Father/Henry C. Field/1844-1943

Henry Clinton was the son of Reuben R. Field and Sarah Hitch and the grandson of Keen Field and Anna Lewis. Rachel Amelia Knaub was the first wife of Henry. She is buried in the Patoka Presbyterian Cemetery, Patoka, Gibson County, Indiana.

Mother/Minerva E. Field/1858-1929

Minerva E. Peterson was the daughter of William Peterson and Elizabeth Faith. She was the second wife of Henry C. Field.

Mother/Hazel O. Field/Denman/1892-1933

Hazel was the daughter of Henry C. Field and Minerva E. Peterson and the wife of Roy Denman

Son/Ivan Arthur/Denman/1910-1940

Ivan was the son of Hazel Field and Roy Denman.

Husband-Father/Arthur O. Field/1896-1959

Arthur was the son of Henry C. Field and Minerva E. Peterson.

Wife-Mother/Helen M. Field/1912-1995

Helen M. Spevack was the wife of Arthur O. Field.

Grandson/Henry A. Field/1934-1948

Henry was the son of Arthur O. Field.

Wife/Nina I. Kautz/1898-1981

Nina I. was the daughter of Henry C. Field and Minerva E. Peterson.

Husband/Raymond E. Kautz/1896-1946

Raymond was the husband of Nina I. Field.

The information from this cemetery was recorded by Mrs. Marie Utz Turner of Terre Haute, Indiana, August, 1998. She also provided the photographs. Marie was the wife of Lorenzo H. Turner III, the great-grandson of Lorenzo H. Turner and Cynthia Ann Field. Lorenzo III was also the great-grandson of Henry Clinton Field and Rachel Amelia Knaub.