In 1949, Gertrude Stafford Burnison, of Red Oak, Iowa, constructed a chart listing a large number of Stafford descendants. We compiled this information and it is available in downloadable PDF format from Descendants of John Stafford & Elizabeth Wainscott of North Carolina and Indiana.

To take our Stafford line further back than John Stafford of North Carolina is speculative. Family tradition states that this line descends from William Stafford (b.1606 - d. bef. 3 March, 1643/44) of Warwickshire, England. William immigrated to Virginia, in 1622, on the ship Furtherance when he was 16 years old. He was married to Anne Mason whose parents were Francis Mason and Mary Dickman of Virginia. The weak link in the Stafford genealogy is between John Stafford of North Carolina, and William Stafford, his possible grandfather. Johnís parents are unknown. His connection to any other Staffords is very tenuous at this point.

John and Elizabeth Stafford had 14 children. Of these, three are of special interest to us. Leodica was their ninth child. Her daughter was Mary Dorcas Irwin whose youngest son was Floyd M. Grasz of Nappanee, Indiana. Floyd was the grandfather of Eugene Field (co-author with his daughter Lucie, of this web site.) Sarah was the fourth child. She married George W. Julian and they immigrated to the gold fields of California and their descendants are in and around Dutch Flats, Rocklin and Manteca, California. The thirteenth child of the family was William (an older son was also William. He was killed by Indians in Franklin County, Indiana, in March of 1812, when he was just 15 years old.) The younger William married Priscilla Jane Ramsay.

William and Jane immigrated west over the Oregon Trail. First to Washington state and then to Lane County, Oregon. They were accompanied by friends and family; on the Stafford side as well as the Ramsay side. They arrived in Washington in 1852. By 1853 they had acquired 360 acres of the Mohawk Valley outside of present Eugene, Oregon. In March of 1853, William and Priscilla Janeís son, Henry Newell, eight years old, got erysipelas (an infection) in his ankle and died. His death led to the establishment of the Stafford Pioneer Cemetery. It is a plot of ground on what was originally Stafford Family property that is 100 by 100 feet. It is a well maintained cemetery and still in use today. In 2009 Robert R. Stafford was buried there.

The people buried in the Stafford Pioneer Cemetery are the descendants of William and Priscilla Jane Ramsey Stafford, members of other families that married into the Stafford family and friends of the family. William Stafford is not buried here but in Tacoma, Washington.

The Oregon Trail began for many at Independence, Missouri. The trail was originally only suited for foot and horse travel. By 1836 it was passable for wagons. It is estimated that more than 400,000 hearty pioneers emmigrated over the trail to the valleys of Oregon between the years of 1846 and 1869. In 1852 William and Priscilla Ramsey Stafford with their family and other relatives made the trek. William (1814-1888) was a son of John (abt 1768-) and Elizabeth Wainscott Stafford (abt 1780-) of North Carolina. One of Williamís sisters was Leodicia Stafford Irwin (1809-). Leodicia is the great grandmother of Miriam Grasz Field to whom this website is dedicated.

Lucie and Gene Field visited the cemetery in August of 2004 and again in April of 2012. The cemetery is being looked after by Cynthia Stafford Crawford a third great granddaughter of William and Priscilla. Our original Stafford Pioneer Cemetery web page listed tombstones by row. To see that page click here.


This cemetery begins at a point one rod east & 2Ĺ rods south of this stone running thence forth 100 ft. north 100 ft. thence west 100 ft. & south 100 ft. thence east 100 ft. to place of beginning. DONATED BY J. M. STAFFORD TO HIS HEIRS to hold forever for said purposes.

Wm. STAFFORD/Born in Ind./Mar. 11, 1814/Died/June 30, 1888/
Buried at Tacoma Wash.
PRISCILLA J. STAFFORD/Born in Penn./Mar. 7, 1819/
Died/Jan. 23, 1903

William M. Stafford was born to John and Elizabeth "Betsy" Stafford on 14 March 1814. William was born in Franklin County, Indiana. He died 30 June 1888 in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington. Priscilla Jane Ramsey was a daughter of Samuel (1777-1843) and Elizabeth Boyles (-1835). Priscilla was born in Pennsylvania and died 23 January 1903 in the Mohawk Valley, Lane County, Oregon.

