Camp in the Field near Atlanta, GA
July the 8th 1864

Dear Parents,

     I take the pleasure to write you a few lines & let you know that I am well at present, and hope these few lines will find you the same. I have had no letter from you for a long time & I would have wrote one but I kep wating for an answer until I got out of patience & I thought perhaps my letter got lost & you was uneasy because you could not hear from me so I thought I would write this evening. Since I last wrote to you, we have had some purty hard times, we have bin under the enemy fire for one month. We have drove the rebbels across the Chattanooga River within 8 miles of Atlanta. our Divison is now within the is at the river this morning. This is the 9th we left yesterday before I could finish my letter. We put a bridge across the river yesterday, and part of our Corps crossed the river yesterday & took one Battery from the rebbels. I suppose we will cross the river today. I expect that we will soon be in an engagement again. The rebels are retreating all the time. They have verry strong works and a great many of them. This is the hardest campane that ever has bin since the war comenced. But I think it will end the war. I think we will come home this year, if not I can't tell when we will come home.

     The men in the Army generly think that when Richmond & Atlanta are taken the war will be over & they think those two towns will soon be in our posesion. We have not bin payed yet nor won't be until this campane is over. You must get along the best that you can untill I get my pay & then I will send you $50 dollars.

     Daniel Lint is with us yet he is well and harty.

     I have had no leter for a long time, I spose that some of them get lost.

     Well I have not much to write now but it is verry warm here. I heard that it was very hot & dry in Indiana this sumer & that the crops looked poor this season. I want you to write as soon as you can. I would write oftener if I could but we don't have much time to write. I send my respects to all my friends hoping to see you soon.

     I will soon close my letter. I will let you know that Samuel & David Frymire were well the last time I seen them. they are in the 128th Regt, Ind. Vols.

No more at present so goodby.

From your well wishing son.

Direct to

Co G 129th Regt, Ind. Vols
Chatanooga, Tenn

Chauncey Fremont Gohn was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania July 17th, 1841. Moved to Indiana in May 1844, with his parents. He enlisted in Co. G 48th Ind. Regiment Jan. 20th, 1862 at Goshen Indiana. He died in Fremont, Newaygo County, Michigan 16 May 1932.

He was a son of John P. Gohn and Lydia Mosholder. His sister was Isabelle Gohn Frymire. One of Isabelle's daughters, Elizabeth Rosette Frymire, married James Robert Wilson. Their daughter Tressa Ethel Wilson married Floyd M. Grasz. It is to Tressa and Floyd's daughter, Miriam Grasz Field, that this web site is dedicated.

We have written permission from Galen Miller a second great grandson of Chauncey F. Gohn to use this and the other two letters on our web-site.

Letter from Chauncey Gohn, July 21st.1864

A letter from Chauncey F. Gohn to his great grandson Glendon Gindlesperger, November 26, 1928