Dear Gene and Lucie,

      I haven't referred to any books for information and all I have is what some of my older relatives have written down.

      I don't have any information on the church only that the records on the Field Family were destroyed when the Yankees burned the church. It could very well have been St. Mark's Parish.

      The land where the Field Cemetery is located as your wrote in your letter was granted to Daniel and Henry Field. My great grandmother Catherine Ann Field along with some others in the Field family lived at the Field Home on that property. I have been told by some of the older relatives that the bricks that were used to build the house came from England and that the Yankees burned the house.

      Sorry I don't know anything about the Kelley Field Cemetery. Where is it located? There are a lot of Kelleys in and around Culpeper but I'm not acquainted with them.

      You asked how my great grandmother was connected to the earlier Fields.

      According to what I have written down Daniel Field who Married Hannah Roberts was Catherine Ann's grand father.

Daniel Field married Hannah Roberts
      Joseph Field* born 1777, married Elizabeth Dent Knox*, 1st wife
                 Joseph Field died as a child
                 Harry Field*      
      +Martha Emmons, 2nd wife
           Catherine Ann Field* married James Mastin*
               Joseph Thomas Mastin married Fannie Cole Nottingham
                     Blanche Mastin
                James Henry Mastin married Betty Hume Emmons
                      Annie Mastin
                      Joseph Mastin married Martha Collins
                           Frances married Leon Martin
                          Ada married Archie Martin
                          Catherine married Allen Feagan
                               Charlie Feagan
                          Mildred married Stuart Weedon
                          James married 1st wife May Nutelman, 2nd Elizabeth Hall
                          William died at birth
                          Emma married George Walker
                          Seldon died age of 16
                     Julia Mastin

      Other children of Joseph Field and Martha Emmons
           William Dent Field*
           James Robert Field* married Betty Stevens*
           Daniel Field*, Capt. in Civil war was killed at Chancellorsville
           Thomas Field married Virginia Morgan
               Ellen married Harris
                    Leah Harris*
           Elizabeth Knox Field*

     Other children of Daniel Field and Hannah Roberts
          Grace Field, married Mr. Hamilton
          Patsy Field, married Mr. Hamilton
          Diana Field, never married
          Annie Field, married Mr. Kemper
          Esther Field, married Mr Foushee
          Burgess Field

Guess the other Fields that are buried in the cemetery are cousins. Wish I could be of more help. The Culpeper Historical Society of Culpeper has a book out called Culpeper, A Virginia County's History Through 1920. By Eugene M. Scheel. I gave my son a copy of this and it has alot of little things concerning some of the Field's and Kelly's and some more interesting facts. Hope some of this makes sense to you. I am not much of a writer. Am enclosing a clipping about Mr. Graham. He was the one you talked to up at his property, which at one time belonged to the Fields. Appreciate your letter and if can help you any more will be glad to.


Emma Walker

* Indicates People buried in the Field Burying Ground, Culpeper County, Virginia
The above information is derived from two letters to us From Emma Mastin Walker. We edited a few things to make it more understandable. The letters are dated 22 March and 18 June 1998. This information explains the relationships of the people buried in the Field Burying Ground.


Kelly/Field Cemetery, Culpeper County, Virgnia
Field Cemetery, Culpeper County, Virginia
Discovery of the Kelly/Field Cemetery and the Old Field Burying Ground, Culpeper County, Virginia