We left Goshen Feb 7th (seventh) for Cairo, Ill. where we got on a Steamer and went up the Ohio River about 45 miles to Paducah Kentucky. we staid there two months. Then we went up the Tennessee River to Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn. From there to Corinth, Mississippi where we [illegible] the siege and much fighting at and near there in May 1862.

     In September we marched from Rienza Miss. three days march to Iuka Miss where we had an awful battle the 19th Sept. Our General (Rosecrans) had 20,000 twenty thousand men. The Enemy had 60,000 sixty thousand men and we didn't [illegible] them. But the loss on both sides was awful. Some comands were [illegible] after the battle [illegible] on the 3rd and 4th of October [illegible] we fought the same troops that we fought at Iuka and we gave them a good thrashing again. we next went 5 miles [obscured] Tenn to gard a Railroad [obscured] our next move was down the Mississippi River to Millikens Bend 20 miles above Vicksburg. We finally marched through Louisiana and below Vicksburg and crossed the river at Bruinsburg. We then met the Enemy at Port Gibson and defeated them at Raymond May 12th, next at Jackson May 14th. (There my Regt captured a Fort and 7 seven [illegible]. Jackson is the capitol of Mississippi.

     Next Battle May 16th at Champion Hill which was a very Stubborn Battle. The next hard Battle was May 22nd at Vicksburg and then the Siege 47 days. Hard work and hard fighting. The Enemy Surrendered in the afternoon July 3rd and we marched into the city on the 8 8 [illegible] July 4th. My Division was the first in the city and we put our [illegible].

     This is [illegible].

     I enlisted in Co. G 129th Ind. Regiment Jan 1864 at Kendallville, Ind. We went to Louisville Ky. in March and from there we marched to Nashville Tennisee & staid there a couple of weeks. Then we march to Charleston [illegible]. that was a march of 21 days in succession. That was a verry hard march.

     We then joined Sherman's Army on the Atlanta campaign through Georgia, where we were under fire 100 days.

I will not, and can not give you near all of the engagements that I was in but all told battles and skirmishes were about sixty. Our first battle was Resaba Georgia, we ware in a fight every other day clear down to Atlanta. at Rockey face, Kenesaw Mountain, [illegible] Decatur, Utah creek where I [illegible] my regiment.

...and at Atlanta Georgia and many others.

Glendon, you must excuse poor writing. My right hand is so badly crippled that I can hardly write.

From your Great Grand Pa

Chauncey F. Gohn 509 Oak St. West Fremont Mich

November 26, 1928

87 years old

Chauncey Fremont Gohn was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania July 17th, 1841. Moved to Indiana in May 1844, with his parents. He enlisted in Co. G 48th Ind. Regiment Jan. 20th, 1862 at Goshen Indiana. He died in Fremont, Newaygo County, Michigan 16 May 1932.

He was a son of John P. Gohn and Lydia Mosholder. His sister was Isabelle Gohn Frymire. One of Isabelle's daughters, Elizabeth Rosette Frymire, married James Robert Wilson. Their daughter Tressa Ethel Wilson married Floyd M. Grasz. It is to Tressa and Floyd's daughter, Miriam Grasz Field, that this web site is dedicated.

We have written permission from Galen Miller a second great grandson of Chauncey F. Gohn to use this and the other two letters on our web-site.

Letter from Chauncey Gohn, July 8th.1864

Letter from Chauncey Gohn, July 21st.1864