According to Emma Mastin Walker, the original records of the Field family were destroyed when the "Yankees" burned the church in which they were being kept. Family traditions states that either the grandfather or great-grandfather of Daniel Field (1663-1720) was one of the three Field brothers that immigrated from England in the latter part of the 17th Century settling on a tract of land two and a half miles from Kelly's Ford, Virginia, which was granted to him by King Charles II of England around 1660. The grant of land was said to extend from Kelly's Ford to the point of the Rappahannock and Rapidan Rivers. One of the other brothers went north and the other settled in the west. This tradition has been passed down but not proven. The Field line from which this branch descend begins with Abraham Field (1636-1674) of Westmoreland County, Virginia. Abraham's father may have been Henry Field (1579) Henry had three brothers who also may have immigrated to America. One way to help prove this tradition would be to have DNA tests of Field males who have descended from each of these men. I have had my Y chromosome DNA tested and it would be extremely interesting if a direct descendant of Richard Field, Darby Field (1610-1649) and Robert Field (b. 1613) would have theirs done so a comparison could be made. If anyone is interested please contact me through the email address on the home page.

View of the Field Family Burying Ground One of the stones marking a grave

FAMILY BURYING GROUND: Field family members buried at old house:

Joseph Field
Elizabeth Dent Knox Field (wife of Joseph)
Harry (Son of Joseph & Elizabeth)
Patsy Emmons
Maragret Field
Martha Field
Catherine Ann Field
James Mastin (Husband of Catherine)
William D. Field (photo)
Betty Knox Field
Daniel Field (photo)
James Field
Betty Stevens (Wife of James)
Diana Field
Grace Field
Leah Harris (Daughter of Ellen Harris)


Daniel Field married Hannah Roberts

Joseph Field - Born 1777
Grace Field - Married Mr. Hamilton
Patsy Field - Married Mr. Hamilton
Diana Field - Never Married
Annie Field - Married Mr. Kemper
Esther Field - Married Mr. Foushee
Burgess Field - ?

Joseph Field married Elizabeth Dent Knox - 1st wife
Child- Joseph Field, Jr. - Died as a Child
Joseph Field married Martha Emmons - 2nd Wife
Child - William Dent Field - never married
James Robert Field married Betty Stevens
Child - Joseph
Catherine Ann Field married James Mastin
Children - James Henry married Betty Hume Emmons
Joseph Thomas married Fannie Cole Nottingham
Daniel Field - Captain in Civil War - Killed during battle of Chancellorsville (photo)
Thomas Field married Virginia Morgan - 1st wife
Child - Ellen
Thomas Field married Alice Cole - 2nd wife
Elizabeth Knox Field - Never Married
Mary Starr - Died very young
Martha - Died around age 15

The photographs of the Field Burying Ground were taken by Lucie and Eugene Field in July of 1997. The Burying Ground is on the property of the late Robert Graham. The property was originally owned by Daniel Field (d. 1733)and Capt. Henry Field Sr (d. 1790). They were granted a patent for 850 acres of land 11 July 1719. The Field Burying Ground is on RT 682 between Heflin Lane and Mill Run on the east side of the road. It is up a private unpaved lane east of a row of mail boxes. The present owner, a neice of Robert Graham has assured us that the cemetery will not be destroyed and any Field descendant is more that welcome to visit.

Information identifying the people buried in this cemetery and their relationships was provided by Emma Mastin Walker a descendant of Catherine Anne Field.


Letters from Emma Mastin Walker to Eugene and Lucie Field, 1998
Kelly/Field Cemetery, Culpeper County, Virginia
Discovery of the Kelly/Field Cemetery and the Old Field Burying Ground, Culpeper County, Virginia
Robert Knox Sneden's Civil War Maps of the area of Kelly's Ford & the two Field cemeteries.