Birth & Death: Descendants & Spouses of Abraham Field (1636-1674)

Name Birth Date Birth Location Death Date Death Location Spouse
Abbie Private       Field, Michael Eugene
Abbot, Eddie Private       Fairfield, Amy
Abbot, Laini Private        
Abbot, Pierce Private        
Adams, Bessie         Field, Tobias S.
Adams, Nancy 24 January 1814   29 March 1839 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Reuben R.
Agnew, Emily Elnora Private       Field, Floyd Melvin
Albert, David Private       Kull, Marsha
Alberta         Field, George Nelson
Alexander         Slaughter, John Field
Allen, Keziah Nancy 11 February 1800 Clark County, Kentucky 8 January 1868 Pulaski County, Illinois Field, John G.
Amidei, Deborah L. Private       Leonard, Tony Lee
Amy Private       Staninger, Kevin Robert
Amy Private       Logan, Scott Michael
Anderson, Mary Mattie Private       Krile, Frederick Henry
Anneliese Private       Peyton, Thomas Lee
Arnold, Russell Irwin 1917   1979 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Turner, Lulu Irene
Arnold, Sue Ellen Private       Burton, Robert
Austin, Adelaide 1882   1962 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Arthur Clarence
Ayers, Leroyce Private       Field, Bonnie Kaye
Bagby, George W.         Field, Lillian
Baker, Elmore LeRoy, Jr. Private        
Baker, Elmore LeRoy, Sr. Private       Wright, Susan Elizabeth
Ball, Lucy         Field, Henry
Banks, Baylor         Slaughter, Ann
Barbara Private       Green, Stanley
Barnes, Elizabeth A.         Field, Lecephes
Barr, Mary Alice 28 December 1865 Fairfield County, Ohio 15 May 1928 Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana Field, Keen Wesley Howard
Beck, Laurie Faye Private       Wright, Ashley Edger
Berry, John S.         Kelly, Fannie Field
Beveridge, Brenda Private        
Beveridge, Cecil Private       Marian
Beveridge, Charles         Field, Ida P.
Beveridge, Gene Private        
Beveridge, Mayburn Private       Jane A.
Beveridge, Robert Private        
Beveridge, Theodore Private        
Beverly, Charles 1872 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1872 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Beverly, Cora A. 25 October 1892 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 15 September 1897 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Beverly, Eliza J. 1867 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1874 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Beverly, Elmer L. 24 March 1891 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 9 March 1896 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Beverly, George L. 2 January 1908 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 27 September 1909 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Beverly, George W. 20 January 1869 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 7 April 1949 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Mary E.
Beverly, James M. 8 November 1843   15 April 1918 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Farmer, Emeline
Beverly, Louis 1874 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1874 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Beverly, Roy 7 July 1889 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)      
Beverly, Stella M. 6 March 1894 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 17 February 1896 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Biddle, Elizabeth abt. 1810 Indiana     Field, Stephen Lewis
Biehler, Judith Ann Private       Logan, Darrell Lee
Biehler, Lester Louis Private       Krile, Gertrude Fern
Blanchard, Georgene Private       Field, George Richard
Blasingame, Kristen Elizabeth Private        
Blasingame, Stephen Craig Private       Hancock, Katherine Elizabeth
Blush, Marion Private       Field, Raymond Howard
Blythe, Nancy D. abt. 1826 Tennessee     Field, Keen Withers
Bodine, Ella C. Private       Rawlings, Oliver Henry
Bodine, Emma Dora         Rawlings, Keen Willis
Bond, Sarah         Slaughter, Robert Field
Borsa, Carmen Private        
Borsa, Cory Alan Private        
Borsa, Mark Private       Wenger, Lynn Ann
Boseck, Colleen Private       Field, Tom A.
Boyd, Minnie         Field, Harden W.
Breneman, Andrew L. abt. 1874 Astoria, Illinois     Field, Jennie
Breslin, Deborah Kay Private       Colbert, Leo Edward
Breslin, Mark Richard Private       Wells, Dorothy Jeanette
Breslin, Rachel Jeanette Private        
Breslin, Richard Dennis Private       Wright, LeLoy Clarisse
Breslin, Terry Shawn 1964   1964    
Bross, Brenda J. Private        
Bross, Charles R. Private       Field, Laura M.
Bross, Darla J. Private        
Bross, Janice C. Private        
Bross, Kelvan C. Private        
Bross, Michael D. 1 August 1965 St. Joseph, Michigan 1 August 1965 St. Joseph, Michigan  
Brown, Dana Private       Clouse, Susan Marie
Brown, George         Field, Mary
Brown, Lydia* Ella 25 May 1827 Indiana 14 February 1869 Hazleton, Gibson County, Indiana Field, Benjamin* R.
Brown, Thomas Franklin Private       Reno, Ester Ione
Bruner, Brace         Field, Walter
Bryan, William S.         Field, Judith
Buller, Samuel H.         Field, Martha J.
Burnam, Curtis Field          
Burnam, Thompson, Jr. August 1830 Richmond, Kentucky 1874    
Burnam, Thompson, Sr.         Field, Lucinda
Burton, Megan Leigh Private        
Burton, Robert 1942   1998   Arnold, Sue Ellen
Burton, Robert Allen Private        
Burton, Russel Vincent Private        
Bushong, Callie Private        
Bushong, Charles Private       Clouse, Rebecca
Bushong, Mitchell Private        
Bushong, Spencer Private        
Byrd, Elianah abt. 1720   Bef. 8 July 1796   Field, Abraham*
Caldwell, Brandon Michael Private        
Caldwell, David Ray Private       Susan, Leslie
Caldwell, Debbie Lynn Private       Shipp, Melvin Ray
Caldwell, Dennis Wayne Private       Sharon Kay
Caldwell, Douglas Dee 1958   1981   Debra Jean
Caldwell, Douglas Dee Private        
Caldwell, Jeremy Todd Private        
Caldwell, Llewellyn Joseph Private       Reno, Terry Ellen
Caldwell, Maggie May Private        
Camp, Kathryn Maxine Private       Rouse, Gerald Clark
Campbell, Mary         Field, Lewis R.
Cardwell, William         Field, Daughter
Carmain, Florence         Turner, Lewis Wiltse
Catherine Kay Private       Peyton, Thomas Lee
Celia     1960   Field, Clarence Henry, M.D.
Chaddick, Nancy Edith 20 March 1824   19 July 1883 Hardin County, Kentucky (prob.) Field, Levi
Cherlyn Private       Field, Brian E.
Chesson, Joshua Murry Private        
Chesson, Murry Gordon, Jr. Private       Wright, Janice Marie
Church, Walter Joseph         Fournie, Farrie Aloise
Clark, Anna Rogers     Bef. March 1804 Bourbon County, Kentucky Field, John
Clark, Joseph W.         Field, Sylvia Sarko
Clark, Vera Margaret 1899   1975   Rouse, George Cecil
Clouse, David Eugene 20 December 1944 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana 20 December 1944 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana  
Clouse, Karen Private       Fairfield, Ted
Clouse, Merle E. 29 July 1918 Locke Township, Elkhart County, Indiana 22 October 1987 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana Field, Mary Lavica
Clouse, Rebecca Private       Bushong, Charles
Clouse, Susan Marie Private       Brown, Dana
Coan, Ricky Lynn Private       Reno, Terry Ellen
Colbert, Leo Edward Private       Breslin, Deborah Kay
Coleman, Margaret Clarisse Private       Wright, Orpha Edger, Jr.
Colvin, Mary Russell         Field, Henry Hill
Conner, Fleeta abt. 1879 Scott County, Illinois     Field, Doctor Cain
Conover, Hermaine Private       Field, Wallace
Cook, Nancy Private       Flynn, Robert William
Cook, Ralph Gordon Private       Gwaltney, Rosa V.
Cooper, James         Leach, Prisilla
Cox, Daniel         Field, Cynthia
Cox, Henry E.         Erwin, Mina M.
Cox, John W. 1878 Oregon     Field, Etna Gertrude
Craig, William Henry III Private       Caldwell, Debbie Lynn
Crippen, Martha         Field, Curtis
Dalen, Arlene Private       Field, Kenneth Henry
Davies, James Hopkins         Field, Lucy
Dawdy, Jasper Newton 4 March 1855   18 November 1931 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Farmer, Florinda
Dawdy, William         Farmer, Nancy Caroline
Debra Jean Private       Caldwell, Douglas Dee
Denman, Ivan Arthur 1910   1940 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.)  
Denman, Roy         Field, Hazel O.
Dennis, Steven Lee Private       Wright, Lorilee Lanell
Dills, Amanda E. 22 August 1833 Indiana 5 August 1878 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana Field, Benjamin* R.
Ditto, Mary 20 October 1789   17 August 1828 Hardin County, Kentucky (prob.) Field, Ezekiel H.
Dodd, Jane Anne Private       Ripley, Louis
Dodd, Robert Private       Field, Billie Jane
Dogman, Mary Lou Private       Field, Wayne LeRoy
Donella Private       Caldwell, Douglas Dee
Dossett, Catherine 1832 Kentucky     Field, Ezekiel
Dougan, Della July 1863 Gibson County, Indiana     Field, Byron Allen
Dougan, Mary Etta 1 June 1868 Gibson County, Indiana 1943 Gentryville, Indiana Field, Charles Perry
Doyle, Belle         Field, George W.
Duncan, Elizabeth     Bef. 1847   Field, Ezekiel
Duncan, Judy 12 December 1816 Virginia 26 April 1841 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Keen Withers
Duncan, Sarah 16 May 1824 Alabama 20 June 1875 Shelby County, Illinois Field, Keen Withers
Early, Elizabeth         Field, John
Eddy, Marie* Jeanette 23 April 1891 New York City, New York 15 February 1966 Marion, Grant County, Indiana Field, Harvey* Oliver
Elizabeth Lee Private       Rausch, Dr. Russel David
Elizabeth*     Aft. 1825   Field, Abraham*
Eller, Dorothy Jane Private       Helman, Arnold DuWayne
Enoch Private       Field, Judith
Enoch, Mindy Jo Private        
Erwin, Anna Maud 1873       Meehan, John A.
