Rebecca Hinkle was born June [4, 1840]
John Hinkle was born April 29, 1842
Jane Hinkle was born June 29, 1844
Mary Hinkle was born Oct. 29, 1846
Elizabeth Hinkle was born Sep. 19, 1848
[Sar]ah Hinkle was born Feb. 3, 1850
[Wi]lliam Hinkle was born Sep. 30, 185[2]
[Mar]garet Hinkle was born Oct. 4, 18[54]
[L]avica Hinkle was born Aug. 3, 1[857]
Nancy P. Hinkle died Feb. [1, 1865]
Samuel Hinkle died April [1870?]
Elizabeth Turpin died July [24, 1875]
Jane Hicks died May 1, 1880
Lily Hineman died Sep. 12, 1881
Rosa Hinkle died Feb. 3, 1899


Samuel was the father of Lavica Hinkle who married George E. Field. All names in the left column were the children of Samuel Hinkle and Nancy Cowan. This document consists of a single piece of paper with handwritten information. This page was passed down to John's daughter, Nannie (Nancy Jane) Hinkle who never married and who often stayed at the home of Harvey Field (son of George Field.) She is pictured above. This page is now in the possesion of Eugene and Lucie Field.

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