The Grangeville Cemetery is a medium sized cemetery that is well kept up. It is located north of Armona on 14th Ave. The family buried here is that of Commander Perry Phillips who was born in Gibson County, Indiana and was the uncle of Cynthia Luvina Field Kinney. Cynthia was a great granddaughter of Keen and Anna Lewis Field. He, his wife, some of his children, his wife's family and his nephew are all buried in the above plot.

Perry C. Phillips/Apr. 7, 1836/June 4, 1924/
Elizabeth Phillips/Oct. 22, 1840/May 27, 1926

Commodore Perry Phillips was born on 7 April 1838 in Gibson County, Indiana to Robert P. Phillips (1799-1847) and Celia Milburn (1801-1840). He is the brother of Nancy J. Phillips (1833-1862) the first wife of Joseph Jackson Field a son of Abraham Field (1793-1870) and Grace Rainey (1797-1863).

Around 1854 Perry immigrated to California in a covered wagon. He first lived in Nevada County and worked as a miner. Later moving to Siskiyou County and Solano County. In 1859 he relocated to Kingston, Fresno County, California. He farmed, and raised livestock and was instrumental in developing irrigations systems in the area. He had a large landholding and his home was located at the corner of Douglas Avenue and Avenue12 3/4 about 1 mile from Kingston (This town no longer exists. It was just south of Laton on the Kings River). He lived on this land until he died. About 1878 a band of masked men came to his property one night and burned his house down. They were angry that he had purchased land from the railroad. This was at a time of conflict between settlers and the railroad.

On 29 April 1860 he married Elizabeth Hildebrand also a native of Indiana. Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Hildebrand (1810-1895) and Anna Harkarader (1812-1900). She was born on 22 October 1840 in Shelby County, Indiana and died 27 May 1926 in California.

Some time around 1882, Perry's neice Cynthia Luvina Field and her husband Wilson Kinney immigrated from Colorado to California. They began moving across the country in about 1875; first to Missouri, then to Colorado and finally to California. They stayed in Kingston until 1895, at which time they moved to Coalinga and later Taft. It is highly likely that Wilson and Cynthia went first to Kingston because Perry was already living there.

Dora E. Phillips/Died/July 9, 1895/Aged/20 Yrs. 3 Mos./21 Ds

Dora Phillips was a daughter of Perry C. Phillips and Elizabeth Hildebrand. She was born on 18 March 1873 in Kingston, Fresno County, California and died of typhoid fever on 9 July 1893 in Kingston.

Ada Bianca Phillips/July 7, 1869/Feb. 22, 1956

Ada Bianca Phillips was born 7 July 1869 in Kingston, Fresno County, California and died 22 February 1956. She was the daughter of Perry C. Phillips and Elizabeth Hildebrand. She did not marry and lived with her parents until they died.

George H. Phillips/1877-1939

George Hudson Phillips was born 29 March 1877 in Kingston, Fresno County, California and died in 1939. He was the son of Perry C. Phillips and Elizabeth Hildebrand. He married Anne Eva Rey (1885-), daughter of Samuel Rey and Louise Zobiest, 27 October 1913, in San Francisco, California. He was a dentist in Hanford, Kings County, California for a time.

Carrie W. Low/Dec. 30, 1865/July 23, 1924/
Gone but not forgotten

Carrie Winifred Phillips Low was born 30 December 1865 in Kingston, Fresno County, California and died on 23 July 1924. She was a daughter of Perry C. Phillips and Elizabeth Hildebrand and the wife of Louis L. Low.

A. Jackson Phillips/1858-1923

Andrew Jackson Phillips was born 4 April 1857 in Gibson County, Indiana to John Phillips and Sally Ann Robinson. He visited his uncle Perry Phillips in Kingston sometime before 1879 and stayed in California living in Grangeville, where he practiced his trade as a blacksmith and married a woman named Belle. He died 21 March 1923 in Fresno County, California.

Edith W. Phillips/Maynard/June 8, 1883/Apr. 25, 1917

Edith Winifred Phillips was born 8 June 1883 in California and died 23 April 1917. She was a daughter of Andrew Jackson Phillips and Belle. She married a man named Maynard.