Erwin, Edna Florence August 1880 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 1962 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Erwin, James L. 9 January 1846 Warrick County, Indiana 28 January 1904 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana Martin, Jane
Erwin, Lorah L. 16 July 1888 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 19 March 1908 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Erwin, Mina M. December 1885       Cox, Henry E.
Erwin, Nancy A. 1871       Witherspoon, Eddie A.
Erwin, Nickson A. B. 1874        
Erwin, Son 27 December 1883 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 18 February 1884 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Etgeton, Robert Private       Field, Daughter
Eunice Private       Wright, Harold Vernon
Fairfield, Amy Private        
Fairfield, Ashley Private        
Fairfield, Karlie Private        
Fairfield, Leanne Private       Florin, Reini
Fairfield, Richard Private        
Fairfield, Ted Private       Clouse, Karen
Farmer, Elizabeth Jane 13 December 1850 Gibson County, Indiana 3 June 1910 Walkerville, Illinois Pryor, Francis Marion
Farmer, Emeline 8 November 1843 Indiana 23 March 1927 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Beverly, James M.
Farmer, Florinda 5 August 1858 Indiana 1 August 1917 Patterson, Greene County, Illinois Dawdy, Jasper Newton
Farmer, John Phillip 13 December 1853 Indiana 1 May 1916 Patterson, Greene County, Illinois  
Farmer, Joseph Riley 23 November 1848 Indiana 10 September 1858 Greene County, Illinois  
Farmer, Malethie A. 5 December 1854 Indiana 5 April 1931 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Field, Harrison E.
Farmer, Nancy Caroline 27 June 1846 Indiana     Dawdy, William
Farmer, Sara L. 5 August 1858 Indiana      
Farmer, William 11 March 1822 Tennessee 3 April 1864   Field, Anna Jane
Farmer, William Butler 21 April 1863 Patterson, Greene County, Illinois 28 September 1934 Patterson, Greene County, Illinois  
Faught, Daniel Craig 1945   1997   Sheron Jane
Faught, Floyd Franklin 1920   1993   Wright, Ruth Ellen
Faught, Jessica Ann Private        
Faught, Philip Floyd 1953   1971    
Faught, Sara Marie Private        
Fawcett, Joe S.         Field, Grace F.
Fender, James Isaac Private       Schrimpf, Nina Eileen
Field, A. Eugene 27 February 1934   10 August 1995   Raines, Loretta
Field, A. Jackson         Patton, Vina
Field, Aaron A. Private        
Field, Abner 1752 Culpeper County, Virginia 1831 Jefferson County, Kentucky Pope, Jane
Field, Abner Aft. 1753 Culpeper County, Virginia      
Field, Abner Private        
Field, Abraham   Culpeper County, Virginia Bef. 1789    
Field, Abraham          
Field, Abraham          
Field, Abraham 21 July 1785        
Field, Abraham 24 August 1842 Gibson County, Indiana 19 September 1842 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Abraham B. abt. 1832        
Field, Abraham J. Ryley 11 December 1825 Howard County, Missouri 27 November 1907 Barrow, Roodhouse Twp., Greene County, Illinois Stone, Elizabeth
Field, Abraham* abt. 1636 Virginia (prob.) 1 August 1674 Westmoreland County, Virginia  
Field, Abraham* 1695 Westmoreland County, Virginia 1 August 1774 St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia Withers, Elizabeth*
Field, Abraham* 1744 Culpeper County, Virginia August 1822 Jefferson County, Kentucky on Lewis Farm Elizabeth*
Field, Abraham* 27 December 1793 Shelby County, Kentucky 12 April 1870 White River Twp., Gibson County, Indiana Rainey, Grace*
Field, Acquilla          
Field, Ada Gay 18 October 1887 Gibson County, Indiana 20 October 1970   Helman, Carl David
Field, Ada Jane 24 November 1852 Indiana 23 July 1924 Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana Gillaspie, William W.
Field, Albert 1836 Kentucky      
Field, Alcephus 1849 Indiana      
Field, Alexander 4 June 1794        
Field, Alexander Pope 1801 Kentucky     Kalfus, Elizabeth
Field, Alice Mabel Private       Harper, John
Field, Anna abt. 1754 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia     Roberts
Field, Anna 7 December 1818 Gibson County, Indiana 14 September 1821 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Anna 1839 Greene County, Illinois     Vinyard, Squire Hezakiah
Field, Anna Jane 22 August 1825 Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana 21 June 1918 Patterson, Greene County, Illinois Farmer, William
Field, Anne P. 29 August 1797   24 October 1856 Culpeper County, Virginia Kelly, John Payne
Field, Annie October 1894 Indiana      
Field, Annie Laurie 5 May 1869 Indiana 13 May 1949 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Turner, Arthur Henderson
Field, Aquilla          
Field, Arminta 1 June 1872 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 5 August 1873 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, Arthur Christopher Private        
Field, Arthur Clarence 18 July 1882 Gibson County, Indiana 1 January 1966 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana Whitcomb, Mary Estella
Field, Arthur O. 2 October 1896 Indiana 21 May 1969 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Spevack, Helen M.
Field, Artridge 21 January 1825   4 March 1853 Knox County, Missouri Withers, Isaac C.
Field, Arvis L. 21 September 1905 Gibson County, Indiana 23 June 1947 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Grace L.
Field, Barnett abt. 1759        
Field, Beatrice 1842 Kentucky      
Field, Beatrice G. Private       Murphey, William G.
Field, Benjamin 14 November 1755 Culpeper County, Virginia 2 January 1842 Daviess County, Kentucky Slaughter, Mildred
Field, Benjamin J. 8 September 1889 Indiana      
Field, Benjamin R. 16 February 1799 Shelby County, Kentucky Bet. 1830 - 1840 Pike County, Indiana (prob.) Mounts, Nancy J.
Field, Benjamin S. 18 December 1861 Gibson County, Indiana 19 July 1944 Rock Island, Colorado County, Texas Stewardson, Eliza
Field, Benjamin* R. 18 July 1828 Gibson County, Indiana 10 May 1903 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Brown, Lydia* Ella
Field, Bernard Private       Marilyn
Field, Bessie W. 16 September 1885 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 19 January 1934 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Krile, Edward
Field, Betsey Private        
Field, Billie Jane Private       Dodd, Robert
Field, Bonnie Kaye Private       Ayers, Leroyce
Field, Bradley George Private       Whyte, Diana Kay
Field, Brett A. Private        
Field, Brian E. Private       Cherlyn
Field, Bryan Private        
Field, Byron Allen abt. 1855 Gibson County, Indiana     Dougan, Della
Field, Byron Bud 9 December 1896 Gibson County, Indiana      
Field, Carlie 1877 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 29 August 1877 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, Catherine abt. 1850 Indiana     Van Nostran, Joseph
Field, Celina abt. 1845 Indiana     Woodsy, Cornelius
Field, Charity abt. 1836 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.)      
Field, Charity 6 March 1844 Gibson County, Indiana 4 April 1902   Randolph, John W.
Field, Charity E. 1853 Gibson County, Indiana 6 August 1877   Robb, Vincent F.
Field, Charles Jones 11 June 1787        
Field, Charles P. abt. 1868 Indiana      
Field, Charles Perry 5 October 1868 Gibson County, Indiana 7 April 1950 Gentryville, Indiana Dougan, Mary Etta
Field, Charles W. abt. 1827 Indiana      
Field, Charlie 1867        
Field, Chester Carl abt. 1882 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) June 1968 Wood, Wisconsin  
Field, Clarence Henry, M.D. 1876 Gibson County, Indiana 1960   Celia
Field, Clarence Wilbur 17 April 1879 Richland Twp., Shelby County, Illinois 23 April 1879 Richland Twp., Shelby County, Illinois  
Field, Clark 10 December 1878   11 January 1880    
Field, Clinton D. 23 July 1819   16 February 1846    
Field, Clover Lee Private        
Field, Cole W. Private        
Field, Cordelia 7 February 1847 Gibson County, Indiana 1 May 1933 Strasburg, Shelby County, Illinois Rawlings, Lloyd W.
Field, Cordelia A. 6 June 1843 Walkerville, Greene County, Illinois 1880 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Rowe, William Daniel
Field, Curtis 8 March 1781   30 March 1863   Hardin, Rosannah
Field, Curtis 10 December 1806        
Field, Curtis 19 January 1812   18 January 1843   Miles, Penelope Ann
Field, Curtis 19 October 1862   18 April 1918   Crippen, Martha
Field, Curtis, Jr. 3 December 1822 Madison County, Kentucky May 1890 Missouri Richardson, Martha
Field, Cynthia 1789 Kentucky     Lewis, William
Field, Cynthia 16 June 1801 Shelby County, Kentucky 14 May 1843 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) McFetridge, Samuel
Field, Cynthia abt. 1845 Illinois     Cox, Daniel
Field, Cynthia A. 1837 Indiana      
Field, Cynthia Ann 25 December 1825 Gibson County, Indiana 6 January 1899 Shelbyille, Shelby County, Illinois Turner, Lorenzo H.
Field, Cynthia Ann 1 July 1858 Gibson County, Indiana 23 January 1941 Columbus, Texas Fling, Joseph W.
Field, Cynthia Easter 9 October 1856 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 7 February 1869 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, Cynthia L. abt. 1853 Indiana     Kinney, Wilson
Field, Cyril George 25 August 1913 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 1964 possibly Florida  
Field, D. Andrew Private       Lisa
Field, Dale Harper Private       Genevieve
Field, Daniel   Culpeper County, Virginia (prob.) Bef. March 1793 Culpeper County, Virginia Sarah
Field, Darius 1837 Kentucky      
Field, Daughter         Cardwell, William
Field, Daughter 1836        
Field, Daughter Bef. 1844   July 1844    
Field, Daughter 30 June 1897 Gibson County, Indiana      
Field, Daughter 13 November 1899        
Field, Daughter 27 September 1900        
Field, Daughter Private       Jones, Beverly
Field, Daughter Private       Fulter, James
Field, Daughter Private       Etgeton, Robert
Field, Dennis Robert Private       Huckins, Cathy Lee
Field, Diana A. abt. 1840   28 December 1858 Culpeper County, Virginia  
Field, Dianah 1752 Culpeper County, Virginia 1832 Richmond, Kentucky Field, John, Jr.
