View of the Lupold Cemetery, Lagrange, County, Indiana, showing the tombstones of (left to right) John J. and Mary Gohn Poynter, in front of the bush, Lydia Mosholder and John P. Gohn.

John P. Gohn/Died/Dec.27, 1879(?)/Aged/.../7D

John P. Gohn. Born 29 May 1826 Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Died 25 December 1888 Lagrange County, Indiana

Lydia/Wife of/J. Gohn/Died/ Mar. 6 1889/.../Gohn (nearly illegible)

Lydia Mosholder. Born 17 July 1811, Somerset County Pennsylvania. Died 6 March 1889 Lagrange County, Indiana. John and Lydia were the parents of Isabelle Gohn.

POYNTER/John J./1839- /Mary His Wife/1844 - 1917

John J. Poynter, born 1839 in Indiana. Mary Gohn, born about 1844 in Pennsylvania and died in 1917, in Indiana. Mary was a daughter of John P. and Lydia Mosholder Gohn.

John & Able/Died/Dec.27, 1879(?)/Aged/.../7D

This stone has John and Able inscribed on it. The stone is very close to the John J. Poynter stone. Any relationship is unknown. Anyone seeing this web site who knows a relationship of John and Able to the Gohns or Poynters please contact us.

The Gohn and Mosholder families were originally from Germany. They settled in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In 1844, John and Lydia immigrated to Lagrange County, Indiana. Their daughter Isabelle, married James Frymire. James and Isabelle's daughter, Elizabeth Rosette, married James Robert Wilson. Their daughter, Tressa Ethel Wilson, was the mother of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicated. Isabelle had three other husbands, Ephraim Reynolds, Nicholas Woolley and Alfred Allison. She is buried in the Graceland IOOF Cemetery in Claypool, Kosciusko County, Indiana.