Susannah Barbara Adams Wilson with two of her sons Monroe on the left and Isaac on the right, in front of the Wilson homestead. Click here for more information on the land of John B. Wilson.

John Benjamin Wilson was born 23 March 1823 in Stark County, Ohio. He married Mary E. Crockett 23 November 1840. They moved from Ohio to Kosciusko County, Indiana in 1865. Mary died in 1869 and gor a while John lived with a neighbor, Samuel Snoke. Then in 1870 John married Susannah Barbara Adams. At some point he built this home on his property. The home was used for family reunions until the 1930s. It was demolished some after the 1930s.

The property is located at the junction of County Farm Road and County Road 700 South, Clay Township, Kosciusko County.

This photo was provided by Phyllis Keller, a descendants of John B. Wilson and Susannah Adams.

10 May 2011