<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Keesey Family Reunion 1928</title> <STYLE> A { text-decoration: none } </STYLE> </head> <STYLE> <!-- A { text-decoration: none } --> </STYLE> <body bgcolor="#fff8e6" text="black" link="black" vlink="#003300" alink="#200200"> <Blockquote> <br> <center> <img src="images/keeseyreunion1928.gif"> </center> <table width="700" align="center"> <tr> <td align="center" valign=:bottom"><a href="keeseyreunion1928large.html"><img src="images/keeseyreunion19281000.jpg" hspace=2 border=2 bordercolor="black"></a> <blockquote> <font face="verdana" size="2" FONT COLOR="#660000"> <p align="justify">Florence Isabel Keesey married Edgar Farmer Wilson in 1879. Edgar died in 1905, then Florence married Sam Beber in 1907. Florence had all of her children with Edgar Wilson. For many years the family organize both Keesey and Wilson family reunions. In this photo are descendants of Florence and Edgar and descendants of Keeseys. There are many people in this photo that we cannot identify. The ones we do know are mostly descendants of Edgar Farmer Wilson. </p> <p align="justify">In the <b>top row</b> there is no one we can identify. <p align="justify">In the <b>second row</b> the 5th person is Lester Earl Wilson. The 9th person is Jeanette Arch. The 11th person is Lester Preston Wilson. In the <b>third row</b> the 6th person from the left is Hazel Staford Wilson, then Hazel Miller Wilson, next Zella Lucky Wilson, Chloe Wilson Arch and Isabel Arch. Next to her is her first husband John Arnold Walters. The two men at the far right of the third row are Bert Arch and Merle Wilson. <p align="justify">In the <b>4th row</b> from the top (seated) are fifth person from the left, Florence Isabel Keesey Wilson Beber holding a baby, her sister Effie Keesey Spencer and then Sam Beeber. The last man on the far right of that row is Herbert Elson Wilson. <p align="justify">In the row of children seated on the ground the 3rd person is Carolyn Arch then Arlene Wilson. The 5th person from the far right (counting the child only 1/2 in the photo) is Paul Wilson. The boy to the right of Paul is Frederick Burdette Arch. Click on photo for a larger image.</p> <P align=justify><font face="verdana" size="2" FONT COLOR="#660000">This photograph was provided by Deborah, Donald & Paul Wilson who are children of Paul Wilson. </tr> </table> <center> <img src="images/line2.gif"> <p> <table align=center width=450> <tr width=450> <td width=450 align=center> <font face="verdana" size="2" color="660000" link="660000"> <P> [<a href="index.html"><font color="black">home</font></a>|<a href="wilsonlinks.html"><font color="black">wilson</font></a>|<a href="albumlinks.html"><font color="black">album</font></a>] </td> </tr> </table> </p> </blockquote> </body> </html>