This must have been an especially difficult page in the scrapbook for Lavica to read. There are two articles reporting the death of Lavica's husband and daughter. George only lived to the age of 54. There were no doubt many happy events in Gorge's life but he also had a life filled with sadness. Of course Lavica experienced most of the deaths that George did.

It is impossible to know how Lavica felt about things. Most of the photographs we have of Lavica she is with her family. Her sons remained on good terms well into their later years. They got together on many occasions. Her son Harvey always had good things to say about her. He also realized that George's drinking made life somewhat difficult for his mother. Harvey vowed never to drink alcohol because he has seen the difficulties it caused his mother.

Losing a child is extremely difficult for any parent. George's first son, Wilbur, died at just two. Sarah, George's first wife and Wilbur's mother had died from complications of Wilbur's birth. Many years later George and Lavica's youngest child and only daughter died of scarlet sever. This was a very sad event for the entire family.

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