In ye Name of God, Amen, I Abram Ffeile, being verry sick and weake yet in perfect sence and memory prsd be God, Doe make this my last Will and Testamt in maner and forme Follo.

Imprs. I give my soule to God yt gave it and my sperritt to my Redeemer and my body to be buried in decent manner according to my Extrx discression hereafter menconed. And for my Worldly Estate I doe dispose in manner and forme as follo. After my Just debts being paid.

Item. I give unto my two Eldest Sonnes Abraham and Daniell all my land yt. I now injoy when they come of adge to be equally divided betwixt ym. Abraham to have his ffirst choyce after devission but if either of ym dye without issue then to fall to ye next Eldest Brother to ym., their heires or assns forever.

Item. I give unto my sonne Daniell one yong heifer mrked with cropt and a hole in ye right eare and underkeeled and overkeeled and cropt on ye left eare with her increase, to him, his heires forever.

Item. I give unto my sonne Henry one yong heifer called Mealynose mrked on my owne L. pr. mrke, her and her increase, to him, his heires forever.

Item. I give unto my sonne Jno. fferle one yong heifer, wch I bought of Jno. Hill with her increase forever.

Item. I give unto my Daughter Eleanor ffeile one yong Iron grey Gelding being branded with my owne L. pr. mrke, also one Cow Calfe with a swallow forke on ye right eare, she and her increase forever to her, her heires or assns.

Item. I give unto my Daughter Margarett ffeile my grey mare with her future increase forever, it being her full part and portion.

Item. I give unto my Lo. Wife Mary feile one black mare with her increase forever, six Cowes mrked as follo, one cow mrked with a swallow forke on ye right eare and underkeeled on ye left; one cow on my owne mrke; foure Cowes mrked wth. Cropt and slitt and underkeeled on both eares; one steere of foure yeares old on my owne mrke; one bull of ye same adge and mrked, to have ye sd. Cowes and ye increase forever; one feather bed and furniture, two Chests, one Cupboard, one warming pan, two iron potts and potthookes, pr. pot hangers, on pewter basin and all ye stock of hoggs yt is due to me from Wm. Mason wth one barrow yt runnes adt James Scotts, one small Trunke and short muscott, to her and her heires forever.

Item. I give unto my good ffreinds Jno. Watts and Patrick Spence each of ym a Barrow of six yr. oles to buy yon a ring a peice.

Item. I give unto my sister Spence a paire of gloves.

Item. I doe desire yt all ye rest of my prsonall estate to be sold at an outcry for ye best advantadge of my five children heere menconed to be equally divided betwixt ym, to say Abram, Danll, Henry, John, and Eleanor.

Item. I make and ordaine my Lo. Wife Mary Feile to be my whole and sole Extrix and also Guardian to my children. It is my will and desire yt. my three eldest Sonnes at ye adge of fifteen be bound out to some trade, Abram being now 13 yrs. ; Danll 11 yrs ; Henry 8 years old.

Item. It is my will and desire of freinds Patrick Spence and Jno. Watts to ayed and assist my wife in her business. In Witness whereof I have aherunto set my hand and seale ye 16th day of Jun 1674.

Testa                                                  (signed) Abram ffeile (Seale).

Edw. Conney X; Jon Watts; Patrick Spence.

26 August 1674 This will was proved by ye evedence of Mr. Jno Watts and Edwd. Coney and un. recorded, 7ber ye 11th, 1674.

Written June 16, 1674 and Probated October 11, 1674
Westmoreland Co. Virginia, Deeds, Patents, etc. 1665-1677, Pg. 202

It is From Abraham Field of Westmoreland County, Virginia that our branch of the Field Family descends. Prior to Abraham there is no documentation to support any relationships. I thas been often repeated that Abraham's father was a Henry Field who is listed as a passenger on the ship Expectation arriving in the New World in 1635. No proof exists to substantiate this relationship.

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