The sons of George E. and Lavica Hinkle Field:

Top row: Arthur Clarence: 1882-1966

Second row: Walter Marion: 1884-1951

Third row: Elmer Hinkle: 1886-1959

Fourth row: Harvey Oliver: 1889-1966

Fifth row: George Nelson: 1891-1968

George Field and Lavica Hinkle were married in Gibson County, Indiana, on 19 January 1881. This was the first and only marriage for Lavica. However, George had been married to Sarah Jane Knaub. They were married on 15 September 1875 in a double wedding ceremoney with Sarah's sister, Caroline Knaub and John Wesley Steelman Jr. On 8 October 1876 Sarah and George had a son they named Wilbur Wallace. Sarah died the next day from complications of the birth of Wilbur. Wilbur lived until 1 July 1878. Then George married Lavica in 1881. They had the five sons pictured above and a daughter Mary Ellen, who died when she was just eight years old.

Lucie and I are labeling and cataloguing our photographs. We have inherited many photographs that had no identification on them. One of our projects is trying to find people who might know the identies of the people in the photographs. We have many photographs of the sons of George and Lavica Field but in some we are unsure of the person. People change drastically as they age. Lucie had the idea of making a "time line" of photos of these five men and see if we can identify some that confuse us. Lucie made a composite image of each man with photos in order as he aged. We think most are correct but still are not 100% sure. If anyone viewing this web page sees any mistakes we would appreciate corrections.

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