Field, Doctor Cain 24 February 1858 Greene County, Illinois 6 February 1905 Patterson Twp., Greene County, Illinois Conner, Fleeta
Field, Dora J. 1872       Harper, Charles D.
Field, Dovie E. 1875        
Field, Duane A. 21 June 1930 Gibson County, Indiana 10 March 1947    
Field, Edgar 1876        
Field, Effie April 1887 Indiana     Stone, John H.
Field, Eldren Ellis April 1889 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 1958   Stalcup, Lillian
Field, Eleanor   Culpeper County, Virginia     Greenwood, Daniel
Field, Eleanora G. Private        
Field, Eliza          
Field, Eliza         Roberts, William
Field, Elizabeth   Culpeper County, Virginia     Oxford, Thomas
Field, Elizabeth          
Field, Elizabeth     1795    
Field, Elizabeth          
Field, Elizabeth abt. 1756 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia     Slaughter, Lawrence
Field, Elizabeth 1756       Field, Ezekiel Henry
Field, Elizabeth abt. 1761   1822   Newton, William
Field, Elizabeth 15 May 1783   1870   Oldham, William
Field, Elizabeth 2 May 1793 Danville, Daviess County, Kentucky 28 March 1873 Kentucky Newton, William
Field, Elizabeth abt. 1795 Kentucky (prob.)     Kell, Thomas James
Field, Elizabeth 1834 Indiana      
Field, Elizabeth 18 March 1846 Illinois     Raines, William A.
Field, Elizabeth 1862 Indiana      
Field, Elizabeth A. 3 February 1836 Gibson County, Indiana 11 September 1837 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Elizabeth D. 14 February 1822   22 September 1843    
Field, Elizabeth Fannie Private        
Field, Ella September 1884 Indiana      
Field, Elmer Hinkle 2 August 1886 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 2 December 1959 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Murphy, Lillian Elizabeth
Field, Elmer Marshall 16 January 1887 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) 1951 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Steelman, Carrie V.
Field, Emma 1869        
Field, Emmet 28 October 1841 West Point, Kentucky     McElroy, Sue
Field, Etna Gertrude abt. 1881 Walkerville Twp., Greene County, Illinois 1920 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Cox, John W.
Field, Eugene Chester 12 June 1920 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 18 April 1936 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana  
Field, Eugene* Allen Private       Healy, Anne* Elizabeth
Field, Ezekial abt. 1773 Culpeper County, Virginai 24 May 1845 Spencer County, Kentucky Gatewood, Eliza Catherine
Field, Ezekiel          
Field, Ezekiel 28 April 1813 Gibson County, Indiana Bet. 1877 - 1880 Gibson County, Indiana Duncan, Elizabeth
Field, Ezekiel 19 February 1840 Davis County, Kentucky 3 March 1889 Pulaski County, Illinois Metcalf, Malinda Barbara
Field, Ezekiel H. 7 October 1773 Culpeper County, Virginia 5 November 1858 Hardin County, Kentucky (prob.) Ditto, Mary
Field, Ezekiel Henry 1750 Culpeper County, Virginia 1782 Lower Blue Licks, Kentucky Field, Elizabeth
Field, Fannie December 1893 Indiana      
Field, Fanny 10 May 1796       Lee
Field, Fanny J. abt. 1865 Indiana      
Field, Fern 19 November 1889 Indiana     Miller, William
Field, Floyd Melvin 1 January 1911 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 1988 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana (prob.) Agnew, Emily Elnora
Field, Frances 1798   1865   Newton, James
Field, Francis L. abt. 1867 Indiana      
Field, Frederick W. 1884 Greene County, Illinois 1963 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Raines, Ottie M.
Field, George          
Field, George     Bef. March 1793 Culpeper County, Virginia  
Field, George Nelson 10 July 1891 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 24 October 1968 Michigan City, LaPorte County, Indiana Green, Elizabeth Maud
Field, George Richard Private       Blanchard, Georgene
Field, George Rogers abt. 1748 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia      
Field, George W.         Doyle, Belle
Field, George* Emery 23 December 1849 Gibson County, Indiana, near Hazleton 17 July 1915 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana Hinkle, Lavica*
Field, Gladys Private       Wolf, Otto
Field, Gladys Hazel Private        
Field, Glen Wallace 17 January 1915 Valparaiso, Center Twp., Porter County, Indiana 7 June 1987 Indianapolis, Indiana Robinson, Elnora
Field, Glenda Lou Private       Zedov, Paul Henry, Jr.
Field, Grace 1836 Indiana      
Field, Grace A. 10 March 1867 Gibson County, Indiana 10 March 1889 Patoka, Gibson County, Indiana Smith, James S.
Field, Grace F. February 1860       Fawcett, Joe S.
Field, Gracie L. 22 June 1896 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 15 July 1897 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Field, Graham Private        
Field, Guy Arthur 13 June 1929 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana 14 June 1929 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana  
Field, Hannah          
Field, Hannibal 21 August 1804        
Field, Harden W.         Boyd, Minnie
Field, Harold Private       Shelby, Karen
Field, Harrison E. 24 August 1848 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 28 June 1893 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Farmer, Malethie A.
Field, Harrison Lewis 5 April 1837 Gibson County, Indiana 21 March 1914 Walkerville Twp., Greene County, Illinois Ford, Sarah
Field, Harry February 1894 Indiana     Field, Ruth
Field, Harry Edgar Private       Good, Nellie
Field, Harvey E. 1 January 1892 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 8 January 1897 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Field, Harvey* Oliver 27 May 1889 Valparaiso, Center Twp., Porter County, Indiana 8 February 1966 Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana Eddy, Marie* Jeanette
Field, Hazel O. January 1892 Indiana 20 December 1933 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Denman, Roy
Field, Helen Lucille Private       Landgrebe, Earl
Field, Henry   Culpeper County, Virginia (prob.) March 1778 Culpeper County, Virginia Lightfoot, Anne
Field, Henry          
Field, Henry abt. 1757       Ball, Lucy
Field, Henry 1768 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia 1850   Hill, Frances
Field, Henry Private        
Field, Henry A. 1934   1948 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.)  
Field, Henry Clinton 27 September 1844 Hazelton, Gibson County, Indiana 28 September 1943 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana Peterson, Minerva E.
Field, Henry Hill 1803       Slaughter, Diana
Field, Hester E. Private        
Field, Howard Wesley 21 September 1890 Shelby County, Illinois 18 March 1972 Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana Henry, Linnie Dorcas
Field, Howard* Allen 27 September 1911 Valparaiso, Center Twp., Porter County, Indiana 2 December 1988 Fresno, Fresno County, California Grasz, Miriam* Elaine
Field, Hunter Private        
Field, Ida P. 1885   1960   Beveridge, Charles
Field, Indiana 12 February 1879 Grand Chain, Illinois 11 February 1906 Grand Chain, Illinois Fournie, Augustus David
Field, Infant          
Field, Infant          
Field, Infant          
Field, Infant 1 June     Chicago, Cook County, Illinois  
Field, Ishmael Worth 31 May 1874       Janie
Field, J. R. 28 March 1864   30 May 1865    
Field, Jacqueline R. Private        
Field, James          
Field, James          
Field, James Private        
Field, James W. 10 November 1879 Gibson County, Indiana 3 February 1885 Center Township, Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Jane 1843 Kentucky      
Field, Jane E. 12 July 1870 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 9 December 1887 Patoka, Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Janice Private        
Field, Jasper N.          
Field, Jaysen K Private        
Field, Jeffrey R. Private       Susan
Field, Jennie         Watkins, A.
Field, Jennie abt. 1873 Greene County, Illinois     Breneman, Andrew L.
Field, Jenny          
Field, John     Bef. 1823    
Field, John         Early, Elizabeth
Field, John          
Field, John 1726 Culpeper County, Virginia 10 October 1774 the Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia (now West Virginia) Clark, Anna Rogers
Field, John 1750   1801 Ohio County, Kentucky Sally
Field, John 4 December 1791   28 February 1844 Kentucky McFarland, Rachel
Field, John 31 March 1799 Culpeper County, Virginia     O'Bannon, Alice
Field, John F. 24 November 1854 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 25 March 1885 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, John G. abt. December 1801   1853   Allen, Keziah Nancy
Field, John Howard 31 March 1841 Gibson County, Indiana 10 July 1841 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, John Myrtle 9 March 1804   26 January 1831    
Field, John P. Private        
Field, John W.     Bef. 1914    
Field, John Wayne 31 August 1944 Goshen Hospital, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana 10 November 1979 Fresno, Fresno County, California Sanders, Diane Cheryl
Field, John William 15 September 1853 Gibson County, Indiana 15 July 1918 Minnesota Wilhite, Martha A.
Field, John, Jr. abt. 1746 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia 1810 Bourbon County, Kentucky Field, Dianah
Field, Joseph   Culpeper County, Virginia Bet. 27 June - 20 October 1807 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky  
Field, Joseph J. 1849 Greene County, Illinois      
Field, Joseph J. 8 September 1850 Illinois 17 March 1880   Henshaw, Nona W.
Field, Joseph Jackson 20 January 1831 Gibson County, Indiana 25 October 1864 Gibson County, Indiana Phillips, Nancy J.
Field, Joseph Lorenzo 21 July 1856 Gibson County, Indiana 24 April 1880 Shelby County, Richland Township, Illinois  
Field, Joseph Riley 22 January 1803 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 28 September 1881 Greene County, Illinois Kell, Elizabeth Jane
Field, Joshua          
Field, Judith         Taylor, Francis
Field, Judith         Bryan, William S.
Field, Judith Private       Rausch, Lt. David Andrew
Field, Judith Agatha   Culpeper County, Virginia Bef. 2 July 1774 Culpeper County, Virginia Yancey, Richard Henry
Field, Julius 2 June 1789        
Field, Justin Daniel Private        
Field, Katherine Louise Private       Runnion, James David
Field, Katie          
Field, Kaylie E. Private        
Field, Keen R. November 1862 Indiana     Smith, Josephine Martha
Field, Keen Wesley Howard 8 April 1864 Gibson County, Indiana 12 December 1957 Libby, Lincoln County, Montana Barr, Mary Alice
Field, Keen Wither, Jr. 15 August 1815 Gibson County, Indiana 24 October 1894 Wyandotte, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) Johnson, Malinda
Field, Keen Withers 11 February 1817 Gibson County, Indiana 2 March 1906 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Duncan, Sarah
Field, Keen* abt. 1774 Culpeper County, Virginia (prob.) abt. 22 January 1815 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana Lewis, Anna*
Field, Keene*   Culpeper Co., Virginia (prob.) Bef. 16 May 1754 Culpeper County, Virginia  
Field, Kelly J. Private       Hanlon
Field, Kenneth Henry Private       Dalen, Arlene
Field, Kenneth W. Private       Stacey A.
