This genealogy web-site is devoted to one branch of the Field Family out of Virginia and several of its allied lines. Some of the surnames included are Hinkle, Grasz (Gross, Grass), Frymire, Gohn, Eddy, Steelman, Knaub, Wilson, Brown, Gosnold, Wingfield, Keene and others.

Information on Lucie Field's Genealogy site focuses on the ancestors and descendants of Keen Field (abt. 1744-1815). Keen was the first of this branch to immigrate to Gibson County, Indiana, from Kentucky, some time about 1799. He and his wife, Anna Lewis, had a family of ten children and many of them also produced large families. There are many descendants of Keen and Anna alive today. Keen is the oldest member of this branch of the family for whom we know the location of his grave. He is buried in the Old Field or Morrison Cemetery in Gibson County, Indiana.

Of special interest are Keen's younger brothers, Joseph and Reuben Field. They were important members of the Corps of Discovery also known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 to 1806. Each is referred to many times in the journals of the expedition. Neither Joseph nor Reuben had children.

Keen's father, Abraham Field (1744-1822), immigrated to Jefferson County, Kentucky, around 1784. This was about the time of the founding of Louisville, by George Rogers Clark, brother of William Clark, one of the leaders of the Corps of Discovery. Abraham descends from the Fields of Westmoreland and Culpeper Counties of Virginia. His ancestors were important in the founding of Culpeper County, Virginia, and much information is available about them.

Abraham suffered a serious shoulder wound at the battle of Point Pleasant where his uncle, Col. John Field, was killed. He never fully recovered from this wound. As a result of his wound he was eligible for a military pension for the rest of his life. In order to receive his pensions he had to appear before a magistrate once a year to prove his identity. As a result, he left an excellent record of his life in Kentucky. It was through these records researchers have been able to connect him to his ancestors in Virginia as well as to his descendants.

Joseph and Reuben Field were the ultimate adventurers of the Field family. What ever the circumstances behind the choice of these two brothers to accompany Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their epic journey to the Pacific the blood of explorers and adventurers ran in their veins. Most likely unknown to Joseph and Reuben two of their ancestors were instrumental in the very founding of the United States. Bartholomew Gosnold explored the east coast of the United states in 1602. Upon returning to England he was a moving force in convincing the English Crown to sponsor a colony in Virginia. Along with Edward Maria Wingfield, his cousin and another Field family ancestor, were among the first boat loads of settlers of Jamestown, Virginia. Edward Wingfield was voted the first president of the Virginia colony and thus it can be said the first president of the United States. Joseph and Reuben's ancestor Abraham Field of Westmoreland,County, Virginia was the progenitor of the Virginia Field family. His father was perhaps Henry Field who, along with his cousin John Dickenson, arrive in Jamestown sometime around 1635. The three families, Field, Gosnold and Wingfield, had merged with the marriage in 1723, of Capt. Abraham Field and Elizabeth Withers. Joseph and Reuben were first cousins seven times removed from Bartholomew Gosnold and second cousins nine times removed from Edward Wingfield and third great grandsons of Abraham Field of Westmoreland County, Virginia. Did they know this? Probably not.

This is one of the best reasons for studying your you know who you are!

Our purpose in putting this web-site on line is to provide genealogical and biographical information on various members of this branch of the Field Family and connecting lines.

This site is constantly changing. We add information of various types often. Check the "What's New" link on the home page.


The site is organized first by surnames then by state and county. Within each county there are many types of documents or other infomation. There are biographies, obituaries, tombstone inscriptions, estate inventories, bible records, wills, marriage records, family group sheets and other documents of interest to people wanting information about Field family members. We realize that this web-site has a very narrow focus but we feel it serves a useful function.

Every effort is made to insure the accuracy of our information. We include the sources of our information when known them and state when we have unverified information. When information is used that has been provided by other people we identify our source. We also ask that people using our information acknowledge us as their source.

We encourage comments and corrections by our visitors. We appreciate any additional information on the Field family any of our visitors may have.


Lucie and Gene Field are father and daughter. In 1994 we began looking over data Howard and Miriam Grasz Field had been collecting since about 1968. With the help of Family Tree Maker we bagan to organize the inforamtion. Little by little we included new information and verifying unsourced information. This has resulted in four trips across the country with many visits to county courthouses, cemetaries, historical socities, librairies, corresponding with and meeting a number of distant relatives adding to the original information.

We have been amazed at some of the things our quest for ancestors and relatives has led us to. In August of 2004, we attended a very outstanding event in Astoria, Oregon. Sandra Hargrove, formerly of Astoria, and the Clatsop County Genealogical Society conducted a search for direct and collateral descendants of the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This project was begun in 1999. Lucie and I attended the Lewis and Clark Descendant reunion August 13-15, 2004, in Astoria and it was an extremely memorable occasion. We have a link to information about the reunion in the “Further Links” column on the home page of our web site. This is just an example of one of the things that our genealogy work has led us to.

Lucie Field is a graduate in history from California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo, California. She worked as a substitute teacher at Patterson High School Patterson, California, for several years before returning to San Francisco State College to do graduate work in theater and drama. She finished her MA in May of 2005. She worked for the Division of Graduate Studies San Francisco State University for several years. She is now a biology teacher at Patterson High School.

Eugene Field is a graduate in biology from Fresno State College, Fresno California. He is a retired teacher of biology from the Patterson High School. He is now teaching for the Patterson Unified School District Adult Education School and is a part time Biology instructor for Modesto Junior College.

Much of the information found on this web-site was obtained by Miriam Grasz Field of Kingsburg, California. To her belongs the credit for igniting the interest of her granddaughter, Lucie and her son, Gene, to organize and continue her excellent work.

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