The Warth-Jacobus Cemetery is located north of the White River in Knox County, Indiana. It is across the river from land owned by members of our branch of the Field family. There are several people buried in the cemetery named Field. These Fields have no known connection with our branch.

Some of the children and grandchildren of William F. Field (abt 1826-) who married Harriet Francis Anthis (abt 1829-) are buried here. William R. may be a son of George Field from Canada and a brother of George A. Field (1828-1908) of Knox County, Indiana. We can find no documentation to connect William to them or to our Field family. Both William and George A. lived in Decker Twp. and owned tracts of land less than a mile apart.

There is one other possibility as to who these Fields might be. Keen (abt 1774-1815) and Anna Lewis Field (1773-aft 1850) had a son, Benjamin R. Field (1799-aft 1840) who married Nancy J. Mounts (aft 1800-). Records show that they had at least six children but no names or any other details are known about them. The Fields of Decker Twp., Knox County at this time could be this family. There is no proof of this connection either.

Several of the families living in Decker Twp. Knox county had connections or descendants who lived in White River Twp., Gibson County. The Anthis and the Morrison families are two of these. They have descendants living in Gibson County today. The Morrisons married into both the Anthis and the Field families. The Morrisons descend from David Alexander (1818-1892) and Jane Swaim Morrison (1819-1888) who are burried in the Old Field/Morrison Cemetery on Steelman Chapel Road, Gibson County. The Anthis family in southern Indiana all descend from George Anthis (1743-1802) and Margaret Harold (1745-).

The photographs of the grave markers in the Warth-Jacobus Cemetery were sent to us by Dan Elliott of Mount Vernon, Indiana. Dan runs the Gibson County GenWeb website where he has uploaded photographs and information from every cemetery in Gibson County, Indiana.

Grandpa/Jacob E. Field/Jan. 17, 1855/Oct. 15, 1938

Jacob E. Field was a son of William R. (abt 1826-) and Harriet Francis Anthis Field (abt 1829-) of Decker Twp., Knox County, Indiana. He married Mary Myers 8 October 1876.

Ester/Dau. of/R. C. &A./Field/
Born/Dec. 4/1897/Died/Dec. 15/1897

Ester is the infant daughter of Robert C. (1866-) and Agnes Godfrey Field and a granddaughter of William R. and Harriet Francis Anthis Field.

Virgel/Son of/R. C. & A./Field/
Born/Mar. 10/1894/Died/June 8/1894

Virgel was an infant son of Robert C. and Agnes Godfrey Field and a grandson of William R. and Harriet Francis Anthis Field.

Jearldean 1912/1812/Fields

We have no information about this person. The first date looks like it says 1912 and the sceond date is much clearer at 1812.

Erwin C. Fields/1914-1914

We have no information about this person.

Horace/illegible /1908-illegible

We have no information about this person.

If anyone viewing these tombstone has any information about the people and whether or not they connect with the Field family of Gibsnon County, we would very much like to know.

This cemetery was visited by Dan Elliott in the spring of 2012.