A view from the Stafford Pioneer Cemetery,
of land that belonged to the Stafford Family in 1852

In 1949, Gertrude Stafford Burnison, of Red Oak, Iowa, constructed a huge chart listing a very large number of Stafford descendants. We compiled this information and it is available in downloadable PDF format from Descendants of John Stafford & Elizabeth Wainscott of North Carolina and Indiana.

To go back past John Stafford of North Carolina, is speculative. Family tradition states that this line descends from William Stafford (b.1606 - d. bef. 3 March, 1643/44) of Warwickshire, England. William immigrated to Virginia, in 1622, on the ship Furtherance when he was 16 years old. He was married to Anne Mason whose parents were Francis Mason and Mary Dickman of Virginia. Details of these people can be found in the Stafford Family information. The only weak link in the Stafford genealogy is between John Stafford of North Carolina, and William Stafford, his possible grandfather. Johnís parents are unknown. We do not know the reasoning behind connecting these Stafford families. However, many of the names used in the family are common in this line.

John Stafford and Elizabeth Wainscott are documented ancestors of the Stafford family contained in this web site.

John and Elizabeth Stafford had 14 children. Of these, three are of special interest to us. Leodica was the ninth child. Her daughter was Mary Dorcus Irwin whose youngest son was Floyd M. Grasz of Nappanee, Indiana. Floyd was the grandfather of Eugene Field (co-author with his daughter Lucie, of this web site.) Sarah was the fourth child. She married George W. Julian and they immigrated to the gold fields of California and their descendants are in and around Dutch Flats, Rocklin and Manteca, California. Mary McMillan of Manteca, California, is a descendant of this line of the Stafford Family. The thirteenth child of the family was William (an older son was also William. He was killed by Indians in Frankland County, Indiana, in March of 1812, when he was just 15 years old.) The younger William married Priscilla Jane Ramsey.

William and Jane immigrated west over the Oregon Trail. First to Washington state and then down to Lane County, Oregon. They were accompanied by friends and family. Some of Priscillaís family also immigrated to Oregon. They arrived in Washington in 1852. By 1853 they had acquired 360 acres of the Mohawk Valley outside of present Eugene, Oregon. In March of 1853, William and Priscilla Janeís son, Henry Newell, eight years old, was bitten by a snake and died. His death led to the establishment of the Stafford Pioneer Cemetery. It is a plot of ground on what was originaly Stafford Family property that is 100 by 100 feet. It is a maintained cemetery and still in use today. In 2003 Lyle Raymond Stafford was buried there and on August 12, 2004, the tombstone for Lyle was placed there by the family. Mr. Robert R. Stafford of Eugene, Oregon, maintains the cemetery.

The people buied in the Stafford Pioneer Cemetery are the descendants of William and Priscilla Jane Ramsey Stafford and many friends of the family. William Stafford is not buried here but in Tacoma, Washington.


To the left of the gate of the cemetery is a large obelisk shaped stone. The inscriptions on the stone read:

FRONT: Mother

Pioneers of 1852

Wm. Stafford
born in Ind.
Mar. 11, 1814
June 30, 1888
Buried at Tacoma WA

Prissilla J. Stafford
Born in Penn.
Mar. 7, 1819
Jan. 23, 1903



James Madison
In. Mo. May 18, 1842

Wilson McClure
In Mo. Jan. 14 ,1848

Bethel Allen
In Mo. Dec. 7, 1851

Barnett Ramsey
In Ore. Aug, 1853

A. May Hervey
In Ore. May 1, 1857


BACK: Stafford Cemetery



Albert Marion
In Ind. Feb. 5, 1837
May 24, 1900 

Matilda J. Burkhart
In Ind. Jan. 21, 1839
Aug. 13, 1890,
Burried at Albany Ore.

Henry Newell
In Mo. Jan. 24, 1845
Mar. 31, 1853

John Bird
In Mo. Nov. 19, 1849
June 4, 1855

L. Elizabeth M.
In Ore. May 4, 1857
Sept. 6, 1858


The following people have individual tombstones:

Betty May/dau of Wm & P. J. Stafford/Died/Sept. 6, 1858

John Bird/son of Wm. & P.J. Stafford/Died/June 4, 1855/Aged/5y 6m 15d

Henry Newell/Son of Wm. & P. J. Stafford/Dide/Mar. 31, 1853/Aged? (unreadable)

Fred J./Son of J. M. & S. E. Stafford/died/Nov. 18, 1896/Aged/14y 4m 2d

Phyllis H. Fuqua/Jan. 5, 1902 Mar. 23, 1987

Mother(?)-footstone says SES (Sarah E. Stafford)

