The Greenhill Cemetery of Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana, is locted south of E. Elsworth Street towards the Blue River. Madison Street runs in to the cemetery.

There are only a few family members buried here. One is Emma Isabelle Wilson Hartman. She was the maternal aunt of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicted.

The grave marker of Loren Simison and Emma Wilson Barnes Simison Hartman.

Loren "Pet" Ezwell Simison was born 29 August 1862 In Kosciusko County, Indiana. His parents were William and Mary Jane Lucas Simison. His first wife was Lydia A. Huff whom he married 5 April 1884 and eventually divorsed. He married Emma Isabelle Wilson Barnes 9 October 1915. He died 11 January 1938.

Simison/Loren E./1862-1938/Emma Barens Hartman/1879-1958

Emma Wilson was born 1 September 1879 in Claypool, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Her parents were James Robert and Elizabeth Rosette Frymire Wilson. Her first husband was William Barnes. William is buried in the Packerton Cemetery. After he died she married Loren Simison. Upon his death she married Franklin M. Hartman. Emma had all her children by William Barnes. Emma had one sister, Tressa Ethel Wilson Grasz, who was the mother of Miriam Grasz Field.

Sickafoose/Mary C./1909-1942

Mary Catherine Barnes was born 18 December 1909 in Packerton, Koscisusko County, Indiana. Her parents were William E. and Emma Isbelle Wilson Barnes. She married Kenneth Sickafoose 24 December 1927 in Mishawaka, St. Joseph County, Indiana. She died 25 January 1942.

Sickafoose/Carl B./1888/1966/Grace M./1886-1961

Carl Sickafoose was born 17 April 1888 in Indiana. His parents were Uriah Sickafoose and Mary Friedt. He married Grace Mabel rusher 26 Jaunary 1910. He died 12 august 1966 in Whitley County, Indiana.

Grace Mable Rusher was born 9 November 1886 in Huntington County, Indiana. She died 13 March 1981 in Whitley County, Indiana.

The relationship of Carl to Kenneth Sickafoose, the husband of Mary Catherine Barnes, is not know. Sickafoose is an unusual name and we Conjecture that there is a connection.

Rosa Kediullis Barnes, a daughter of William and Emma Barnes, married Claude Widup. We do not know who the people named Widup are that are buried here but with an unusual name like Widup there is probably some connection.

There were many people named Barnes in Whitley and Kosciusko Counties. We do not know who Roy Barnes was but he was possibly related to our Barnes family.

The Greenhill Cemetery in Columbia City was visited by Gene and Lucie Field in July of 2009