Field, Larkin          
Field, Larkin abt. 1765 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia      
Field, Laura M. Private       Bross, Charles R.
Field, Laura R. abt. 1859        
Field, Lecephes abt. 1834 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.)     Barnes, Elizabeth A.
Field, Lee Ray 22 January 1936 Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana 1984 Portland, Oregon Rounds, Jo Ann
Field, Leonora M. abt. 1872 Illinois      
Field, Leslie Oliver 22 April 1910 Valparaiso, Center Twp., Porter County, Indiana 19 June 1991 Big Pine Key, Monroe County, Florida Minard, Wanda Gene
Field, Lester Marion 6 September 1907 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 13 October 1969 LaBelle, Hendry County, Florida Werner, Mabel
Field, Levi 22 September 1814   22 August 1897 Hardin County, Kentucky (prob.) Chaddick, Nancy Edith
Field, Lewis 1764 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia, 1845 Pope County, Illinois Lewis, Hannah
Field, Lewis A. 9 August 1834 Indiana 29 March 1923 Jefferson Twp., Pike County, Indiana Vaught, Martha Ellen
Field, Lewis R.         Campbell, Mary
Field, Lewis W. abt. 1877 Illinois      
Field, Lillian 15 December 1872       Bagby, George W.
Field, Logan          
Field, Lousia abt. 1841 Indiana      
Field, Lousia November 1870 Indiana      
Field, Lucie Catherine Private        
Field, Lucinda 8 April 1792       Burnam, Thompson, Sr.
Field, Lucy 1794 Kentucky     May, Richard L.
Field, Lucy Aldona Private        
Field, Lusetta          
Field, Lyle Private        
Field, Mable April 1893 Indiana      
Field, Maggie E. 22 July 1883 Gibson County, Indiana 1967   Tuttle, Gilpin S.
Field, Maletius F. December 1891 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)     Shute, Hazel Don
Field, Margaret         Newland
Field, Margaret abt. 1829 Illinois      
Field, Maria Myrtle 20 January 1808   7 August 1837   McGehee, John
Field, Marion H. abt. 1869 Indiana      
Field, Marjorie Helene Private       Holt, Gilbert Lee
Field, Martha J. 13 June 1810       Buller, Samuel H.
Field, Martha Rose Private       Hepner
Field, Mary abt. 1758 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia     Slaughter, George
Field, Mary 1782       Brown, George
Field, Mary abt. 1862 Indiana      
Field, Mary Ann 1 May 1828       Hart, Silas
Field, Mary E. abt. 1876 Greene County, Illinois     Young, Philip, Jr.
Field, Mary Ellen 20 January 1838 Gibson County, Indiana 14 December 1847 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Mary Ellen 17 June 1894 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 23 September 1902 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana  
Field, Mary Irene 4 April 1903 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 1979 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana (prob.) Roman, John Nicholas
Field, Mary Lavica Private       Clouse, Merle E.
Field, Matilda         Hollis, Thomas
Field, Matilda          
Field, Matilda 19 May 1817   12 August 1818    
Field, Matilda Lovella 16 August 1883 Hazleton, Gibson County, Indiana 21 May 1979 Hazelton, Gibson County, Indiana Krile, Charles Louis
Field, Mattie E. 22 July 1883 Gibson County, Indiana 24 October 1883 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Maurice E. Private        
Field, Maxine Agnes Private       Staninger, Charles Robert
Field, Michael Private        
Field, Michael Eugene Private       Abbie
Field, Mike Private        
Field, Mildred 1788       Marshall, John
Field, Mildred Dora 28 September 1900 Hamilton County, Illinois Aft. 1975 Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana Klem, George
Field, Minnie 27 June 1888 Gibson County, Indiana      
Field, Minnie E. 30 December 1878 Walkerville Twp., Greene County, Illinois     Jones, Fred C.
Field, Monique Nichole Private        
Field, Myrtle Mae 1 October 1917 Valparaiso, Center Twp., Porter County, Indiana 17 July 1990 Knox, Starke County, Indiana Williams, Jacob Samuel, Jr.
Field, Myrtle Nancy 3 August 1896 Shelby County, Illinois Aft. 1975   Yaple, Evan
Field, Nancy          
Field, Nancy 1778   1845   Morrow, William
Field, Nancy 20 July 1809   1855   Whaling, John
Field, Nancy A. 12 January 1823 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana 15 February 1902 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Martin, William
Field, Nancy A. 12 October 1863 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana 27 October 1882 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Nancy Jane abt. 1838 Indiana     Rawlings, Henry
Field, Nancy Jane 1864 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 1945 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Pauley, William Henry
Field, Nathaniel Private        
Field, Nellie May 5 May 1897 Francisco, Gibson County, Indiana     Gwaltney, John T.
Field, Nellrose Private        
Field, Nelly 24 February 1900   24 September 1908    
Field, Nina I. 5 April 1898 Gibson County, Indiana 1981 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Kautz, Raymond E.
Field, Nora July 1891 Indiana      
Field, Olive Nancy Private       Glidden, Bill
Field, Oscar Chalmer 29 January 1883 Illinois 22 March 1963 Flint, Michigan Helmic, Mary
Field, Oscar E. February 1880 Gibson County, Indiana 1919 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Lynn, Amanda
Field, Pam Private       Kemp, Robert S., Jr.
Field, Patsy Private       Roberts, Ed
Field, Paul Private        
Field, Penelope         Lemaster, James
Field, Permelia Fanny 6 June 1843 Walkerville,Greene County, Illinois     Lane, Anderson
Field, Polly         Smith
Field, Rae Ellen Private       Wenger, Darwin Dean
Field, Ralph Dean 26 January 1921   2 September 1955   Papineau, Mildred
Field, Raymond Howard 5 October 1910 Kansas 24 July 1978 Eureka, Lincoln County, Montana Blush, Marion
Field, Reuben          
Field, Reuben 11 November 1757 Culpeper County, Virginia April 1815 Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky Jones, Frances
Field, Reuben September 1850 Gibson County, Indiana 1898   McKedy, Mary Ellen
Field, Reuben R. 7 March 1808 Knox (now Gibson) County, Indiana (prob.) 19 February 1857 Gibson County, Indiana McMullen, Sarah
Field, Reuben, Jr. 20 March 1792        
Field, Reubin   Culpeper County, Virginia Bet. 22 April 1822 - 14 January 1823 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky Myrtle, Mary
Field, Rial abt. 1830        
Field, Richard Byron Private       Rebecca
Field, Robert 1766 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia     Green
Field, Robert 1849 Kentucky      
Field, Robert Allen 7 March 1855 Gibson County, Indiana 1922 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Newsum, Fannie J.
Field, Robert Byron Private       Wood, Ferne
Field, Robert Cecil 1921 Gibson County, Indiana 1921 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Robert J. Private       Tarwater, Cora
Field, Robert Lee 30 September 1927   1955    
Field, Robert S. Private        
Field, Rodger Dewayne Private        
Field, Rodney Lee Private        
Field, Ronald K. Private       Patricia A.
Field, Ronald Keen 29 January 1912   26 November 1965 Whitefish, Flathead County, Monatna Hume, Roberta
Field, Roy E. 25 February 1910 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 22 November 1963 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, Rudy Private        
Field, Ruth 1886   1972   Field, Harry
Field, Ruth 28 May 1894 Gibson County, Indiana 6 September 1894 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Ruth F. 25 July 1877   21 December 1881    
Field, Sam Wing          
Field, Samuel 6 September 1883 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 11 May 1884 White River Twp., Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Sarah         Ranolds
Field, Sarah A. 11 July 1893 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 30 June 1894 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Field, Sarah Elizabeth 21 January 1860 Gibson County, Indiana 12 March 1889 Gibson County, Indiana Turpin, William H.
Field, Sarah Jane 9 August 1851 Gibson County, Indiana 15 October 1869 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Serena 21 December 1848 Gibson County, Indiana 14 February 1884 Richland Township, Shelby County, Illinois Rawlings, Jonathan
Field, Shannon Private        
Field, Silas          
Field, Son     14 June 1882 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, Son 5 October 1873 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 5 October 1873 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, Son 6 November 1882        
Field, Son 24 February 1900   24 February 1900    
Field, Son 8 January 1911 Kingman, Kansas 8 January 1911 Kingman, Kansas  
Field, Son Private        
Field, Stanton Eugene 30 April 1865 Pulaski County, Illinois 22 September 1929 Greenville, Mississippi Jones, Prsicilla May
Field, Staunton Slaughter          
Field, Stephen Lewis 20 November 1804 Knox (now Gibson) County, Indiana (prob.) abt. February 1845 Gibson County, Indiana Biddle, Elizabeth
Field, Stephen Lewis 14 December 1838 Gibson County, Indiana     Richards, Lavina
Field, Stephen Lewis abt. 1843 Indiana      
Field, Steven Private        
Field, Steven T. Private        
Field, Suellen Private       Geyer, David F.
Field, Suzanne Kay Private        
Field, Sylvia     Bef. 1914    
Field, Sylvia Sarko 10 June 1889 Shelby County, Illinois     Clark, Joseph W.
Field, Thelma Louise Private       Gibson, Harry
Field, Thomas 1805   1847   Morton, Arabella
Field, Thomas H. B. 3 February 1836 Gibson County, Indiana 16 July 1854    
Field, Thomas Withers 11 December 1806 Knox (now Gibson) County, Indiana (prob.)     Mounts, Mary
Field, Tobe A. 9 August 1904 Gibson County, Indiana 28 October 1993 Gibson County, Indiana Mildred
Field, Tobias S. 24 September 1884 Gibson County, Indiana 14 June 1904 White River Twp., Gibson County, Indiana Adams, Bessie
Field, Tom A. Private       Boseck, Colleen
Field, Twin Son 10 November 1879 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) 10 November 1879 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)  
Field, Tyler Private        
Field, Veachel Vandever 1 February 1886 Indiana 19 January 1946 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Wells, Julia B.
