Field Family Connections
in the Area of Patoka, Gibson County, Indiana.

The names listed below were mentioned throughout the article of the History of Patoka as being among the families whose members significantly contributed to the early history of Gibson County. Below is a list of these families and their connection into our Field Family.

Keen Field (1774-1815) the builder of the first grist mill in Patoka, was the first of our branch of the Field Family to settle in Indiana. He came from Kentucky in 1799, with his wife, Anna Lewis (1873-aft. 1850) and three small children. According to Tart's History of Gibson County (Jas.Tartt & Co. Edwardsville, Illinois, 1884), Keen was the fourth settler of European descent in the county. Many of his descendants still live in Gibson County and other parts of Indiana.

Nancy Adams (1814-1839) was the first wife of Reuben R. Field (1808-1880). Reuben, was the son of Keen Field and Anna Lewis.

Lucius F. Alvis (1852-) was the husband of Emma J. Markley (1858-1932). Emma was the daughter of Anne Hinkle and Peter Markley and the first cousin of Lavica Hinkle, wife of George E. Field. George was the great-grandson of Keen Field.

Brace Bruner was the wife of Walter Field (1895-?). Walter was the son of Robert A. Field (1850-1922) and the 3rd great grandson of Keen Field.

Joseph Fisher was the husband of Sarelda Brown. Sarelda was the sister of Lydia Ellen Brown the first wife of Benjamin R. Field. Benjamin was the son of Abraham Field (1973-1870) and the grandson of Keen Field.

Susan L. Hudleston was the wife of Thomas Stewart. Their daughter, Clara E. Stewart (1856-1944), married Millard Scott Knaub (1855-1933). Millard was the brother of Sarah Jane Knaub (1853-1876) who was the first wife of George Emery Field (1849-1915). George was the son of Benjamin R. Field and Lydia Ellen Brown.

Mary Key was the wife of David Moore the brother of Elizabeth Moore (abt. 1838-bef. 1875) who was the second wife of Benjamin R. Field.

Mary Electra Milburn (1857-1900) was married to Leonidas Hinkle (1847-1919). Leonidas was the son of Henry Hinkle (1823-1891) and the nephew of Samuel Hinkle (1818-1870). Samuel is the father of Lavica, second wife of George E. Field.

Nancy Phillips (1833-1862) was the first wife of Joseph J. Field (1831-1864) and the parents of Robert A. Field. Robert and his sisters, Cynthia (abt 1853-?) and Grace (1860-?) were orphaned by the death of their parents. Cynthia is the young girl who is the subject of a letter by her aunt, Cynthia Anne Field Turner (1825-1899). Cynthia Turner is the sister of Benjamin R. Field and a great grand daughter to Keen Field. The second wife of Joseph J. Field was Rachel Morrison. Several members of the Morrison family are buried in the Old Field/Morrison Cemetery on Steelman road near the railroad tracks. Keen Field is buried in this cemetery. His grave is marked by triangular field stone with the inscription K. F. X 1815. This property originally belonged to Keen at one time.

Vincent Robb married Charity Field (1856-?) a daughter of Benjamin R. Field.

John W. Spain married Ida E. Knaub (1860-1935), she was a sister of Sarah Jane and Millard Scott. Caroline A. Knaub, another sister, as a young girl who was the first teacher in the school house that eventually became the Steelman Chapel on Steelman road just east of the Old Field/Morrison Cemetery. (the chapel is no longer there)

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