Links to the direct Wilson ancestors of Lucie Field

Robert Willson, Scotland & Frederick County, Maryland, 1718-1794

James Wilson, Charles County Maryland Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1751-1828

Douglass Wilson Sr., Frederick County Maryland & Stark County, Ohio, 1778-1846

John Benjamin Wilson, Stark County, Ohio Kosciusko County, Indiana, 1823-1903

Mary E. Crockett, Virginia & Kosciusko County, Indiana, 1831-1869

Susan Barbara Adams, Ohio & Kosciusko County, Indiana, 1840-1920

James Robert "Rob" Wilson, Ohio, Elkhart County, Indiana, 1852-1915

Elizabeth Rosette Frymire, LaGrange & Elkhart Counties, Indiana, 1858-1907

Tressa Ethel "Tressie" Wilson, Kosciusko & Elkhart Counties, Indiana, 1886-1931

Floyd May Grasz, Elkhart County, Indiana, 1886-1979

Miriam Elaine Grasz Field, Elkhart County, Indiana & Fresno County, California, 1918-1909

Howard Allen Field, Porter County, Indiana & Fresno County, California, 1911-1989

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