Field, Verna E. October 1892 Indiana      
Field, Victor Allen Private        
Field, Virgil 1840 Kentucky      
Field, Virginia Elizabeth Private       Williams, James E.
Field, Virl H. Private        
Field, Vivian Lois Private       Sullivan, Jack
Field, Walker 1847 Kentucky      
Field, Wallace 11 March 1901 Gibson County, Indiana     Conover, Hermaine
Field, Walter 31 October 1871 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 16 September 1890 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Field, Walter 8 December 1880   5 October 1883    
Field, Walter August 1895 Gibson County, Indiana (prob)     Bruner, Brace
Field, Walter Private        
Field, Walter L. 10 June 1894 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 16 July 1894 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Field, Walter Marion 10 June 1884 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 23 March 1951 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana Wilscam, Rose
Field, Wayne LeRoy Private       Irwin, Elaine
Field, Wilbur Wallace 8 October 1876 Gibson County, Indiana 1 July 1878 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, William          
Field, William         McMillien, Nancy
Field, William          
Field, William abt. 1725 Culpeper County, Virginia Aft. 12 February 1779   Roberts, Hannah
Field, William abt. 1848 Illinois Bef. 1884    
Field, William 1864 Indiana      
Field, William Private        
Field, William A. March 1899 Indiana     Walker, Jesse
Field, William E. 16 June 1932 Gibson County, Indiana 29 January 1984 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, William F. 24 January 1821 Gibson County, Indiana 7 November 1821 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, William Franklin 28 September 1839 Gibson County, Indiana 24 August 1840 Gibson County, Indiana  
Field, William Hill 1817 Culpeper County, Virginia 1861 Missouri Young, Mary J.
Field, William L. abt. 1858 Indiana      
Field, Willis          
Field, Willis 29 March 1799        
Field, Willis 1814 Kentucky 29 November 1862 Daviess County, Kentucky McFarland, Louisa B.
Field, Wilma Alice Private       Robertson, John C.
Field, Winfield Scott 29 May 1861 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 20 July 1888 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Field, Zachariah          
Field, Zachariah          
Findlay, Shirley Private       Krile, Melvin Charles
Fling, Joseph W. abt. 1858 Ohio     Field, Cynthia Ann
Florin, Cory Private        
Florin, Katie Private        
Florin, Reini Private       Fairfield, Leanne
Flowers, Loise Private       Field, Lester Marion
Flynn, Bambi Private        
Flynn, Penny Private        
Flynn, Robert William     1968   Cook, Nancy
Ford, Sarah 7 June 1842 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 6 January 1917 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Field, Harrison Lewis
Foree, Mary Helen Marshall 1836   1911   Marshall, Lewis Field
Fournie, Adeline Madge 6 May 1902 Grand Chain, Pulaski County, Illinois 23 March 1985 Flint, Michigan Ramer, Elmon Randolph
Fournie, Augustus David 22 September 1870 East St. Louis, Illinois 23 January 1923 Grand Chain, Illinois Field, Indiana
Fournie, Earl Aphonse 16 January 1899 Grand Chain, Illinois 30 May 1971 Owosso, Michigan Hawes, Monrevella Anna
Fournie, Farrie Aloise 27 February 1897 Grand Chain, Illinois 16 January 1987 North Manchester, Indiana Church, Walter Joseph
Fournie, Infant abt. December 1895        
Freet, Julia Private       Leonard, David Eugene
Fulter, James Private       Field, Daughter
Gatewood, Eliza Catherine abt. 1780 Carolina County,Virginia Aft. 1860 Spencer County, Kentucky Field, Ezekial
Genevieve Private       Field, Dale Harper
Gentry, James Arthur Private       Shipp, Leyla Joy
George, Melissa Private       Kull, Douglas Harold
Geyer, David F. Private       Field, Suellen
Gibson, Harry Private       Field, Thelma Louise
Gillaspie, Harry          
Gillaspie, Harvey G.          
Gillaspie, William W. 7 December 1852 Indiana 14 February 1905 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Ada Jane
Gillis, Eugene 18 July 1907 Madison County, Illinois 17 January 1986 Greene County, Illinois Pryor, Ruby Mae
Gillis, Harvey Lee Private        
Gillispie, Margaret Anne 5 November 1832 Lincoln County, Tennessee 3 June 1893 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Benjamin* R.
Glidden, Bill Private       Field, Olive Nancy
Good, Nellie Private       Field, Harry Edgar
Grace L. 4 May 1904   7 May 1997 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Arvis L.
Grasz, Miriam* Elaine Private       Field, Howard* Allen
Green         Field, Robert
Green, Brenda Private        
Green, Cheryl Private       Kelly
Green, Danny Private        
Green, David Laurence Private        
Green, Elizabeth Maud 27 September 1891 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana     Field, George Nelson
Green, Stanley Private       Barbara
Greenwell, Harold Private       Williams, Penny Jeanette
Greenwell, Jeanette Mychael Private        
Greenwell, Justin Matthew Private        
Greenwood, Daniel         Field, Eleanor
Greenwood, John Bef. 1774        
Grove, Minnie abt. 1879 Illinois      
Grove, Nellie F. 14 April 1884 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) 29 November 1898 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.)  
Grove, Seymour R. 3 August 1851 Ohio 3 December 1921 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Turner, Sarah E.
Gruenberg, Sandra Elise Private       Wright, Ashley Edger
Gwaltney, John T. 31 October 1883 Oliver, Indiana     Field, Nellie May
Gwaltney, Rosa V. Private       Cook, Ralph Gordon
Hancock, John Edward Private        
Hancock, Katherine Elizabeth Private       Blasingame, Stephen Craig
Hancock, Ronald Rooney Private       Wright, Kathy Amaryllis
Hanlon Private       Field, Kelly J.
Hardin, Rosannah         Field, Curtis
Harman, Robert Private        
Harman, Steve Wayne Private       Williams, Peggy Joan
Harman, William Private        
Harman-Williams, Tonya Lynn Private        
Harper, Charles D.         Field, Dora J.
Harper, John Private       Field, Alice Mabel
Hart, Silas         Field, Mary Ann
Harvey, Ed Private       Wright, Pauline
Hawes, Monrevella Anna Private       Fournie, Earl Aphonse
Hawk, Isabelle 25 July 1851 Butler County, Ohio 16 May 1933 Stephen, Minnesota Field, John William
Healy, Anne* Elizabeth Private       Field, Eugene* Allen
Helman, Arnold DuWayne Private       Eller, Dorothy Jane
Helman, Carl David 2 August 1887 Rockville, Indiana 12 December 1958   Field, Ada Gay
Helman, Carol Private        
Helman, Dawn Private        
Helman, George D Private       Troy, Bertha
Helman, Henry John Private       Magill, Emma Ann
Helman, Jerry Private        
Helman, Larry Private        
Helman, Viola June Private       Irvin, Guy D.
Helmic, Mary         Field, Oscar Chalmer
Hemble Private       Sullivan, Nancy
Henry, Linnie Dorcas 14 November 1889 Shelby County, Illinois 12 May 1979 Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana Field, Howard Wesley
Henshaw, Nona W.         Field, Joseph J.
Hepner Private       Field, Martha Rose
Hill, Frances 5 August 1775   23 April 1859 Culpeper County, Virginia Field, Henry
Hinkle, Lavica* 3 August 1857 Springfield, Clark County, Ohio 18 November 1922 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana Field, George* Emery
Hoffman, Joseph         Field, Gladys
Hollis, Thomas         Field, Matilda
Holt, Gilbert Lee 17 May 1913 Murray, Kentucky 6 October 1979 Bradenton, Florida Field, Marjorie Helene
Holt, Jon Gilbert Private        
Holt, Michael Gilbert Private        
Holt, Michael Lewis Private       Weisenborn, Susan
Hottenroth, David Private       Rausch, Pamela
Huckins, Cathy Lee Private       Field, Dennis Robert
Huff, William T.         Field, Elizabeth
Hume, Roberta Private       Field, Ronald Keen
Irvin, Gene D. Private        
Irvin, Guy D. Private       Helman, Viola June
Irwin, Elaine Private       Field, Wayne LeRoy
Ivester, Melinda Private       Ragan, Jeffrey Scott
Jackson, Sarah E.         Turner, Charles Abram B.
Jane A. Private       Beveridge, Mayburn
Janie         Field, Ishmael Worth
Johnson Private       Williams, Julie Ann
Johnson, Charles A. Private       Wright, Pauline
Johnson, Malinda abt. 1817 Indiana 22 September 1872 Greene County, Illinois Field, Keen Wither, Jr.
Jones, Beverly Private       Field, Daughter
Jones, Charlette         Pryor, George Washington
Jones, Frances 8 June 1765   19 May 1838 Jefferson County, Kentucky Field, Reuben
Jones, Franklin Junior Private       Wright, Susan Elizabeth
Jones, Fred C. abt. 1876 Greene County, Illinois     Field, Minnie E.
Jones, Prsicilla May         Field, Stanton Eugene
Jons Private       Logan, Nicki Michelle
Jons, Amy Private        
Joy, Kathy Private       Staninger, Charles Richard, Jr.
Kalfus, Elizabeth         Field, Alexander Pope
Karen Fay Private       Caldwell, Dennis Wayne
Kautz, Raymond E. 1896   October 1946 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Nina I.
Kell, Elizabeth Jane   Kentucky 15 December 1853 Greene County, Illinois Field, Joseph Riley
Kell, Thomas James         Field, Elizabeth
Kelly Private       Green, Cheryl
Kelly, Fannie Field 14 November 1832 Culpeper County, Virginia (prob.) 27 July 1862 Culpeper County, Virginia (prob.) Berry, John S.
Kelly, John James 1831        
Kelly, John Payne 10 March 1789   13 April 1871   Field, Anne P.
Kemp, Adam Private        
Kemp, Margaret May Private        
Kemp, Robert S., Jr. Private       Field, Pam
Kennard, Angie Private       Williams, Donald Ray
Kenny, Alexa Katherine Private        
Kenny, Christopher Lee Private       Wright, Johanna Neal
Kenwascher, Hildegard Private       Miller, William, Jr.