Clyde H. Phillips/Born Feb. 12, 1885/Died June 28, 1903

Clyde H. Phillips was born 12 February 1885 and died 23 June 1903. He was a son of Andrew Jackson Phillips and Belle.

Father/Joseph Hildebrand/Born/Apr. 8, 1810/Died/Oct. 17, 1895/Mother/Anna/Wife of J. Hildebrand/Born/May 14, 1812/Died/Mar. 15, 1900

Joseph Hildebrand was born 8 April 1810 in Pennsylvania and died 17 October 1895 in Kingston, Fresno County, California. He immigrated from Shelby County, Indiana in 1853 to Solano County, California, later living in Yolo and San Luis Obispo Counties before moving to Kings County. He married Anna Harkarader.

Anna was born 14 May 1812 in Ohio and died 15 March 1900 in Kingston, Fresno County, California.

Henry Hildebrand/1851-1935

William Henry Hildebrand was born in 1851 in Iowa and died in 1935. He was a son of Jospeh Hildeband and Anna Harkarader.

Alice Hildebrand/1854-1944

Alice Chapman was born 11 July 1854 in Canada and died 28 August 1944 in Alameda County, California. She was the wife of William Henry Hildebrand.

Jacob A. Hildrebrand/Jan. 1, 1843/Dec. 23, 1904

Jacob A. Hildebrand was born 1 January 1843 in Indiana and died 23 December 1904. He was a son of Jospeh Hildeband and Anna Harkarader.

A few years ago all we knew about Cynthia Luvina Field Kinney was her name and that she became an orphan with the death of her parents Joseph Jackson Field (1831-1864) and Nancy J. Phillips (1833-1862). We were fortunate to have a letter written by her aunt, Cynthia Ann Field Turner, to her uncles. After the death of Cynthia Luvina's parents her aunt took her to Shelbyville, Illinois, to live with her. They had a pleasant train ride from Gibson County, Indiana, to Shelbyville and aunt Cynthia wanted to tell her brothers of their safe arrival and comment on the journey. We have no idea how long young Cynthia lived with her aunt but at some point she returned to Gibson county and most likely lived with relatives there. She had three siblings Robert Allen (1855-1925), Grace Frances (1860-1922) and a half-sister Nancy Jane (1864-1945). Cynthia probably missed her siblings who were still in Gibson County.

A few years ago we received an email from a woman named Alice living in Leggett, California. Alice is a great granddaughter of Cynthia. She wanted to know if we knew anything about Cynthia's past. We met Alice in San Francisco and exchanged information. Alice had photographs she had received from her father and wanted to find out about Cynthia to be able to tell her father. We knew something of Cynthia's past and Alice knew things about Cynthia from the time she married Wilson Kinney till she died.

In the summer of 2011 we were in Gibson County, Indiana. One of the things we like to do while there is visit the Princeton City Library. It has a wonderful genealogy room and an amazing amount of information on people of the area. Bette and Bonnie are the librarians for the genealogy room and over the years have been extremely helpful to us. While we were there a woman named Cathy who was also a librarian, came to talk to us. He was a descendant of the Phillips family. She offered to let us read her family genealogy that she had researched. Catherine is the second great great-niece of Robert P. Phillips (1799-1847) and Celia Milburn (1801-1840) the parents of Nancy J. Phillips, wife of Joseph Jackson Field, the parents of Cynthia Field. They are also the parents of Commodore Perry (Perry C.) Phillips. Catherine and Cynthia Field Kinney are second cousins once removed. Catherine's research gave us much information on the Phillips family.

We have put all of this information from Alice and Catherine together and we have learned much about Cynthia Luvina Field Kinney and her uncle Perry C. Phillips. We are pretty sure that Cynthia and Wilson moved to Kingston was because Perry Phillips was there.

At one point Cynthia and Wilson were living in Taft, California. Very recently we were talking to my sister-in-law Cathy who is from Taft. She said that she knew several people named Kinney living in Taft. The chances are very good that they may be descendants of Cynthia and Wilson. Another amazing coincidence is that Lucie (co-webmaster of this web site) lived on Corbett Ave., in San Francisco. We found out from Alice that her father had also lived on Corbet St. at the very same time Lucie did, just three doors down.