"My grandfather Stafford came to Oregon in 1852. The train reached the Willamette Valley in May, 1853, having been delayed on the road by the Cholera. Some of the party were almost drowned on the way while crossing the Platte River. Grandfather started for Oregon with three span of oxen and one pony. On the plains they had to burn two of the wagons for fuel and to kill most of the poor bony oxen for food. They finally reached Oregon with only one wagon and one team. (The wagons were all new when they started.)"

"Grandmother was a very timid person and she, herself often laughed at some of the 'crazy' things that she did when frightened. I have often heard her tell how she kept the Indians from stealing her many children. She and the children traveled in a wagon which was also used for carrying the bedding. Grandmother had an old, useless, rusty pistol. The old thing would not shoot even had grandmother possessed sufficient courage to shoot it. The Indians would come to the side of the wagon and try secretly to reach under the cover and take a child away. Grandmother, when she heard a movement along the side would point her old rusty pistol at them and her eyes were so big and blue and she looked so serious that it would scare them. She got all of her children safely through to Oregon but later one died of Erysipelas and one by snake bite." --Lena Stafford Finley, from the Linn Genealogical Society, Linn County Oregon, 2 April 1940.

According to her third-great-granddaughter Cynthia Stafford Crawford, Priscilla held her newborn son Bethel in her arms all the way from the Midwest, with a pistol under her skirt. She was terrified that the Indians would steal her baby.

Albert Marion/in Ind./Feb. 5, 1837/May 24, 1900
Matilda J. Burkhart/in Ind. Jan. 21, 1839/Aug. 13, 1892
Buried at Albany Ore.
Henry Newell/in Mo. Jan. 24, 1845/Mar. 31 1853
John Bird/in Mo. Nov. 19, 1849/June 4, 1855
L. Elizabeth M./in Ore. May 4. 1857/Sep. 6, 1858

Matilda Alice "Allie" Stafford Burkhart was born in 1860 and she died in 1878. Matilda was a daughter of Albert and Rosanne. She married Alonzo P. Turner in 1858 and a man named Burkhart after Alonzo's death. Matilda is buried in Albany, Linn County, Oregon.

Priscilla's large tombstone lists all the children of her and William Stafford. Not all of them are buried in the cemetery. There are other grave markers that specifically mark the burial location of those that are.

James Madison/in Mo. May, 18, 1842
Wilson McClure/in Mo. Jan. 14 1848
Bethel Allen/in Mo. Dec. 7, 1851
Barnet Ramsay/in Ore. Aug 15,1583
A. May Hervey/in Ore. May 4, 1857

Wilson McClure Stafford was the fifth child of William and Priscilla. He was also born in Missouri, 14 May 1848. In 1867 he married Melissa Jane Pugh of whom we no nothing more. He died in California in 1932.

The seventh child of William and Priscilla was Bethel Allen Stafford. Bethel was the baby Priscilla carried across the country in the covered wagon with her rusty gun as "protection" against the Indians. Bethel was born in Missouri, 2 December 1851 and died in Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon, 20 October 1933. He married Mary Jane "Jennie" Thompson, the daughter of Mercer Thompson.

Barnet Ramsay Stafford was born in Oregon, 15 August 1853 soon after the family arrived. He married Eva Gilbert in Linn County, Oregon, in 1875. He was named after one of Priscilla's brothers who also emigrated to Oregon and became a potter.

Alice May Stafford, the twin of Elizabeth Levina Stafford, was born in Oregon, 4 may 1857. She married Ben. E. Hervey in 1878. She died in 1914 and is buried in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington.

