Obituary of Anna Field Vinyard

The wife of Squire Vinyard Jr., of Walkerville who was subject to epileptic fits, was fatally burned on the afternoon of the 9th. During the temporary absences of the family, it is supposed, she was taken with a fit and fell into the fire in the fire- place.

When her husband returned he found her lying thus with her clothing literally burned off, her left arm and breast fairly roasted and the whole body badly blistered. She lingered in great agony for ten or twelve hours.

A few weeks [earlier] another lady in the same neighborhood was burned to death by the explosion of a coal oil lamp.

From: The Carrollton Gazette, March 18, 1876, Greene County, Illinois

Comments: Anna Field was born in Walkerville, Greene County, Illinois, in 1839. She died 10 March 1876, Greene County, Illinois. It has also been reported that Anna had epilepsy which caused her to fall into the fire place.

Anna was the wife of Squire Hezakiah Vinyard, born in Walkerville, Greene County, Illinois, 1832. He died May 1889, in Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

Anna was a daughter of Keen Wither Field, Jr.and Malinda Johnson. She was a granddaughter of Keen and Anna Lewis Field.

This obituary was provided by Debra Jo Seaman, a great-great granddaughter of Annie Field Vinyard.