The Battle of Point Pleasant also known as Dunmore’s War, October 10, 1774

The Battle of Point Pleasant has significance for the Field family of Virginia. During the battle Col. John Field was killed and Abraham (Abram) Field was wounded. Abraham was the son of Col. John Field’s brother Abraham a direct ancestor of this branch of the Field family.

Abraham Field 1744-1822

Abraham Field was born in Culpeper County, Virginia. His father was most likely Keene Field (b. aft. 1723 and died bef. 16 May 1754). His grandfather was Abraham Field (1699-1774) and his grandmother was Elizabeth Withers (b. 1706- bet. 1746-1760). Abraham's father, Keene, died sometime before his grandfather Abraham died. Abraham inherited his father's share of his grandfathers estate.

Abraham and his family immigrated to the Falls of the Ohio (Louisville) in 1784. He first settled at the Fish Ponds near present day Okolona, Kentucky. In 1806 he relocated to the area of Little Bee Lick Creek in southwest Jefferson County. His home was located near the present day Beth Haven Baptist Church. The battle wound in his shoulder disabled him enough that he was unable to work as a farmer. He was variously employed as a hunter and a road surveyor. Throughout his life he received a government pension. To remain eligible for his pension he was required to report to the Jefferson County Courthouse once a year to prove his identity. Consequently, he left a very good record of his life in Kentucky. He died in Kentucky on the Lewis farm, in August of 1822. His daughter Cynthia married William Lewis and it was on their farm that he died.

Abraham was married to Elizabeth. Unfortunately, we do not know her last name. They had seven children. Ezekiel, Keen, John, Joseph, Reuben, Mary and Cynthia. A list of their children is on file at the Jefferson County Courthouse in at least one court document. Ezekiel was a prominent person in the area. He was a salt maker. He married Mary Ditto who was from another prominent family in Jefferson County. They are both buried in a Field Family cemetery at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Joseph and Reuben were members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Reuben was put in charge of salt making during the winter the Corps of Discovery spent on the Oregon coast in 1804-05. He most likely learned how to make salt from his brother Ezekiel.

Keen Field and his wife Anna Lewis, along with their older children, moved into south western Indiana in 1799. He was the fourth person of European descent to occupy that area of Indiana. He lived the rest of his life there. Keen and Anna are the ancestors of most of the Field family that relate to the web site.

Col. John Field 1720-1774

Col. John Field was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, about 1720. He was the youngest of eight children. His parents were Abraham Field (1699-1774) and Elizabeth Withers (1706 - bet. 1746 - 1760) The Field family was a large and prominent family in Culpeper County by the time John was born. Many of them were plantation owners and tobacco planters. Originally from Westmoreland County, Virginia, John’s uncles Daniel Field (1663-1720) and Henry Field Sr. (d. 1790) purchased land in Culpeper County, 11 July 1719. It was located in St. Mary's Parish at the fork on the south side of Rappahanock River, beginning against an Island and extending to Mountain Run.

John married Anna (last name disputed). It has often been stated that Anna was a younger sister of George and William Clark. This, however, is incorrect. They did name one of their sons George Rogers Clark so there might be some connection between Anna and the Clark family. The existance of this son is also disputed. He is not mentioned in Col. John's will. It is also often reported that Col. John and Anna were they parents of Joseph and Reuben Field. This statement is also incorrect. For a discussion of the ancestors of Joseph and Reuben seen the link in the section "Links of Interest."

Col. John was a member of the House of Burgesses from 1761 to 1768. Between 1755 and 1774 he served under Braddock in the French and Indian War as the Commander of the Culpeper County Militia.

There are many descendants of Col. John Field, his nephew Abraham and other Fields of Culpeper County living today.

William Field

There is also a William Field listed among the men who fought at the Battle of Point Pleasant. There were several men named William Field closely related to Col. John and Abraham living in Virginia at this time that were old enough to have fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant. We do not know how William relates to our branch of the Field family. If anyone reading this web page knows how William is related to Col. John or Abraham we would very much like to know.