Henry Newell/son of Wm. & P.J./Stafford/
Died Mar. 31, 1853/Aged 8Y 2M 7D

Henry Newell Stafford was the fourth child of William and Priscilla. He was born in Missouri, 12 January 1845. He died in Oregon of erysipelas 31 March 1853.

John Bird/Son of Wm. & P J./Stafford/
Died/June 4, 1855/Aged/5Y 6m 15D

John Bird Stafford was the fifth child of William and Priscilla. He was born in Missouri, 19 November 1849. He died 4 June 1855 in the Mohawk Valley Oregon after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

Betty May/Dau of Wm. & P. J./Stafford/Died/Sept. 6, 1858/Aged/1y. 4m. 2d.

Levina Elizabeth ""Betty" Stafford was the twin of Alice May Stafford Harvey, daughters of William and Priscilla Stafford. Elizabeth and Alice were born on 4 May 1857. Elizabeth died just over a year later 6 September 1858 in Oregon.

Fred J./Son of/J M. & S. E. Stafford/
Died/Nov. 8, 1869/14Ys. 9Mos. 1Day

Fred J. Stafford was born 7 February 1882 and died 8 November 1896. He was a son of the Hon. James Madison and Sarah Ellen Hardman Stafford.

J. M. Stafford/Born in MO./May 18, 1842/Died April. 15, 1909/Pioneer of 1852
Sarah E./Stafford/Born in Ind./Feb. 21, 1848/Died Sept. 17, 1906/Pioneer of 1850

Hon. James M. Stafford (1842-1909) was a son of William and Priscilla Stafford. He was ten years old when the family migrated along the Oregon Trial from Missouri to Oregon. From 1872 to 1874 he was a Justice of the Peace for Mohawk, Lane County. He served in the Oregon Legislature House of Representatives between 1885 and 1889.

Sarah Ellen Hardman (1848-1905) was a daughter of Samuel Hardman who immigrated with her family from Indiana to Oregon in 1850. She was born in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, 21 February 1878. She married James Stafford 25 October 1866 in Linn County, Oregon. Sarah died 17 September 1848, likely in Lane County, Oregon.

Rose Ann/Stafford Price/Feb. 23, 1842/Mar. 25, 1920
A. M. Stafford/Born/Feb. 5, 1837/Died/Mar. 24,1900

Rose Ann Pell Stafford Price was born 23 February 1842 and died 25 March 1920. She was the Daughter of Calvin and Mary McCarren Pell. After Albert's death she married a man named Price.

Albert Marion Stafford, the oldest son of William and Priscilla, was born in Indiana, 5 February 1837. He married Rosanne Pell in June of 1859 in Linn County, Oregon. He died in the Mohawk Valley of Lane County, Oregon on 24 May 1900.

Clive Pell/Stafford/Dec. 26, 1879/Mar. 30,1926

Clive Pell Stafford was born 26 December 1879 and died 30 March 1926. He was the son of Albert Marion and Rose Ann Pell Stafford. He married Franklyn "Frankie" Dean about 1911.

Mary/Wife of/Geo. H. Clark/Died/July, 13, 1870/
Aged/4 Yrs 4 Ms 2 Ds

We have no other information on Mary Clark.

Marion F. Stafford/July 17, 1869/Aug. 11, 1943/Father

Marion Franklin "Frank" Stafford was born 17 July 1869 and died 11 August 1943. He was a son of the Hon. James Madison and Sarah Ellen Hardman Stafford. He married Mollie M. Baxter 21 August 1889. Marion was born and died in the Mohawk Valley of Lane County, Oregon.

"My uncle Marion went to the Rogue River War when the Indian troubles broke out." (Lena Stafford Finley)

Mollie M. Stafford/June 21/1868/Mar. 18, 1934/Mother

Mollie M. Baxter was born 21 June 1868 in Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Montana. She died in the Mohawk Valley, Lane County, Oregon, 20 March 1834.

