Union Center Cemetery is located north of Nappanee at the cornor of County Road 50 and County Road 11. The cemetery is moderate size and a very well kept cemetery.

Tressa & Floyd/Grasz/1886-1931/1886-1979

Tressa Ethel "Tressie" Wilson Grasz was born in Claypool, Kosciusko County, Indiana 20 January 1886. Her parents were James "Rob" and Elizabeth Rosette Frymire Wilson. Tressa married Floyd Grasz 15 April 1906 in Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana. Tressa died 11 March 1931 in Nappanee.

Floyd May Grasz was born 17 January 1886 in Nappanee, Indiana. His parents were Henry "Hank" and Mary "Mollie" Dorcas Irwin Grasz. After Tressa died Floyd married Hazel Blosser 31 December 1931. Floyd died 9 July 1979 in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana.

Hazel Blosser/ Grasz/1889-1984

Hazel Blosser Grasz was born 16 February 1889 in Nappanee, Indiana. Her parents were Elias and Amanda Culp Blosser. She died 31 December 1984 in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana.

Floyd, Tressa and Hazel were the parents and step mother of Miriam Elaine Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicated.

Horace E./1863-1912/Minne His Wife/1882-1937/Wilson

Horace E. Wilson was born in Stark County Ohio in 1858. His parents were John Benjamin and Mary Elizabeth Crockett Wilson. He marred Georgai A. Sinton 25 July 1878 in Kosciusko County Indiana. He then married Minnie McDonald 6 November 1904 in Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana. Horace died in 1912.

Minnie E. McDonald was born in Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana 14 March 1882. Her parents were Thomas H. McDonald and Jennie E. Yarian. Minnia died 16 January 1937 in Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana.

Horace Wilson was a great-uncle of Miriam Grasz Field and the uncle of Tressa Wilson Grasz also buried in this cemetery.


Elias Blosser and Amanda "Mandy" Culp were the parents of Hazel Blosser Grasz. They are not direct ancestors of our family but Hazel Grasz was a good grandmother to the sons of Miriam Grasz Field.

Arch/Edward W./1908- /Dorothy W./1910-2005

Edward William Arch Jr. was born in Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana 16 June 1908. His parents were Edward Arch and Mary Mable Hornsby. He married Dorothy Winifred Price also born in Nappanee 5 July 1910.

Edward W. Arch is a distant relative of Miriam Grasz Field by marriage.

Dorothy Winifred Price is the daughter of Dr. Willard Price. When Gene Field was about three years he cut his head. His mother, Miriam, took him to old Dr. Price who stitched up the wound. As the doctor began sewing it up Gene said loudly, "Goddamn it that hurts!" Miriam was totally embarrassed and said very quickly, "He did not learn that from me."


Harold Geyer was born in 1912. He married Helen Helper. She was born in 1911. Harold died in 2001 and Helen in 1995. Harold and Helen are the parents of David Geyer the husband of Suellen Field who is a niece of Howard Field. Her parents were Glen and Elnora Robinson Field.

Wayne and Helen Frick Best are not related to the families in this genealogy. They were the best fiends of Howard and Miriam Field. Wayne was a high school teacher in Nappanee and was Miriam Grasz' teacher at one time. When Howard and Miriam moved their family to California Wayne was in the army. It was right at the end of WW II. Helen went with Howard and Miriam to California to help with the children. Gene and John were small children at the time. John was just one year old. Miriam was expecting a baby in January and Helen was there to help.

There are two other people buried in the Union Center Cemetery that are related to the Grasz family of this genealogy. They are Winnie Grass and her day old child. Winnie died of complicatoins of the birth of her child. Winnie was born in March of 1870 in Bourbon, Marshall County, Indiana. She died 30 January 1887. They are buried in the older section of the cemetery and no tombstone there is recongizable as theirs. For an interesting article about Winnie's death click here for her obituary.

Lucie and Gene Field visited the Union Center Cemetery, July 2009.