Name: Joseph Riley Field
Gender: Male
Color: White
Marital Status: Married
Date/Time of Death: September 28, 1881 5 am
Duration of Complication: 4 days
Duration of Disease: One year
Cause of death: Appoplexy
Complication: Fell out of wagon
Place of Birth: Indiana
Place of Death: Greene County
Place of Business: Roodhouse
Occupation: Farmer
Burial: Green County 29 September 1881
Undertaker: Wm. Laston, Greene County
Physician: Alex Bonnam, White Hall
Death Record Book 1 pg. 56

Joseph was born 22 January 1803, in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He is a son of Keen Field and Anna Lewis of Gibson County, Indiana and the husband of Elizabeth Jane Kell and Ophelia.

Name: A. J. R. Field
Color/Gender: White Male
Age: 81 yrs 11 mos 16 days
Date of Death: 27 November 1907 11 am
Place of Birth: Indiana (lived Illinios all except few years)
Place of Death: Barrow, Greene County, Illinois
Cause of Death: Arefio Sclerosis
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Widower
Burial: Edwards 29 November 1907
Undertaker: FH Fox White Hall
Death Record Book 2, pg. 443

Abraham J. Ryley Field was the son of Joseph Riley Field and Elizabeth Jane Kell and the husband of Elizabeth Stone.

Name: Doctor C. Field
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 6 February 1905 10:30 pm
Color: White
Age: 45 yrs 11 mos 6 days
Born: Greene County, Illinois (all his life in Illinios)
Place of Death: Patterson Illinois
Burial: Edwards Cemetery 9 February 1905
Cause of death: Diabetic Coma
Duration: 2 years
Undertaker: J. W. Fox White Hall Illinois
Death Record Book 2, pg. 260

Doctor Cain Field was a son of Abraham J. Ryley Field and Elizabeth Stone and the husband of Fleeta Conner. He was born 24 February 1858, in Greene County. He is buried in the Williams-Edwards Cemetery in Barrow, Greene County.

Name: Harrison Fields
Date of Death: 21 March 1914 6 pm
Place of Death: Walkerville, Greene County
Gender: Male
Color: White
Marital Status: Married
Birth Place: Greene County
Age at death: 76 yrs 11 mos 15 days
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Kane Fields
Burial: Walkerville
Date of Burial: 23 March 1914 noon
Undertaker: JH Fox White Hall
Medical Certificate of Cause of Death: I hereby certify that I attended Deceased from March 15-March 20 1914. That I last saw him alive on the 20 day of March 1914. That death occured on date stated above, at about 6 o'clock pm, and that to the best of my knowledge and beleif the cause of his death was as here underwritten:
Rheumatism and chronic diarrhoga. Patient has been afflicted 20 years. Been Bedfast I suppose the immediate cause of death was Oedema of the lungs from being long in one position. Duration: 10 years.
Filed for records this 11th day of May 1914. Witness my hand this 26th day of March 1914, Thomas D. Doyle, County Clerk
FH Russel M.D. Address: Eldred IL
Death Record Book 3, pg. 204

Harrison was the son of Keen W. Field, Jr. and Malinda Johnson and the grandson of Keen Field and Anna Lewis. He was the husband of Sarah Ford.

Name: Cordelia Fields
Date of Death: 28 July 1902 7 am
Cause of Death: Rheumatism/Old age
Age at Death: 79 yrs 11 mos 20 days
Gender: Female
Color: White
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Farmer's Wife
Place of Birth: Greene County (lived in Illinios 79 years)
Place of Death: Bluffdale, Illinois
Place of Burial: Eldred
Burial Date: 29 July 1902
Undertaker: S. E. Simpson Carrolton Illinois
Coroner: FH Russel
Death Record Book 2, pg. 58

Relationship Unknown

Death Records from The Greene County Courthouse,Carrolton, Illinois.
Transcribed August 1999, by Eugene and Lucie Field.