As Ed Krile was driving cattle from his field, 2 1/2 miles northwest of Strasburg about 4 o'clock Thursday evening his horse which he was riding fell, throwing the rider to the ground. He struck upon his head causing concussion of the brain from which death resulted at 7 o'clock Friday evening. He was married and besides his wife he is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krile, two brothers and two sisters. The funeral was held from the St. Paul Lutheran Church at Strasburg Monday morning at nine o'clock.

Edward Krile was married to Bessie W. Field Kull. She was a great grandaugher of Keen and Anna Lewis Field and a daughter of Henry Clinton Field and Mivera Peterson. Edward was a son of Frederick Krile and Caroline Kull. Bessie was also the wife of William E. Kull. We do not know the relationship between Caroline and William E. Kull. Matilda Lovella Field, Bessie's sister married Edward's brother Charles Louis Krile.

The Shelbyville Democrat 15 December 1910