Down Lovers Lane All Together

Mary D. Metz
Sept. 14, 1917
Feb. 4, 1987

Robert R. Metz
June 15, 1915
June 9, 2005
Lynn P. Field
July 4, 1926
Dec. 22, 1985

Betty L. Field Metz
Apr. 15, 1929

Lynn Pearce Field was a son of Arvis Lynn and Grace Lillian Van Meter Field. He was born 4 July 1926 in Francisco, Center Tsp. Gibson County Indiana. He married Betty Louise Huntley 6 May 1948. They had three children, Gary, Cinda Lea and Cathy Louise. Lynn died 22 December 1985. He was a third great grandson of Keen and Anna Lewis Field.

The tomtstone photograph was provided by John Logan Field a nephew of Lynn Field.

Created 17 April 2011