Kenwascher, Margaretta Private       Kull, Ivan
Kessinger, Betty         Field, Robert Allen
Ketchum, Brandon Jacob Private        
Ketchum, David Private       Zedov, Deborah Jean
Ketchum, Kyle Matthew Private        
Kimberly Jo Private       Wright, David PauI II
Kinney, Wilson         Field, Cynthia L.
Klem, Donald Private        
Klem, Dorothy Private        
Klem, George Bet. 1895 - 1905   Aft. 1975 Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana Field, Mildred Dora
Klem, Lee Private        
Klem, Ray Private        
Knaub, Rachel Amelia 30 January 1850 Clark County, Ohio, near Springfield 18 August 1872 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Henry Clinton
Knaub, Sarah Jane 22 March 1853 Clark County, Ohio, near Springfield 9 October 1876 Patoka, Gibson County, Indiana Field, George* Emery
Kolkwarf, Clarence Private       Krile, Emma Maurine
Krause, Kathy Private       Wenger, David Joel
Krause, Lauren Private        
Krile, Charles Louis 22 July 1882 Shelby County, Illinois 12 April 1962 Decatur, Illinois Field, Matilda Lovella
Krile, Derick Private        
Krile, Edward 20 January 1886   9 December 1910 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Field, Bessie W.
Krile, Elmer Louis 30 July 1904   3 March 1990   Williamson, Esther
Krile, Emma Louise 21 August 1906 Windsor, Shelby County, Illinois 28 December 1924 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Schrimpf, Walter Paul
Krile, Emma Maurine Private       McCabe, Carter
Krile, Frederick Henry Private       Anderson, Mary Mattie
Krile, Gertrude Fern Private       Biehler, Lester Louis
Krile, Kay Annette Private        
Krile, Marrianna Private       Moffett
Krile, Melvin Charles 19 May 1934 Windsor, Shelby County, Illinois 1960   Findlay, Shirley
Kull, Ashley Dawn Private        
Kull, Douglas Harold Private       George, Melissa
Kull, Harold Kenneth 8 June 1917   20 December 1974 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Reel, Fern
Kull, Ivan Private       Kenwascher, Margaretta
Kull, Marsha Private       Albert, David
Kull, Stephen Douglas Private       Phipps, Lora
Kull, Steven Todd Private        
Kull, Susan Private       Mauck, Lawrence
Kull, Trent Christian Private        
Kull, Tressa Christina Private        
Kull, William E. 10 July 1886 Strassburg, Shelby County, Illinois 3 December 1982 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Field, Bessie W.
Lafond, Laura Private       Zedov, Raymond Christopher
Landgrebe, Earl Private       Field, Helen Lucille
Lane, Anderson         Field, Permelia Fanny
Lane, John         Randolph, Sarah E.
Lane, Sam         Randolph, Emma J.
Lawrence, David Alfred Private       Wright, Liesl Lanell
Lawrence, Sage Marlee Wright Private        
Leach, John         Field, Cynthia
Leach, Prisilla 1842 Gibson County, Indiana     McKedy, Thomas H.
Lee         Field, Fanny
Lemaster, James         Field, Penelope
Leonard, Alecia Marie Private        
Leonard, Christopher Lee Private        
Leonard, Cody Alvin Private        
Leonard, David Eugene Private       Freet, Julia
Leonard, David Eugene, Jr. Private        
Leonard, Thomas Jon Private        
Leonard, Thomas Wallace Private       Williams, Linda Rae
Leonard, Tony Lee Private       May, June
Leora Private       Field, Arthur O.
Lewis, Anna* 1773   Aft. 1850 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Field, Keen*
Lewis, Gordon     14 February 1996   Cook, Nancy
Lewis, Hannah         Field, Lewis
Lewis, William         Field, Cynthia
Lightfoot, Anne     Bef. 1778   Field, Henry
Lisa Private       Field, D. Andrew
Logan, Darrell Lee Private       Biehler, Judith Ann
Logan, Nicki Michelle Private       Jons
Logan, Scott Michael Private       Amy
Lou, Mary Private       Caldwell, Dennis Wayne
Louise Private       Field, Lester Marion
Lynn, Amanda 2 August 1879 Indiana 15 April 1913 Columbia Twp., Gibson County, Indiana Field, Oscar E.
Magill, Emma Ann Private       Helman, Henry John
Marian Private       Beveridge, Cecil
Marilyn Private       Field, Bernard
Markley, Elizabeth A. 1851 Ohio     Field, Henry Clinton
Marshall, John 27 September 1784 Caroline County, Virginia 19 April 1830 Ohio River, Caledonia, Illinois Field, Mildred
Marshall, Lewis Field 29 October 1825 Ballard County, Kentucky 19 February 1877   Foree, Mary Helen Marshall
Martin, Isaphena 1847   15 May 1852    
Martin, Jane 18 September 1849 Gibson County, Indiana 12 October 1918 White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana Erwin, James L.
Martin, Melvina 1851   3 August 1852    
Martin, William 1807 Kentucky 14 February 1852 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Nancy A.
Mary Private       Wright, Wayne
Mary E. 1 December 1868   13 July 1932 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Beverly, George W.
Mattox, Arthur Private       Wenger, Lynn Ann
Mattox, Julia Marie Private       Morningstar, Matt
Mauck, Lawrence Private       Kull, Susan
May, Euphemia 1834 Kentucky      
May, James 1831 Kentucky      
May, June Private       Leonard, Tony Lee
May, Richard L. 1799 Nelson County, Kentucky 1872   Field, Lucy
May, Virginia 1836 Kentucky      
McCabe, Carter Private       Krile, Emma Maurine
McElroy, Sue         Field, Emmet
McFarland, Elizabeth         Field, William
McFarland, Louisa B. abt. 1817 Kentucky     Field, Willis
McFarland, Rachel 28 November 1796 North Carolina 28 October 1856   Field, John
McFetridge, Samuel     Bef. September 1823 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Cynthia
McGehee, John         Field, Maria Myrtle
McGhee, Lucy         Field, William
McKamie, Richard Rory Private       Ragan, Nikola Lynn
McKedy, Mary Ellen abt. 1856 Indiana 1911   Field, Reuben
McKedy, Thomas H. 28 September 1820 Gibson County, Indiana 18 July 1905 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Teel, Maria
McKinley, James Private       Arnold, Sue Ellen
McMillien, Nancy   Clark County, Kentucky     Field, William
McMullen, Sarah 1823 Kentucky Aft. 1901 somewhere on the Oregon Trail Field, Reuben R.
Meehan, John A.         Erwin, Anna Maud
Melinda, Lauren Private       Wright, Stephen Craig
Metcalf, Malinda Barbara 5 February 1841 Calloway County, Kentucky 9 February 1926 Pulaski County, Illinois Field, Ezekiel
Meyers, Marsha Private       Leonard, David Eugene
Mildred 23 March 1905   2 May 1987 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Tobe A.
Miles, Penelope Ann         Field, Curtis
Miller, Christopher Private        
Miller, David Private       Staninger, Cynthia Jean
Miller, William 2 November 1886       Field, Fern
Miller, William, Jr. Private       Kenwascher, Hildegard
Minard, Wanda Gene 7 August 1913 Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana 21 February 1999 Highland, Michigan Field, Leslie Oliver
Mischke, Amy E. Private        
Mischke, Andrea J. Private       Odum, Bruce W.
Mischke, Charles R. Private       Field, Beatrice G.
Mischke, Charles R. II Private        
Moffett Private       Krile, Marrianna
Moore, Elizabeth 12 February 1838 Indiana 11 November 1873 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Benjamin* R.
Moore, Karen Ruthe Private       Wright, Robert Daniel
Morningstar, Jessica Private        
Morningstar, Matt Private       Mattox, Julia Marie
Morrison, Rachel E. abt. 1840 North Carolina     Field, Joseph Jackson
Morrow, William         Field, Nancy
Morton, Arabella   Maryland     Field, Thomas
Morton, Donald Eugene Private       Reno, Ester Ione
Mounts, Mary 1810 Indiana     Field, Thomas Withers
Mounts, Nancy J.         Field, Benjamin R.
Munter, Spicy abt. 1834 Indiana     Field, Ezekiel
Murphey, Bridget S. Private        
Murphey, William G. Private       Field, Beatrice G.
Murphy, Lillian Elizabeth 19 November 1889 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 17 January 1962 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Field, Elmer Hinkle
Myrtle, Mary         Field, Reubin
Myrtle, Mary     9 March 1804   Field, Ezekiel H.
Newland         Field, Margaret
Newsum, Fannie J. 26 June 1860 Posey County, Indiana 17 January 1915 White River Twp., Gibson County, Indiana Field, Robert Allen
Newton, James 1787   1867   Field, Frances
Newton, William         Field, Elizabeth
Newton, William 9 June 1783 Virginia 18 April 1872 Kentucky Field, Elizabeth
O'Bannon, Alice         Field, John
O'Bannon, Mary E.     16 August 1857   Field, John
Odum, Andrew M. Private        
Odum, Bruce W. Private       Mischke, Andrea J.
Oldham, William         Field, Elizabeth
Oliver, Ron Private       Warren, Barbara
Oliver, Ron Private        
Ophelia         Field, Joseph Riley
Oxford, Thomas     Bef. 15 April 1782 Culpeper County, Virginia Field, Elizabeth
Palmer, John         Randolph, Ida M.
Pamela Kay Private       Faught, Daniel Craig
Papineau, Mildred Private       Field, Ralph Dean
Parnell, Ewing Ross Private       Reno, Ester Ione
Patricia A. Private       Field, Ronald K.
