This cemetery is located on north side of Steelman Road west of the railroad tracks at the south east corner of Military Donation No. 11. MD 11 was first occupied by Keen Field in 1799. He was the fourth white settler of this area.


Keen Field's grave with old stone and new tombstone. The new tombstone was erected in September of 1999.

Daniel Elliott, the new webmaster of the Gibson County, Indiana, Genweb, has wonderful new web pages of Gibson County cemeteries. One is the Field/Morrison Cemetery. Click here to go to his page. He has excellent photographs of the cemetery and the grave stones.

K F X 1815

Keen Field (abt. 1774-1815) was the son of Abraham Field (1744-1822) of Jefferson County, Kentucky. His mother's name was Elizabeth. Keen was the brother of Joseph and Reubin Field who were members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He was the husband of Anna Lewis (1773-). Keen and Anna immigrated to Indiana from Kentucky in 1799. After Keen's death in 1815, Anna moved with her son Keen W. to Greene County, Illinois. We have been unable to find any records of her death nor locate her grave in Greene County, Illinois. She is listed in the 1850 census and was living north of Apple Creek, Greene County, Illinois. Keen's original grave marker is the brown triangular rock with the inscription crudely carved on it.

In/Memory of/Nancy Field/Concert of Reuben R./Field born January/the 24th in the year Ad/1814 dec.ed March the/29, 1839

Nancy Adams was the first wife of Reubin R. Field, son of Keen Field and Anna Lewis.

Broken Stone: July 1844 dau/ter of Reuben &/Sarah Field

Daughter of Reuben R. Field and Sarah McMullen (second wife of Reuben R. Field)

In/Memory of Cynthia/Leach Born the/16 of June AD 1801/departed this life the 14/of May AD 1843 concert of/John Leach

Cynthia was the daughter of Keen Field and Anna Lewis, the wife of Samuel McFetridge and then John Leach.

Phebe A. Hitch/Died/Mar 21, 1846/Aged 1yr 6ms/3ds

Phebe was possibly a niece of Sarah McMullen.


Unknown. Probably a Field infant.


Unknown. Probably a Field infant.

Also buried here are members of the Morrison family. Recently a monument was erected with biographical information about the Morrison family.

The Monument reads:

David A. Morrison/May 27, 1818/Apr. 20, 1892/Jane Morrison/Apr. 27, 1819/Aug. 5, 1888

In 1858, David A. Morrison and his wife, Jane (Swaim) brought their 11 children to Indiana from Surrey Co. N.C. Traveling with them was David's brother, James, his wife, Sarah (West) and their large family. David and his family settled two miles north of here and have many decendents living in this area.

Rachel Morrison, daughter of David A. and Jane, married Joseph J. Field in 1863 after his first wife Nancy J. Phillips died in 1862. In 1864, Joseph died leaving his three children, Cynthia, Robert A. and Grace Field, orphans.

Seven graves are marked with sections of railroad track. These are the graves of Irish railroad workers.

We wish to thank Ernie Lasley for installing the new tombstone for Keen Field and providing the photographs. We would also like to thank Gary Morrison and members of his family for taking the time and interest in maintaining this historic Indiana cemetery.

This cemetery visited by Gene and Lucie Field, July 1997 and July 1999

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