Clara S. Haines/Feb. 23, 1874/Nov. 7, 1965

Clara May Stafford Haines was a daughter of the Hon. James Madison Stafford and Sarah Ellen Hardman. She was born 23 February 1874 and died 7 November 1965. She married John A Haines.

Walter Eugene Stafford/Nov. 1, 1885/Feb. 26, 1922/
Belle V. Stafford/1884/1935

Walter Eugene Stafford was born in the Mohawk Valley of Oregon 1 November 1885. His parents were the Hon. James Madison Stafford and Sarah Ellen Hardman. He married Agnes Belle Vanduyn 22 December 1910. He died 26 February 1922.

Agnes Belle Vanduyn was born in Coburg, Lane County, Oregon in December of 1844. She died in Lane County 11 February 1935. Her parents were William Malone (1843-1923) and Mary A. Withers (1855-1909) Vanduyn.

Daughter, Wife/Mother & Friend

Virginia Belle Stafford was born 10 September 1911 and died 30 May 2003. She was a daughter of Walter Eugene Stafford and Agnes Belle Vanduyn. She married Ben Simpson, son of Helena Leota Rooney.

Lloyd Edgar Stafford/
Aug. 13, 1889/May 10, 1960

Lloyd Edgar Stafford was a son of the Hon. James and Sarah Hardman Stafford. He was born in the Mohawk Valley, 13 August 1889. He married Margaret Rhodes 5 March 1913 in Eugene, Oregon. He died 10 May 1966 in Lane County, Oregon.

Virginia has a very interesting connection to us. Being a Stafford she is related to us on Gene's mother's side of the family.

Virginia's grandmother was Mary A. Withers (1855-1919) and her grandfather was John Evan Price Withers (1830-1912) of Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky. Continuing back on the Witherís side, Virginiaís 3rd great grandparents were James Withers (1681-1746) and Elizabeth Keene (abt 1682-1769) of Stafford County, Virginia. Two of the children of James and Elizabeth Keene Withers were Elizabeth (1706-1760) and John (1714-1794).

Elizabeth married Capt. Abraham Field (bef 1699-1744) the 7th great grandfather of Gene. John is the ancestor of Virginia Stafford Simpson.

This makes Virginia Stafford Simpson Gene's 3rd cousin once removed on the Stafford Family side and his 6th cousin 3 times removed on the Field Family side.

Click here for a document showing both relationships between Lucie Field and Virginia Stafford Simpson.

A story that involves the grandparents of Virginia Simpson, William Vanduyn and Mary A. Withers, as told by her niece Lena Stafford Finley:

"When my father [the Hon. James Stafford] was ten years old-the first year that he was in Oregon, he and his brother [Albert] Marion were sent by their father to get some pigs from a settler named Vandine living near present Coburg. To reach Coburg it was necessary to go directly over the high mountain visible from the highway east of that place. Uncle Marion was at that time about fifteen years old. By the time they got to Coburg with their slow ox team, and got the hogs loaded, it was almost night. Under the circumstances they hoped that Mr. Vandine [William Vanduyn] would ask them to stay over until morning but he did not, so the boys started back on their long wild trip very late in the day. There was no real road, only a trace through the scattered timber. It was a black night and when they had reached the top of the mountain they could go no further. They had no lantern, it was freezing cold, and bears and wolves were then very common. Uncle Marion had a coat but father had none. At the top of the mountain they unhitched their oxen and tied them to the trees. The two boys raked fallen leaves into a pile in a hollow and burrowed into them for the night. Uncle Marion gave my father his coat. Father always thought that was so wonderful of him. He never got over his gratitude to his older brother and all his life he considered Uncle Marion a wonderful man."

Mother/Esther B./1893-1962
Father/George F./1889-1968

Esther Belle Stafford was a daughter of the Hon. James Madison and Sarah Ellen Hardman Stafford. She was born 5 February 1893 and died 6 August 1962. She married George Moznette 16 May 1917 in Benton County, Oregon.