FRONT: J. M. Stafford/Born in Mo./May 18, 1842/Died Apr. 15, 1909/Sarah E. Stafford/Born in Ind./Feb. 21, 1848/Died Sep. 17, 1905 Pioneer of 1850

LEFT: Fred J./Feb.7, 1882/Nov. 8, 1896

RIGHT: blank

Marion F. Stafford/July 71, 1869 aug. 11, 1943/Father

Mollie M. Stafford/June 21, 1863 Mar. 18,1934/Mother

Harry Raymond Stafford/Aug. 14, 1890/Aug 30, 1967

Lyle Raymond Stafford/Dec. 24, 1921 Nov 18, 2003/A Great Horseman

Row 2:



FRONT: He Giveth His Beloved Sleep/Rose Ann Stafford Price/Feb. 23, 1842/Mar 25, 1920/A. M. Stafford/Born/Feb. 5, 1837/Died;May 24, 1900/STAFFORD

LEFT: Clive Pell/Stafford/Dec. 26, 1879/ Mar.30, 1926

RIGHT: Blank


M. H. Rader/Born/July 26, 1851/Died/Mar. 6, 1863

Sara A. Rader/July 26, 1859/Died Feb. 1, 1863

Mary K. Rader/Born/July 22, 1857/Died Feb. 26, 1867

John B. Rader/Born/Mar. 5, 1856/Died/Aprl 28, 1856


Walter E. Stafford/Nov. 1, 1885/Feb.26, 1922/Belle V. Stafford/1884 - 1935


Lloyd Edgar Stafford/Aug. 13/1889/May 10, 1966

Virginia Stafford Simpson/1911 - 2003/Beloved/Daughter,Wife/Mother & Friend

Row 3:


FRONT: Ponieers of 1852 GULLIFORD

LEFT: Wm. Gulliford/Born/April 24, 1810/Died/Oct. 15, 1865/Gone But Not Forgotten

RIGHT: Eliza Gulliford/Born/Feb. 29, 1810/Died/Sept. 7, 1857/Asleep in Jesus


Mother/Esther B./1893 - 1962/Father/George F./1889 - 1968/Moznette

Row 4:

Carrie/Wife of/J. R. McGee/Sept. 26, 1887/Sept. 15, 1916

Robertson Plot in Row 4:

John B. Robertson/Feb. 17, 1886/April. 1, 1939/Father

Rama Robertson/Mar. 18, 1882/Feb. 24, 1933/Mother

Unreadable stone

Son Robertson/(unreadable) 16, 1914

Stone behind pot

John B. Thompson/Nov. 28. 1883/Nov. 9, 1903/At Rest/THOMPSON

Unreadable stone between plots

Hammitt Plot

Row 1:


Norman P. Hammitt/July 1, 1828/June 2, 1901/Sarah F. Hammitt/Feb. 15, 1842/Oct. 30, 1925/HAMMITT

RIGHT: Paul (Facing opposite direction)

LEFT: Tress Hammitt/July 18, 1884/Oct. 30, 1886

Dorcas E. Teter/1829 - 1908

Hammitt Plot Row 2:

Zella Irene Evans Hammitt/Apr. 4, 1907/Feb. 20, 1999

Robert Norman Hammitt/Oct. 21, 1903/Feb. 9, 1984

Kathleen Campbell Hammitt/1877 - 1915

Hammitt Andrew Jerry/Aug. 6, 1910 - Ded. 2, 1993/Rachel Rae/Oct. 27, 1914 - July 12, 2002

Marvin Lee Hammitt/Oct. 30, 1871/Sept 21, 1951

Ben C./1857 - 1924/-/India T./1878 - 1940/HAMMITT

Row 5:

Our Dad/John E. George/Feb. 6, 1852 July 8, 1927

Son of/J. E. & Elizabeth George/Born/Feb. 12, 1892/Died/July 7, 1901

Mary/Wife of/Geo. N. Clark/Died/July 13, 1870/Aged/11years 1ms 21ds (?)

FRONT: P. E. Hayfield/Died/May 4, 1887/Aged/32 years/

BACK: Elizabeth Bonner/Died/April 1, 1891/Aged/84 years

Harriet Cowgill/Died/Sept. 22, 1902/Aged 6yrs 7ms 16ds

Doris/dau of/H. R. & E. O. Conner/Mar. 29, 1921/Aug. 15, 1913

The Stafford Pioneer Cemetery was visited by
Lucie and Eugene Field, August 12, 2004.