Patton, Vina         Field, A. Jackson
Pauley, William Henry 1859   1939 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Field, Nancy Jane
Pauline Private       Wright, Dan Field
Penlope, Willie Mae 1925   1973   Wright, Harold Vernon
Pennington, David Anthony Private       Zedov, Denise Marie
Pennington, David Anthony Private        
Pennington, Michael Jeffrey Private        
Peterson, Minerva E. 4 September 1858 Harrison County, Indiana 20 September 1929 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana Field, Henry Clinton
Peyton, Kevin Scott Private        
Peyton, Nicole Marie Private        
Peyton, Reygene Private       Roth, Richard Dennis
Peyton, Robert Gary Private        
Peyton, Robert Gene 1930   1997   Reno, Carol Ray
Peyton, Thomas Lee Private       Catherine Kay
Phillips, Nancy J. 1833 Indiana 7 August 1862 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Field, Joseph Jackson
Phillips, Randall Eugene Private       Wenger, Karol Lee
Phillips, Sawyer Anne Private        
Phillips, Tanner Randall Private        
Phipps, Lora Private       Kull, Stephen Douglas
Pilkington, Margalee Private       Wright, Robert Daniel
Pope, Jane         Field, Abner
Prewitt, Alphie     15 June 1896   Field, Levi
Pryor, Charles Frances 27 September 1868        
Pryor, Francis Marion 24 March 1844 Scott County, Illinois     Farmer, Elizabeth Jane
Pryor, George Washington 21 September 1882 Greene County, Illinois 12 September 1957 Greene County, Illinois Jones, Charlette
Pryor, John Philip 8 September 1874        
Pryor, Mary 1 October 1866        
Pryor, Minnie M. 1 July 1880 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 3 May 1881 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Pryor, Nettie Caroline 12 March 1870 Greene County, Illinois 15 May 1870 Greene County, Illinois  
Pryor, Ruby Mae Private       Gillis, Eugene
Quade, John Webb Private       Wright, Pauline
Rachel         Field, Benjamin
Ragan, Bradley Curtis Private       Smith, Debrah Kay
Ragan, Hubert Lasson, Jr. Private       Ramer, Mary Frances
Ragan, Jeffrey Scott Private       Sheppard, Twila Jean
Ragan, Karrin LeAnne Private       Ridley, John Walter, Jr.
Ragan, Kenneth Lasson Private        
Ragan, Kimbal Hugh Private       Stevens, Julie Beth
Ragan, Kristin Michelle Private       Williams, Kenneth Ray
Ragan, Michael William Private       Stagman, Terry Lee
Ragan, Nikola Lynn Private       McKamie, Richard Rory
Rainbolt, Shawn Marie Private        
Rainbolt, Timothy Private       Staninger, Cynthia Jean
Raines, Loretta Private       Field, A. Eugene
Raines, Ottie M. 1887 Greene County, Illinois     Field, Frederick W.
Raines, William A.         Field, Elizabeth
Rainey, Grace* 31 July 1797 South Carolina 30 March 1862 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Abraham*
Ramer, Elmon Randolph 19 June 1902 Massac County, Illinois 14 November 1987 Flint, Genesee County, Michigan Fournie, Adeline Madge
Ramer, James David Private        
Ramer, Mary Frances 25 March 1924 Grand Chain, Illinois 12 January 1988 Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, Alabama Ragan, Hubert Lasson, Jr.
Randolph, Emma J.         Lane, Sam
Randolph, Hugh V.          
Randolph, Ida M.         Palmer, John
Randolph, John W. 1837 Illinois     Field, Charity
Randolph, Joseph A.   Gibson County, Indiana      
Randolph, Nancy A.         Shanon, John
Randolph, Sarah E.         Lane, John
Randolph, Stella B.         White, John
Ranolds         Field, Sarah
Rapp, Lauren Elizabeth Private        
Rapp, Robert Lee Private        
Rapp, William Randall Private       Wright, Lydia Marie
Rausch, Dr. Russel David Private       Elizabeth Lee
Rausch, Janet Private       Sharritts, Stephen
Rausch, Lt. David Andrew Private       Field, Judith
Rausch, Pamela Private       Hottenroth, David
Rawlings, Benjamin Winferd 15 February 1882 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois 28 June 1968 Christian County, Illinois Seymour, Etta Mae
Rawlings, Child          
Rawlings, Henry abt. 1837 Illinois     Field, Nancy Jane
Rawlings, James H. abt. 1857 Indiana      
Rawlings, John William 6 January 1870 Gibson County, Indiana 12 January 1871 Gibson County, Indiana  
Rawlings, Jonathan abt. 1846 Illinois     Field, Serena
Rawlings, Keen Willis 9 May 1868 Gibson County, Indiana 15 May 1943   Bodine, Emma Dora
Rawlings, Lloyd W. 19 November 1835 Strasburg, Shelby County, Illinois 1 February 1916 Strasburg, Shelby County, Illinois Field, Cordelia
Rawlings, Lloyd, Jr. 25 April 1875 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois 25 April 1875 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois  
Rawlings, Mary M. abt. January 1860 Indiana      
Rawlings, Oliver Henry 25 April 1875 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois 4 April 1936 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Bodine, Ella C.
Rawlings, Oscar Welborn 7 May 1866 Gibson County, Indiana 11 July 1941 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Wall, Frances Idella
Rebecca Private       Field, Richard Byron
Reel, Fern 2 December 1920 Strassburg, Shelby County, Illinois 7 May 1967   Kull, Harold Kenneth
Renee Private       Zedov, Paul
Renner, Emeline abt. 1852 Illinois Bef. 1900   Turner, James B.
Reno, Carol Ray Private       Peyton, Robert Gene
Reno, Esta Ray 1900   1980   Wright, Vivian Ione
Reno, Ester Ione Private       Morton, Donald Eugene
Reno, Terry Ellen Private       Sides, Richard
Richards, Child          
Richards, Child          
Richards, Child          
Richards, Child          
Richards, Lavina abt. 1839 Illinois     Field, Stephen Lewis
Richards, Nickson A. 16 March 1829 Nashville, Tennessee 31 July 1874 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Nancy A.
Richardson, Martha         Field, Curtis, Jr.
Ridley, John Walter, Jr. Private       Ragan, Karrin LeAnne
Riley, Stanley Burk Private       Sparks, Julie Ann
Ripley Private       Turner, Lulu Irene
Ripley, Louis Private       Dodd, Jane Anne
Robb, Vincent F.         Field, Charity E.
Roberts         Field, Anna
Roberts, Ed Private       Field, Patsy
Roberts, Hannah abt. 1730 Culpeper County, Virginia 1782 Culpeper County, Virginia Field, William
Roberts, Melissa Private        
Roberts, Russel Private        
Roberts, Scott Private        
Roberts, Ward Private        
Roberts, William         Field, Eliza
Robertson, Ida E.         Rowe, James D.
Robertson, John C. Private       Field, Wilma Alice
Robinson, Elnora Private       Field, Glen Wallace
Rodman, Carl Bennie Private       Wright, Kathy Amaryllis
Roman, John Nicholas 2 April 1915 Whiting, Lake County, Indiana 1979 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Mary Irene
Romine, James abt. 1869        
Rose Private       Wenger, David Joel
Roth, Levi Gene Private        
Roth, Richard Dennis Private       Peyton, Reygene
Rounds, Jo Ann Private       Field, Lee Ray
Rouse, George Cecil 1895   1977   Clark, Vera Margaret
Rouse, Gerald Clark 1931   1997   Camp, Kathryn Maxine
Rouse, James Curtis 1862   1923   Shackelford, Edith Vestina
Rouse, Noel Curtis 1840   1902   Whaling, Isabelle
Rouse, Terri Lynne Private        
Rowe, Freddie 1872 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1872 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Rowe, James D.         Robertson, Ida E.
Rowe, Jessie 1880 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1880 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Rowe, Laura A. 1863 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1864 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Rowe, Luella 1873 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) 1876 Greene County, Illinois (prob.)  
Rowe, William Daniel 1838   1923 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Field, Cordelia A.
Runnion, James David Private       Field, Katherine Louise
Ruth Ann Private       Caldwell, Dennis Wayne
Rutledge, Erin Lynn Private        
Rutledge, Milton Lewis Private       Caldwell, Debbie Lynn
Sally         Field, John
Sanders, Diane Cheryl Private       Field, John Wayne
Sarah         Field, Daniel
Schantz, Rose Mary Private       Field, Glen Wallace
Schrimpf, Nina Eileen Private       Fender, James Isaac
Schrimpf, Walter Paul 1 October 1898   2 April 1980 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Krile, Emma Louise
Seymour, Etta Mae         Rawlings, Benjamin Winferd
Shackelford, Edith Vestina 1872   1957   Rouse, James Curtis
Shackleford, Judith Maria 18 March 1822   18 March 1855 Memphis, Tennessee Field, Levi
Shanon, John         Randolph, Nancy A.
Sharon Kay Private       Caldwell, Dennis Wayne
Sharritts, Stephen Private       Rausch, Janet
Shelby, Karen Private       Field, Harold
Sheppard, Twila Jean Private       Ragan, Jeffrey Scott
Sheron Jane Private       Faught, Daniel Craig
Sheryl Private       Wright, Larry
Shipp, Leyla Joy Private       Gentry, James Arthur
Shipp, Melvin Ray Private       Caldwell, Debbie Lynn
Shute, Hazel Don abt. 1893       Field, Maletius F.
Sides, Richard Private       Reno, Terry Ellen
Singleton, Nora Jane Private       Wright, Harold Vernon
Slaughter, Ann 1755       Banks, Baylor
Slaughter, Diana         Field, Henry Hill
Slaughter, George Bet. 1731 - 1740 Culpeper County, Virginia 1815 Columbus, Ohio Field, Mary
Slaughter, John Field         Alexander
Slaughter, John Field          
Slaughter, Lawrence         Field, Elizabeth
Slaughter, Mildred 1771 Culpeper County, Virginia 1853   Field, Benjamin
Slaughter, Milly          
Slaughter, Robert          
Slaughter, Robert Field 1766       Bond, Sarah
Smith         Field, Polly
Smith, Allie May          
Smith, Annie       Gentryville, Indiana Field, Charles Perry
Smith, Debrah Kay Private       Ragan, Bradley Curtis
Smith, James S. abt. 1862 Indiana     Field, Grace A.
Smith, Josephine Martha 30 April 1861 White River Twp. Gibson County, Indiana 3 March 1901 Gibson County, Indiana Field, Keen R.
Sparks, Julie Ann Private       Riley, Stanley Burk
Sparks, William Christopher Private       Wright, Susan Elizabeth
Spevack, Helen M. 1912   1995 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Arthur O.
