Monument in the Northeast Corner

Front of stone:

In the Lord/I have put my/Trust/RICHARDS

Left side of stone:

Nicks A. Richards/Born/Mar. 16, 1829/Died/July 13, 1874

Second husband of Nancy A. Field.

Right side of stone:

Nancy A. Wife of/Nicks A. Richards/Born/Jan. 12, 1823/Died/Feb 15. 1902

Nancy A. Field was a daughter of Abraham Field and Grace Rainey and the grand-daughter of Keen Field and Anna Lewis. Her first husband was William Martin. Nancy and William had one daughter, Jane, who survived and has descendants living today. There are also several unnamed babies buried here. Nancy and Nicks had at least four babies that did not survive. She also had two babies with William that died very young. Nancy stated in her will that she wanted to be buried next to Nicks. Click on photograph to see photos from April 2007