In the name of God Amen April 17th 1720, I Daniel Field of Westmoreland County am extream sick at thes point expecting to die and do ordain this my last Will and testament revoking and avoiding; all other wills and testament

first I bequeath my soul to the hands of the Almighty God trusting in the merritts & redeemer of our blessed saviour to have full pardon of all my sins as for what estate it pleased god to send me in this world I give advice & bequeath in manner and informed as followeth.

Item I give and bequeath to my eldest son Dan Field all his holy living wherein he now lives within and without and all the land belongeth to me about Popes Creek to him and his heirs forever

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Joyce Hudson one negro named Jey & 3 plantacons the Taylor Wilkersons and John Edwards to her and her heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my son Henry Field a large still and copper with the worm & materials belonging to it One large brrass kettle a spitt & a iron pottrack being at my lower plantacon in Stafford County going by the name of William Ports to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Field the plantacon called Simeon Luckens & all the lower part of the land joyning to the lower branch near the plantacon called Taylors Wilkinson to him and his heirs forever

Item I give to my son Henry One little plantacon containing 50 acres which Charles Ricklings lives on to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my sons Abraham and Henry all my other estate in the fork of the Rappahannock river in what manner of Kind soever & four negroes Will, Geb, Sam and Peter; one white servant called Catrine Simons

as for my personal estate at my lower houses One half to be conducted into this and the other to Evan Price.

Item I construct & impower my son John Wheeler and Evan Price to be my exs of this my last Will & testament & in comformacon hereof I the said Daniel Field hereunto set my hand & seal the day above written

                                                                                Daniel Field (seal)

Robert Duncan
Roger Abetman
Ann Betman
Joseph Parkes

Westmoreland Co.-
At Ct held for the said County the 29th day of June 1720 the last Will & testament of Daniel Field decd. was presented in to Court by Evan Price one of the Executors who made oath thereto and being proved by the Oaths of Robert Duncan, Roger Abetman & Joseph Parke three of the Witnesses thereto is admitted to record, and upon the motion of the sd PRICE and his preforming what is usial in such Cases Certificate is granted for Obtaining a probate thereof in due form John Wheeler the other exr in Open refusing to undertake the burden thereof
Test: Tho: Sorrel Clu. Com. D Record date (no date) July 1720

Daniel Field was the son of Abraham Field of Westmoreland County, Virginia. His mother is unknown. He married Mary Alday. Thier son was Capt. Abraham of Culpeper County, Virginia, through whom this line continues.

Daniel's will was scanned from text by Bob Hopkins: We have made minimal changes in spelling and wording to be consistent with other wills of the early eighteenth century. For example, some words were spelled with an "rn" that should have been an "m". This was probably a scanner mistake. The word "Item" was written "I Term." Bob Hopkins had a "sic" after the very first instance it was used. It is entirely possible that it was spelled that way in the original. We do not, as yet have a copy of the will.

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