George Franklin Moznette was a son of Roman F. (abt 1864-) and Antonie M. Moznette (abt 1865-). George was born 21 December 1889 in St. Paul, Ramsey Couty, Minnesota and died 14 October 1968 in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Phillis H. Fuqua/Jan. 5, 1902/Mar. 23, 1987

Phyllis Haines Fuqua was a daughter of Johnathan A. (abt 1867-) and Clara May Stafford Haines. She was born 5 January 1902 in Oregon and she died in Alameda, California, 23 March 1987. She appears with her parents in the 1930 census in Alameda, California. At this time she is 28 years old and not married. She is listed as a stenographer. She had a brother,
Le Noir Haines.

Harry Raymond Stafford/Aug. 14, 1890/Aug. 30, 1968

Harry Raymond "Ray" Stafford was a son of Marion Franklin and Mollie Baxter Stafford. He was born in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon,, 14 August 1890. He was owner and operator of a lumber company in the Mohawk Valley. He married Ida R. Sunderman, daughter of Simon and Henrietta Sunderman. Harry died 30 August 1967.

Beldon Robert Stafford/Apr.25/1918/Apr. 6, 2008
"I did it my way"

Beldon Robert Stafford was a son of Harry Raymond and Ida R. Sunderman Stafford. He was born in Oregon, 25 August 1918 and died 6 April 2008.

Lyle Raymond Stafford/Dec. 24, 1921/Nov. 18/2003
A Great Horseman

Lyle Raymond Stafford was a son of Harry Raymond and Ida R. Sunderman Stafford. With his father and brother Beldon he ran a lumber company. He was born 24 December 1921 and died 18 November 2003. When Lucie and Gene visited the Stafford Pioneer Cemetery in the summer of 2004 his grave monument had just been put in place that same day.

Robert R. Stafford/Capt US Army Air Forces/World War II/
May 14 1920/Sep 10 2009/
Oldest son of L E Stafford & Margaret Pamela Rhodes

Robert R. Stafford was born 14 May 1920 and died 10 September 2009. He was a son of Lloyd Edgar and Margaret Rhodes Stafford.

Wendel Stafford Spence/US Navy/World War II/
Apr 5 1914 - Jan 7 1983

Wendel Stafford Spence was a son of Dr. Harry Yandall Spence and Effie Pearl Stafford (1880-1957). He was born 5 April 1914 and died 7 January 1983.

Richard Henry Stafford/S Sgt US Army/World War II/
Feb 19 1924 - Sep 14 2004/
Youngest Son of L E Stafford & Margaret Pamela Rhodes

Richard Henry Stafford was born 19 February 1924 and died 14 September 2004, He was a son of Lloyd Edgar and Margaret Rhodes Stafford.

Wm. H./Rader/Born/ July 26, 1851/Died/Mar. 6. 1863

Mary K./Rader/Born/July 22, 1857/Died/Feb. 25, 1859

John B./Rader/Born/Mar. 5, 1856/Died/Apr. 28, 1856

Sarah A./Rader/Born/Jul7 26, 1859/died/Feb. 1[] 1863

William, Mary, John and Sarah Rader are the children of Archibald Rader and Drucilla Simmons. Drucilla's mother was Martha Stafford. Their maternal great-grandparents were John Stafford (abt 1768-) and Elizabeth "Betsy" Wainscott (abt 1780). Their grandfather, William Simmons, migrated to Oregon in 1846 but we do not know from where. Martha Stafford was a sister to William M. Stafford who was one of the early Stafford pioneers in Land County, Oregon. Martha died in 1841 and William Simmons then married Catherine Rader, sister to Archibald. It was with Catherine that William Simmons emigrated to Oregon in 1847.

Drucilla Simmons married Archibald M. Rader 24 May 1849 in Marion County, Oregon. They had six children. By 1870 Archibald had been sentenced to three years in the State Penitentiary at Salem, Oregon. We have not been able to uncover the crime Archibald committed to merit his incarceration. Drucilla divorced him in 1871. On 22 June 1871 Drucilla married Jacob Wigle. At some point she moved to Seattle, King County, Washington, where she died on 13 March 1915 and was buried in the Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park in Seattle.

