July 7, 9, 1860                     Page 848, 849

Dwell # Fam # Name Age Sex Col Occu Real PP Birth Marr Sch R/W
612 619 W. A. Spain 32 M   Farmer 3500 1000 IN      
    Jemimiah 28 F         IN      
    Byron S. 10 M         IN   s  
    Daniel C. 8 m         IN      
    Pleasant M. 6 F         IN   s  
    Madora J. 4 F         IN      
    John W. 2 M         IN      
    Emma B. 3/12 F         IN      
    Mary Adams 17 F   Domestic     IN      
    David Byram 32 M   Farm Hand     OH      
    William Phillips 18 M   Farm Hand     IL      
613 620 Benj. R. Field 31 M   Farmer 3500 800 IN      
    Lydia E. 32 F         IN      
    Geo. E. 10 M         IN      
    Charity E. 7 F         IN      
    John F. 5 M         IN      
    Cynthia E. 3 F         IN      
    Sarah E. 5/12 F         IN      
    William Evans 23 M   Farm Hand     KY      
    John McFetridge 18 M   Farm Hand     IN      


John W. Spain was the husband of Ida E. Knaub, daughter of Norman Knaub. Norman was the father of Sarah Jane Knaub, the first wife of George E. Field.

Benjamin R. Field was the son of Abraham Field and Grace Rainey and the grandson of Keen Field and Anna Lewis.

Lydia Field was the daughter of John Brown.

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