The Rocklin Cemetery is located at 4090 Kannasto St. in the city of Rocklin, Placer County, California.

The people in this cemetery descend from John and Elizabeth Wainscott Stafford and are related to Miriam Grasz Field to whom this web site is dedicated. Rebecca Julian, a granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Stafford, married George W. McCulloch and they immigrated to Dutch Flat in the mountains of California. Some of their descendants moved to Rocklin, California. There are also people named McCulloch in the Fairmount Cemetery in Marshall County, Indiana. They may be related. Other relatives of the Stafords, the Irwins, are also burined in the Fairmout Cemetery.

Edwin Duncan McKay/Sept. 7, 1881/Oct. 30. 1943

Edwin was a grandson of Rebecca Julian and George W. McCulloch.

Florence J. House/1850/1941

Florence Jane McCulloch House was a daughter of Rebecca Julian and George W. McCulloch. Florence was married to Radcliff F. House.

McKAY/Isaac M./1880-1930
Georgia A./1858-1928

Georgianna McCulloch McKay was a daughter of Rebecca Julian and George W. McCulloch. Isaac Matheson McKay was the husband of Georgianna.


Myron was a grandson of Rebecca Julian and George W. McCulloch and a son of Gerogianna McCulloch and Issac McKay.

Florence McKay Bostic/1979-1961

Florence was a daughter of Georgianna and Isaac McKay.

Marvin L. Bostic/1875-1942

Marvin L. Bostic was the husband of Florence McKay.

Virgil J. Bostic/1909-1915

Virgil was a son of Florence McKay and Marvin Bostic.

Father/Samuel Trott/1828-1878
Sept. 7, 1881/Oct. 30. 1943

Husband of Mary.

Mother/Mary Trott/1830-1882

Wife of Samuel.

Charles C. Trott/Dec. 10, 1855/Feb. 22, 1931

Charles Cornelius Trott married Lillie Rasina McCulloch.

Lillie R. Trott/Feb. 22, 1856/Oct.16, 1916

Lillie was the 5th child of George and Rebecca Jullian McCulloch.

James Trott/1866-1904
Sept. 7, 1881/Oct. 30. 1943

Relationship unknown.

Joseph Trott/-1902

Relationship unknown.

Harry E. Trott/Jan. 24, 1875/May, 17, 1907

Relationship unknown.

Bessie R. Trott/Oct. 3, 1889/Jan. 8, 1891

Relationship unknown.

EMMA TROTT,/died Dec. 2. 1864. 6 yrs. 8 mo. & 12 days/
HENRY S. TROTT/died Dec 2, 1864 1 yrs. 10 m.& 2 days
Children of/Samuel & Mary Tortt
These lordly buds so young and firm:
Call'd home by early doom:
Just come to show how sweet the flowers...

Childeren of Samuel and Mary Trott.

Family information for this cemetery was provided by Mary McMillan, a great greatgrand daughter of Rebecca Julian and George W. McCulloch.

These are the graves of descendants of Sarah Stafford (1800-1843) and George W. Julian (1801-1878). Sarah was a daughter of John Stafford (born about 1768, in North Carolina) and Elizabeth Wainscott (born about 1872, also in North Carolina). Rebecca and George came to California in the early 1850's and settled in Dutch Flat. Eugene and Lucie Field are descendants of John and Elizabeth Stafford. They descned through their daughter Leodica Stafford through the Gross/Grass/Grasz line. Mary McMillian also descends from Leodica Stafford.

McCulloch, McCulloch and McCullogh are alternate spellings of the same name. Mary McMillan uses the McCullock spelling. The obituary of Georginna (Georgia) uses the McCulloch form. The tombstone of Rebecca Julian uses the McCullogh spelling.

The Rocklin City Cemetery is located at the corner of Grove and Kannasto Streets. Within the Rocklin City Cemetery the graves are located at the end of Dogwood Road and the corner of Second Street. The coordinates are: 38o 46.941 N and 121o 14.111 W.

On 29 December 2003, Lucie and Gene Field visited the cemetery and recorded the inscriptions of all of the graves. Photographs by Gene Field, April 7, 2007.

Link to: Dutch Flat Cemetery, Placer County, California. Location of the grave of Rebecca Julian.