace: IND
Mother: Ellen McKedy
Mother's birthplace: IND
Death Record Book H-1, pg. 48, no. 611

James was the grandson of Ezekiel Field and Catherine Dossett and the great grandson of Keen Field and Anna Lewis.

Name: Erwin, James L.
Date of Death: Jan 28 1904
Gender: Male
Color: White
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Jane Erwin
Birth Date: 1846 9 Jan
Birth Place: Indiana
Age at death: 58 yrs 0 mos 19 days
Occupation: Farmer
Place of Death: White River Twp.
Father: Ephraim Erwin
Physician: Mary Mills
Burial: Patoka Cemetery
Date of Burial: 1904 Jan 29
Undertaker: W. J. Lowe
Death Record Book H-37, pg. 13

James was the husband of Jane Martin, daughter of Nancy A. Field and William Martin. James and Jane are both buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

Name: Rebecca Highwood
Date of Death: 31 July 1904
Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Physician: G. C. Keuble
Age at Death: 78 yrs 2 mo 9 days
Gender: Female
Color: White]
Residence: White River Twp.
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Housekeeper
Place of Birth: Lancaster County, PA
Place of Death: White River Twp.
Father: Hinkle
Father's Place of Birth: PA
Burial Date: Aug 3 1904
Undertaker: G. F. Jones
Death Record Book H-41, pg. 6 (Hazleton Book)

Rebecca was the wife Edward Highwood and the daughter of John Hinkle III and Rebecca A. Comfort. She is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery, Washington Twp, Gibson County, Indiana.

Name: Jane Erwin
Date of Death: Oct 12, 1918
Gender: Female
Color: White
Place of Death: Gibson County, White River Twp.
Marital Status: Widowed
Date of Birth: Sept 18, 1849
Age at Death: 69 yrs 1 mos 4 days
Occupation: Housewife
Place of Birth: Indiana
Father: William Martin
Father's Place of Birth: Kentucky
Mother: Nancy A. Field
Mother's Place of Birth: Indiana
Cause of Death: Chronic Nephritis
Physician: M. P. Hollingsworth, Princeton, IN
Burial: Patoka
Undertaker: E. H. Harrington
Death Record Book H-40, pg. 40, no. 146.

Jane was the wife James L. Erwin. She was the granddaughter of Abraham Field and Grace Rainey and the great granddaughter of Keen Field and Anna Lewis.

Death Records from The Gibson County Department of Health, Courthouse Annex, Princeton, Indiana. Transcribed August 1998, by Eugene and Lucie Field.

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