Springs, Suzanne Private       Wright, David Paul
Stacey A. Private       Field, Kenneth W.
Stagman, Terry Lee Private       Ragan, Michael William
Stalcup, Lillian 1 July 1889   1982   Field, Eldren Ellis
Staninger, Bruce Allen Private       Twylla
Staninger, Bruce Allen Private        
Staninger, Charles Richard Private        
Staninger, Charles Richard, Jr. 11 October 1957 Gary, Lake County, Indiana December 1978   Joy, Kathy
Staninger, Charles Robert   Jan 12 September 1973   Field, Maxine Agnes
Staninger, Cynthia Jean Private       Rainbolt, Timothy
Staninger, Gary Wayne Private        
Staninger, Kevin Robert Private       Amy
Staninger, Kyle Richard Private        
Steelman, Carrie V. 1887 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) 1970 Gibson County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Elmer Marshall
Stevens, Julie Beth Private       Ragan, Kimbal Hugh
Stewardson, Eliza 14 August 1866   22 June Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Field, Benjamin S.
Stone, Elizabeth 24 October 1830 Illinois 18 February 1888 Greene County, Illinois (prob.) Field, Abraham J. Ryley
Stone, James K. Private        
Stone, John H. abt. 1880 Indiana     Field, Effie
Stone, Robert abt. 1903 Indiana      
Stone, Theresa Private        
Storm, Charles abt. 1872 Illinois      
Storm, Clarence abt. 1879 Illinois      
Storm, Frank abt. 1886 Illinois      
Storm, John M.         Turner, Nancy J.
Sullivan, Jack Private       Field, Vivian Lois
Sullivan, Nancy Private       Hemble
Susan Private       Field, Jeffrey R.
Susan Elizabeth Private       Wright, Stephen Craig
Susan, Leslie Private       Caldwell, David Ray
Tarwater, Cora Private       Field, Robert J.
Taylor, Francis         Field, Judith
Testerman, Evaline Joyce Elaine Private       Wright, Rev. Edger Lee
Thomas, Martha E. abt. 1848 Kentucky     Field, Benjamin* R.
Troy, Bertha Private       Helman, George D
Turner, Arthur Henderson 5 March 1868 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) 24 May 1951 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Field, Annie Laurie
Turner, Charles Abram B. 1856   1929   Jackson, Sarah E.
Turner, Edith A. 6 January 1879 Shumway, Effingham County, Illinois (prob.) 20 August 1880 Shumway, Effingham County, Illinois  
Turner, Effie M. abt. 1875 Illinois      
Turner, James B. 9 September 1846 Illinois 28 October 1934 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Renner, Emeline
Turner, Jana Marie Private        
Turner, Lester Private       Cook, Nancy
Turner, Lewis Wiltse   Indiana     Carmain, Florence
Turner, Lorenzo H. 14 May 1826 Wilson County, Tennessee 20 May 1905 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois Field, Cynthia Ann
Turner, Lorenzo Henry II 24 August 1888   23 November 1978 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Whitlatch, Lulu Mae
Turner, Lorenzo Henry III 22 January 1916 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana 28 April 1995 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana Utz, Marie
Turner, Lorenzo Henry IV Private        
Turner, Lulu Irene 1918   1997 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Arnold, Russell Irwin
Turner, Minnie A. 10 December 1871 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) 16 August 1872 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.)  
Turner, Nancy J. abt. 1848 Indiana     Storm, John M.
Turner, Pansy 30 August 1894   14 November 1894 Shelby County, Illinois  
Turner, Ralph W. 4 January 1893   15 August 1893 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.)  
Turner, Sarah E. 4 March 1858 Illinois 14 December 1943 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana Grove, Seymour R.
Turpin, William H. abt. 1857 Indiana     Field, Sarah Elizabeth
Tuttle, Gilpin S. 1882   1949   Field, Maggie E.
Twylla Private       Staninger, Bruce Allen
Utz, Marie Private       Turner, Lorenzo Henry III
Van Nostran, Joseph         Field, Catherine
Vaught, Martha Ellen 1846 Indiana 23 April 1915 Columbia Township, Gibson County, Indiana Field, Lewis A.
Vinyard, Amy Edna 18 August 1865 Greene County, Illinois     Warren, Charles Grant
Vinyard, Squire Hezakiah abt. 1833 Greene County, Illinois     Field, Anna
Walker, Jesse         Field, William A.
Wall, Frances Idella 9 November 1866   26 November 1948 Shelby County, Illinois (prob.) Rawlings, Oscar Welborn
Warren, Barbara Private       Oliver, Ron
Warren, Charles Grant         Vinyard, Amy Edna
Warren, Fred Charles Private        
Watkins, A.     Bef. 1914   Field, Jennie
Weisenborn, Susan Private       Holt, Michael Lewis
Wells, Dorothy Jeanette Private       Breslin, Mark Richard
Wells, Julia B. 27 December 1881 Indiana 9 April 1978 Gibson County, Indiana (prob) Field, Veachel Vandever
Wenger, Darwin Dean 25 February 1929 Jimtown, Elkhart County, Indiana 21 August 1987 Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana Field, Rae Ellen
Wenger, David Joel Private       Rose
Wenger, Eric Christian Private        
Wenger, Janelle Private        
Wenger, Karol Lee Private       Phillips, Randall Eugene
Wenger, Kent Alan Private        
Wenger, Lisa Rae 15 May 1961 Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana 7 January 1966    
Wenger, Lynn Ann Private       Mattox, Arthur
Werner, Mabel 8 August 1909 Indiana 9 October 1958 Gary, Lake County, Indiana Field, Lester Marion
Whaling, Isabelle 1839   1873   Rouse, Noel Curtis
Whaling, John 1803   1851   Field, Nancy
Whitcomb, Mary Estella 31 January 1875   26 July 1941 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana Field, Arthur Clarence
White, John         Randolph, Stella B.
Whitlatch, Lulu Mae 9 June 1889   13 September 1956 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana (prob.) Turner, Lorenzo Henry II
Whyte, Diana Kay Private       Field, Bradley George
Wilhite, Martha A. abt. 1858 Indiana abt. 1882 Indiana Field, John William
Williams, Brydon Private        
Williams, Donald Ray Private       Kennard, Angie
Williams, Jacob Samuel III Private        
Williams, Jacob Samuel, Jr. 31 December 1911 Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio 9 December 1983 Union, Porter Twp., Cass County, Michigan Field, Myrtle Mae
Williams, James E. Private       Field, Virginia Elizabeth
Williams, Julie Ann Private       Johnson
Williams, Kenneth Ray Private       Ragan, Kristin Michelle
Williams, Linda Rae Private       Leonard, Thomas Wallace
Williams, Peggy Joan Private       Harman, Steve Wayne
Williams, Penny Jeanette Private       Greenwell, Harold
Williams, Samuel Private        
Williamson, Esther Private       Krile, Elmer Louis
Wilscam, Rose 1886 Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 27 January 1918   Field, Walter Marion
Wilson, Joseph William Private       Reno, Terry Ellen
Withers, Elizabeth* 23 December 1706 Stafford County, Virginia Bet. 1746 - 1753 Culpeper County, Virginia Field, Abraham*
Withers, Isaac C.         Field, Artridge
Witherspoon, Eddie A.         Erwin, Nancy A.
Wolf, Otto     1942   Field, Gladys
Wood, Ferne Private       Field, Robert Byron
Woodsy, Cornelius         Field, Celina
Wright, Ashley Edgar, Jr. Private        
Wright, Ashley Edger Private       Beck, Laurie Faye
Wright, Benjamin David Private        
Wright, Carrie Nichole Private        
Wright, Christina Joval Private        
Wright, Dan Field 1912   1967   Pauline
Wright, David PauI II Private       Kimberly Jo
Wright, David Paul Private       Springs, Suzanne
Wright, Harold Vernon 1914   1969   Singleton, Nora Jane
Wright, Holly Morgan Private        
Wright, Janice Marie Private       Chesson, Murry Gordon, Jr.
Wright, Jennifer Lauren Private        
Wright, Joel? Private        
Wright, Johanna Neal Private       Kenny, Christopher Lee
Wright, Kathy Amaryllis Private       Hancock, Ronald Rooney
Wright, Larry Private       Sheryl
Wright, LeLoy Clarisse Private       Breslin, Richard Dennis
Wright, Liesl Lanell Private       Lawrence, David Alfred
Wright, Lindsay Private        
Wright, Lorilee Lanell Private       Dennis, Steven Lee
Wright, Lydia Marie Private       Rapp, William Randall
Wright, Michael Private        
Wright, Michael Alan Private        
Wright, Orpha Edgar, Sr. 1882   1929   Field, Ruth
Wright, Orpha Edger, Jr. 1910   1958   Coleman, Margaret Clarisse
Wright, Pauline Private       Johnson, Charles A.
Wright, Phillip Private        
Wright, Rev. Edger Lee 1938   1991   Testerman, Evaline Joyce Elaine
Wright, Robert Daniel Private       Pilkington, Margalee
Wright, Ruth Ellen Private       Faught, Floyd Franklin
Wright, Stephen Craig Private       Susan Elizabeth
Wright, Susan Elizabeth Private       Sparks, William Christopher
Wright, Vivian Ione 1907   1992   Reno, Esta Ray
Wright, Wayne Private       Mary
Wright, Zandalee Springs Private        
Yancey, Richard Henry abt. 1748 Culpeper County, Virginia 1804 Culpeper County, Virginia Field, Judith Agatha
Yaple, Evan Bet. 1890 - 1898   Bet. 1950 - 1975 Whitefish, Flathead County, Monatna Field, Myrtle Nancy
Young, Mary J.         Field, William Hill
Young, Philip, Jr. abt. 1874 Greene County, Illinois Bef. 1914   Field, Mary E.
Youngman, Elizabeth abt. 1827 Indiana     Field, Ezekiel
Zedov, Deborah Jean Private       Ketchum, David
Zedov, Denise Marie Private       Pennington, David Anthony
Zedov, Natasha Collette Private        
Zedov, Paul Private       Renee
Zedov, Paul Henry, Jr. Private       Field, Glenda Lou
Zedov, Raymond Christopher Private       Lafond, Laura
Zedov, Raymond Christopher, Jr. Private        
Zedov, Samantha Kristen Private        
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