Tu-Endie-Wei, Point Pleasant Battle Monument State Park

The Point Pleasant Battle Monument is in the Tu-Endie-Wei State Park in West Virginia. It is located at the confluence of the Ohio and the Kanawha rivers. Click on the link in Links of Interest to learn more about the park.

An artist's conception of the Battle of Point Pleasant

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All photos courtesy of Matt Schwinn and Joey Brown, December 2004

Entrance sign of the
Point Pleasant Battle Ground

A description of the the battle

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Monument commerating the
Battle of Point Pleasant

Closer view of the monument

This plaque describes
the organization of the Virginian Army

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This plaque lists all of
the men wounded in the battle

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This is a closeup of the name Abram Field
Abram (Abraham) was the father of Joseph and Reuben Field, two of the members of the Crops of Discovery. He was also the father of Keen Field who immigrated to Gibson County, Indiana, in 1790 and is the ancestor of most of the people found in the webpage.

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This plaque lists all of the men killed in the battle. Among those killed was Col. John Field. He was the uncle of Joseph, Reuben and Keen Field.

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Plaque describing the Mansion House

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A view of the base of the monument

Monument commemerating Ann Bailey

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A colser view of the Ann Bailey plaque

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The Battle of Point Pleasant

The Battle of Point Pleasant, This site has some nice photos

Tu-Endie-Wei, Point Pleasant Battle Monumnt State Park, West Virginia

A Biography of Abraham Field (1744-1822) wounded during the battle of Point Pleasant

The Ancestors of Joseph and Reubin Field

Land owned by Abraham Field great grandfather of Col. John Field. (1636-1674)

Land purchased in Culpeper County, Virginia by Col. John's uncles Danile Field (d. 1733) and Henry Field Sr. (d. 1790) in 1719

Land owned by Abraham Field (1699-1774) father of Col. John and grandfather of Abraham

Land owned by Abraham (1744-1822) Field in Jefferson County, Kentucky

Document deeding Military Donation Nol. 10 to Keen Field (1744-1822) son of Abraham Field (1744-1822) in Knox County, later Gibson County, Indiana

The Old Field/Morrison Cemetery on Military Donation No. 11 in Gibson County, Indiana. This was land first occupied by Keen Field (1774-1815) a son of Abraham Field (1744-1822) wounded at the Battle of Point Pleasant

The Field Cemetery on Military Donation No. 10 in Gibson County, Indiana.

The 2004 reunion of desdendants of the Corps of Discovery in Astoria, Oregon

Ancestors of John Franklin Bush, Sr. This gives an interesting theory regarding the identity of Col. John Field's wife Anna.

Line of descent:

We descend from Keen Field and Anna Lewis. Keen was a son of Abraham Field (1744-1822) who was wounded in the Battle of Point Pleasant. He moved to Gibson County, Indiana, about 1799.

  • Abraham Field (1636-1674)
  • Daniel Field (1663-1720)
  • Capt. Abraham Field (bef. 1699-1774)+Elizabeth Withers (1706-bet. 1746-1753)
  • Keene Field, brother of Col. John ( -bef. 1754)
  • Abraham Field, wounded in the battle(1744-1822)+Elizabeth
  • Keen (below), Ezekiel H., Joseph and Reubun, sons of Abraham
    Ezekiel, the salt maker, Joseph and Reuben members of the Corps of Discovery
  • Keen Field (abt. 1774-1815)+Anna Lewis ( -aft. 1823)
  • Abraham Field (1793-1870)+Grace Rainey (1797-1862)
  • Benjamin R. Field (1828-1903)+Lydia E. Brown (1827-1869)
  • George E. Field (1849-1915)+Lavica Hinkle (1857-1922)
  • Harvey O. Field (1889-1966)+Marie J. Eddy (1891-1966)
  • Howard A. Field (1911-1988)+Miriam E.Grasz (1918- )
  • Eugene A. Field (1941- )+Anne E. Healy (1944- )
  • Lucie C. Field (1969- ) and Victor A. Field (1970- )