Rama Robertson/Mar. 18,1882 Feb 24, 1933

John B. Robertson/Feb. 17, 1866/April 1, 1939

John Barnard Robertson was the son of William and Mary Zumwalt Robertson. Rama C. Miller was his wife. She was born in Missouri on 18 March 1882, and was married to John Bernard Robertson at Portland, Oregon, on 18 November 18 1907. They lived in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. John's mother Mary Zumwalt was a sister of Sarah Francis Zumwalt Hammitt. They were both the daughters of Solomon Zumwalt.

Wm. Gulliford/born/April 24, 1810/Died/Oct 15, 1865/Gone But Not Forgotten

William Guillford was the second husband of Ellen, last name unknown, the second wife of the Hon. James Madison Stafford. His name is spelled several different ways.

Norman P. Hammitt/July 1, 1828/June 2, 1901
Sarah F. Hammitt/Feb. 15, 1842/Oct. 30, 1925

Norman Peter Hammitt was born 1 July 1828 in Ohio. He died in Marcola, Lane County, Oregon 2 June 1901. He married Sarah Frances Zumwalt 17 February 1857 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon. His parents were Benjamin George Hammitt and Ruth Van Meter. Norman and Sarah had 18 children.

Sarah Francis Zumwalt was the daughter of Solomon Zumwalt and Nancy Groce. She was born in Flint Hill, St. Charles County, Missouri and died in Marcola, Lane County, Oregon.

Ben C./1857 1924
India T./1878 1940

Benjamin Clay Hammitt was born in Eugene, Oregon to Norman Peter Hammet and Sarah Frances Zumwalt. He was their first child. He was born 20 September 1859 and died 17 March 1924 in Donna, Lane County, Oregon, on the Mohawk River.

His wife was India Taylor Reynolds, daughter of Curtis Otwell Reynolds and Eliza Ellen White. She was born 6 July 1877 in Wayne County Georgia and died 18 December in Lane County, Oregon.

Paul Hammitt/Sep. 10, 1868/July 31, 1901
Geo. M. Hammitt/June 20, 1864/Sept. 30, 1909

George M. Hammitt. was a son of Norman and Sarah Frances Zumwalt Hammitt. He was born in Lane County, Oregon. He was born 20 June 1864 and died in Marcola, Lane County, Oregon, 30 September 1909. In the 1870s he resided in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

Paul Hammitt was born 10 September 1968 in Oregon. His parents were Norman and Sarah Frances Zumwalt Hammitt. He residedin Eugene, Oregon in the 1870s. He died 31 June 1901 in Marcola, Oregon.

Marvin Lee Hammitt/Oct 30. 1871/Sept. 21, 1951

Marvin Lee Hammitt was the ninth child of Norman and Sarah Zumwalt Hammitt. He was born in Oregon, 30 October 1871 and died in Marcola, Lane County, Oregon, 21 September 1951.

Kathleen Campbell/Hammitt/1877 - 1915

Kathleen Alice Campbell was the daughter of John Campbell and Martha Thompson. She was born 7 June 1877 in Iowa and died 26 May 1915 in Donna, Oregon.

Robert Norman/Hammitt/Oct. 21, 1903 Feb. 9, 1984

Robert Norman Hammitt was the first child of Marvin and Kathleen Hammitt. He was born 21 October 1903 and died 9 February 1984 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

Zella Irene/Evans Hammitt/Apr. 4, 1907 Feb. 20, 1999

Zella Irene Evans Hammitt was the wife of Robert Norman Hammitt.

Hammitt/Andrew "Jerry"/Aug. 6, 1910 - Dec. 1, 1993
Rachael "Rae"/Oct. 27, 1914 - July 12, 2002

Andrew Jerry Hammitt was the third child of Marvin and Kathleen Hammitt. He was born 6 August 1910 in Portland, Oregon and died in Marcola, Lane County, Oregon.

