The couple on the left is Floyd (1886-1979) and Tressa Wilson (1886-1931) Grasz. They were the parents of Miriam Grasz Field. The other couple are Myrtle Viola Wilson (1881-1958) and Zellard Goodman (1876-) The two women were first cousins through their fathers John Robert Wilson and Edgar Farmer Willson respectively. The photo could have been taken around 1907. Floyd and Tressa were married in 1906. The first three children of Myrtle and Zellard were Herbert born 1900, Clifford born 1902 and Joseph born 1904. We are not certain who the childred in the photo are. Floyd and Tressa had their only daughter, Miriam. in 1918. Three of Tressa's cousins also had children in 1918.