The Summit Hill Cemetery is located on State Road 10 at Birch. The Summit Hill Chapel School was built about 1860. The cemetery was extablished in 1844 with the burial of the son of A. H. Buckman who donated the land. It is still an active cemetery. In the 1930's the WPA built the outhouse. The hill is the higest point in Marshall County. The school was restored in 2001-2002.

Gene and Lucie Field visited the Summit Hill Cemetery in July of 2009.

HORN/Leota M./1884.1963/Amos A. 1883.1963

Amos Andrew Horn was born 2 February 1883. His parents were Hiram Horn and Lousia Elizabeth Gross. He died in 1963.

He was a second cousin once removed of Miriam Grasz Field.

Thelma Clare Horn/1902-1904

Thelma Clare Horn was born in 1902 and died in 1906. She may be a dughter of Amos and Leota Horn.

Summit Hill Cemetery visited by Lucie and Gene Field, July 2009.