Elmer Hinkle Field (1886-1959) was the third child of George and Lavica. He married Lillian Elizabeth Murphy (1889-1962) in Chicago 19 March 1910. They had four children. Their first was an infant who died very young, then Cyril George (1913-1964), Virginia Elizabeth (1919-2008) and Vivian Lois Field (1923-1994).

Marie Field, the grandmother of Eugene Field, the wife of George and Lavica's fourth child Harvey, used to tell him that Lillian was somewhat flamboyant. She tells the story that one day Elmer was driving Lillian to church in a convertible. Lillian was standing up in the car yelling, "He's trying to kill me! He's trying to kill me!" All of a sudden Elmer slammed on the breaks and Lillian crumpled to the floor under the dashboard. This makes for a good story, whether it is true or not Eugene is not quite sure.

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