Rachael Bierig was born in Okeene, Oklahoma, to Isaac and Elizabeth Bierig. She married Andrew Jerry Hammitt in California on 4 November 1933.

Carol Lee/Hammitt Perkins/February 6, 1946

Carol Lee Hammitt Perkins was a daughter of Robert Norman Hammitt. She married James Randolph Ventgen on 7 September 1968.

H. Victor Hammitt/1870 - 1850

Harry Victor Hammitt was born in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, September, 1876 and died in Marcola, Lane County, Oregon in 1960. He was the the thirteenth child of Norman P. Hammitt and Sarah F. Zumwalt.

Dorcas E. Teter/1829 - 1908

Dorcas E. Hammitt Teter was the sister of Norman Peter Hammitt and the daughter of Benjamin Hammitt. She married Samuel Coiner on 26 May 1853 in Wapello County, Iowa and later married Dr. John E. Teter on 7 June 1866 in Iowa.

John B./Thompson/Nov. 28, 1888/Nov. 9,1908/
At Rest/

John B. Thompson is the brother of Carrie McGee below. He is the son of Johnson Thompson and was born in Kansas.

P. E. Hayfield/Died/May 4, 1887/Aged/32 Years

P. E. Hayfield was a son of F. T. and Martha A. Hayfield. They were neighbors of Hon. James M. Stafford in 1880.

Our Dad/John E. George/Feb. 6, 1852 - July 8, 1927

John E. George was born in Wisconsin and died in Lane County, Oregon. He was born February 1856 and died 8 July 1927. His parents were Eli George (1829-1893) and Elizabeth Parkin (1828-1899). John married Elizabeth Barbara Brown in 1881. He resided in Cheever, Dickinson County, Kansas and Camp Creek, Mohawk Valley, Lane County, Oregon. He also lived in Long Tom, Lane County, Oregon.

Son of/J. E. & Elizabeth/George/Born/Feb. 12, 1892/
Died/July 7, 1901

Binger George died 7 July 1901 at eight year old.

Harriet Cowgill/Died/Sep. 22, 1902/Aged/76 Ys 7 Ms 16 Ds

Harriet Cowgill was born about 1876 in New York. Her husband was Timothy Cowgill born in Ohio. She was a resident of the Mohawk Valley, Lane County, Oregon. She died as a result of injuries sustained in a buggy accident. She had a daughter, Mrs. N. M. Van Buren, living in the Mohawk Valley at the time of her death.

Elizabeth/Bonner/Died/Apr. 4. 1891/Aged/84 Years

Elizabeth Bonner was born about 1807 and died April 2, 1891. Her tombstone has her death as April 4. In the 1880 census for Mohawk, Lane County, Oregon, she is listed as "mother" in the household of F. T. Hayfield. The census also states she was born in England. If she was F. T. Hayfield's mother the possibly her husband died and remarried a man named Bonner. The Hayfield family lives next door to the E. L. Warren family in which Soloman Zumwalt is listed as the "father-in-law" and the Norman Hammitt family.

Carrie S./Wife of/J. R. McGee/Sep. 26, 1877

Carrie Rankin Thompson was the wife of James Robert McGee and the daughter of Johnson Thompson. She was born in Kansas on September 26, 1877. She died on Sept. 15, 1916. Her brother is Johh B. Thompson (above).

Doris/Dau of/H. R. & E. O. Conner/Mar. 29, 1912/Aug. 15. 1913

Doris was the 17th month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Conner of Yarnel, Oregon.

This plaque describes the actual location of the cemetery. A transcription of the description is under the first picture of this web page.
Click here for transcription.

Albert Bierstadt's painting of an evening camp on the Oregon Trail.

Information on the John E. George Family: Potter Family Tree Owner: ambsew

Information on the Hammitt Family: DeVore7-1 Owner: DHarrisonWeaver.

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