This page has two articles pasted on it. The first one is the record of the marriage license for George Emery Field's first marriage to Sarah Jane "Sally" Knaub. It also includes the marriage license record for John W. Steelman to Caroline A. "Nina" Knaub. Sally and Caroline were sisters and John Steelman was a cousin of Lavica Hinkle, later Lavica Field. There is also the notice of the marriage license of Reuben Field and Mary E. McKedy. Reuben was a cousin of Benjamin R. Field, George's father.

This Reuben is the son of Ezekiel Field and Catherine Dossett. Ezekiel was the victim of a very cruel deception. He was accused of the "rape and mutilation" of a young girl who resided in his home. His accusers were his sons and one of his wives. It seems the entire town demanded maximum punishment for his unspeakable crime. He was sent to prison in Jeffersonville, Indiana, for a term of 21 years of hard labor. Eventually the plot of deception was revealed and through many letters to the governor of the state of Indiana Ezekiel was cleared of the crime and allowed to return home. Unfortunately, he returned home a broken man in both health and spirit.

The bottom clipping is a small article about the double wedding of George and Sally and John and Caroline. Caroline's nickname was Nina but the paper had it as Mina.

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